can you believe its been 10 years? how many miles since that first van we got off that old flower shop and slept on our amps? how many pb&j’s? how many hours spent pacing in security lines in airports? vs how many smiles and kids waiting in line- forever screaming along to the words on take this to your grave. this was a special moment in the history of FOB- if evening out with your girlfriend represented us first breaking ground as a band- TTTYG was the ribbon cutting on where we were taking off to. thanks for sticking around with us through it all. happy 10 bday TTTYG - you’re gonna be a crazy teenager one day.

ignore the shitty graphic

i haven’t seen a music video masterpost so i thought i’d make one

Take This To Your Grave

From Under The Cork Tree

Infinity On High

Folie à Deux

Save Rock and Roll

American Beauty/American Psycho

i’ll update this as they make more music videos