The Last Iceberg Camille Seaman

Camille Seaman was born in 1969 to a Native American (Shinnecock tribe) father and African American mother. She graduated in 1992 from the State University of New York at Purchase, where she studied photography with Jan Groover and has since taken master workshops with Steve McCurry, Sebastiao Salgado, and Paul Fusco. 

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Demon gray and demon natsu team up and take over the world #brotpgoals

the world will end in fire AND ice.

we all make fun of Ashton for always bringing up the fact that he used to work at KFC but I just really find it so adorable how mesmerized he is that they’ve made it this far. Those 4 little awkward boys from Sydney who never thought this band would go anywhere are now taking over the world and he just finds that to be the best thing in the world and words probably can’t explain how proud of that he is

Can we all just take a moment to realize what a huge bitch Candice was in Phineas and Ferb? I mean, as a child, we always hated the villains in cartoons, like Tom and Jerry, as kids, we hated Tom because he was always hated him because he was constantly trying to kill Jerry and we thought he was a huge jerk. But being older, we realize that Tom was doing to be a loyal cat to his owner, maybe he didn’t even hate Jerry, but he still had to kill him to be a cat who follows his Owner’s orders. Candice does not even have that, she wants to get Phineas and Ferb in trouble all the time for her satisfaction, not because she is concerned about their health. She wants to destroy their fun by being an authoritative power. I mean, yeah the boys do kind of dangerous stuff, but it’s not like they are taking over the world or skinning cats. They are doing bright things that most 10 year olds cannot even fathom. Most 10 year olds today stay inside and play Call of Duty, not Phineas and Ferb, they are out in the open world building crazy inventions and contraception that spread joy and laughter. So Candice comes along and tries to destroy all of that by getting them in trouble, and for what? Being creative children that change the world for the better on a daily basis. I’d understand if Candice was doing what she was doing if Phineas and Ferb were in actual danger, and that she really cared about their health, but she doesn’t. If she really cared about their health and well being, she’d stop them herself rather than go to her mom about their shenanigans. That in itself proves that she is only wanting to “bust them” so she can get the feeling of accomplishment and acceptance from her mother. Rather than accept the love and compassion that her brothers give to her on a daily basis that she is too blind to see. Another thing, I’d cut Candice a lot of slack if both Phineas and Ferb were mean to Candice and gloated to her about her failures to expose their inventions behind everyone’s backs. But they don’t, they…ON A DAILY BASIS, show her kindness and love, fully aware of her motive to get them in trouble. They include her on the fun, the inventions, for Christ sake, they even helped her try to bust themselves to please her. So Candice was just a terrible, terrible, evil character.

what makes me really emotional about these two shows…. is the fact that it’s obvious that these four boys are going to fucking kill IT in the next few months/years. they all just obvious have such a renewed passion, conviction and dedication for the band and the music and they’re fucking owning it on that stage and they’re going to OWN it in studio and then the next album is going to be fucking killer and then the four of them are going take over the world again and be okay. they’re going to be SO FUCKING OKAY. 

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Hey, I just want to ask you a question about heroes of Rage , like, is it obliged for Rage Players to be associated whith religion? Is it possible for a rage player not to care about a religion?

Thank you for asking this! I’d been thinking about this for a while, so you’ve given me a reason to post my thoughts.

Short answer: It is totally possible.

Long answer: Those sorts of associations are closer to guidelines than actual rules, so having a non-religious or atheist Rage player is completely plausible. Likewise, Heart players aren’t obligated to make shipping charts in their spare time, Princes don’t have to inherit powerful weapons for their strife specibi, Void players don’t need to be skilled with machinery and electronics, and Sylphs aren’t required to be talkative, exposition-spouting machines.

(It may not be required, but I certainly enjoy it)

Those are all just common traits, not requirements. The only requirements are the ones spelled out by the title itself - the active/passive alignment, association with the Aspect, and method of association determined by the Class subtype. 

For example, a Knight of Rage could be a fanatically religious juggalo who puts out a false personality and uses a traditional weapon,but the only requirement is that they actively exploit negativity.

If every trait shared by all members of a class or aspect was required, then things would get waaay too complicated. Every single OC Prince would have to be in a relationship with an enthusiastic, somewhat naive teammate, only to break up in an unhealthy, controlling manner. All OC Light players would have to be in a canonical relationship with a Maryam, OC Time players would be barred from every caste on the hemospectrum except for rust and candy red, all OC Breath players would have to have been in an off-screen romantic relationship with a Serket, and every OC Bard would be absolutely detested by the vast majority of the fandom.

Figuring out every commonality for a character’s Class and Aspect is too much work for anyone (except maybe BKE), so removing or adding traits is totally fine. Just make sure that the player has the basic requirements of their Title and you’re good to go.


Just a mellow, sunny Monday sitting by the fire, reading about good stories, and planning to take over the world. Same ol’ stuff.

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HE CHALLENGED DOUBLELIFT AGAIN AHHAAH he did that at allstars last year too where he was all “ILL BEAT DOUBLELIFT USING MY MOUSE ONLY!! ONE HAND!!” its so cute its like watching a small child yell that theyll take over the world hahahaha 

piglet is so alike to imp… both lil adorable pissbabies who talk big

i’ve written and submitted an essay at over two weeks before the deadline

i’ve never felt so efficient, so ahead of time, so well planned and organised

i can take over the fucking world