the signs as tv shows
  • Aries:How I Met Your Mother
  • Taurus:Breaking Bad
  • Gemini:Once Upon A Time
  • Cancer:The Walking Dead
  • Leo:New Girl
  • Virgo:Pretty Little Liars
  • Libra:Parks and Recreation
  • Scorpio:Orange is the New Black
  • Sagittarius:Orphan Black
  • Capricorn:Supernatural
  • Aquarius:American Horror Story
  • Pisces:Glee

Hi….here’s my confession: I am sick of movies and television shows that make educated blacks seem evil and out to get the uneducated. It is not my fault if my education makes you feel insecure. I was blessed to receive a higher education and I reject the notion that I should not be proud or take advantage of the opportunities it brings that may not be available to those without it. People died for me/us to receive an education and I won’t apologize for it.

The signs as TV shows
  • Aries- The Challenge rivals
  • Taurus- The Walking Dead
  • Gemini- Orange is the new black
  • Cancer- Pretty little liars
  • Leo- Supernatural
  • Virgo- American horror story
  • Libra- Sherlock
  • Scorpio- Breaking Bad
  • Sagittarius- Modern Family
  • Capricorn- Doctor Who
  • Aquarius- Friends
  • Pisces- Downton Abbey
New Blog! Follow for Follow? Please :)

Hey guys! New blog here! As my url shows, i am a huge tv shows addict so if you post stuff about the following shows (or stuff related to any of them) then hit the like button and i’ll follow! Oh and a follow would be nice too :)

- The 100

-The Vampire Diaries

- Arrow

- The Walking Dead

- How to get away with murder

- The Flash

- Vikings

- Teen Wolf

- The Originals

- Graceland

- Reign

- Faking it

- Dominion

- Once Upon A time

I’m pretty i watch more but that’s all i have in mind. Told you i was addicted!