Leia gasps quietly, voice cracking on air, as if she were holding back tears, “You…”

Elize turned around, bending down, holding her knees and sniffling as Teepo flew to his face, “Don’t wear those Superpal!”

"There’s coping…" Alvin grimaced, "…and then there’s this…"

 ”Ludger…” Jude’s eyes widen slightly, pain and realization swirling through them. ”We’re not asking you to move on so quickly…”

"But is this really necessary?" Gaius finished.

"Continue like this, and you’ll become obsessive." Muzet looked down, a slightly guilty and regretful tone in her voice.

Milla put her hand to Ludger’s face, “Do you really think this is what your brother wanted, for you to cling to the past so much that you don’t look into the future? He died for you to be able to continue on.”

Rowen grunted, warily, “What could you possibly have to gain by wearing your brother’s still blood stained spectacles?”

At this, Ludger finally responded, tears streaming down his cheeks, “I just…wanted to see the world how Julius saw it…” and how he saw me at the last momment


It should be illegal to be this cute and likeable after only one year

Hey, don't look so sad. You'll see me again. The real me.