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this post… *sighs*

-okay, (I really don’t know why but) there may be some white people who pretend to be a minority on the internet, but really, what purpose would it serve? 

-personal experience: I’ve recently had 2 blogs talk about Asian cultural appropriation (both white bloggers) and their conception on cultural appropriation was a bit off from an Asian view point (I am NOT kidding when I say Asians like having their culture spread.i.e. you have no idea how much koreans find westerners wearing hanbok amusing. NOTE this is different from having their culture sexualized) and commented that cultural appropriation have been turned to a totally black and white issue by SJWs while viewpoints on a issue differ from culture to culture. You know what the response I got was for each case was? “LOL you’re either a white person or a POC too dumb to recognize what’s wrong here. Get educated” and “Don’t pretend to be an Asian just to get your point across”. Both just assuming my race based on my opinion. Well done.

-my problem with this post is the same problem I have with the word POC. It disrespects a whole spectrum of people into a single word just to form an us-versus-them juxtaposition. An oppressed POC with the forgiveness of jesus with a compassionate heart may not be so against white people as SJWs are. They might hate the system but not the individuals who are irrelevant to the injustice and think the hate-mongering SJW way of dealing with white people is wrong

There are a wide variety of people inside a race,gender,sexuality, etc etc. They shouldn’t conform to your stencil of “a guide to being POC/queer” and to assume that they’re not “POC/queer” enough if they don’t meet the right criteria is just absurd.

Surprise, everyone in the world is unique. I’m a WOC as you SJWs call it and I don’t agree with the things you say about my race and gender, because I’m a different person with different views. and if you can’t accept that maybe you’re the one with the problem.

-the shy one

  • Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24
  • Trans-Siberian Orchestra

christmas eve/sarajevo 12/24 || trans-siberian orchestra

not only is this the most badass christmas song i have ever heard, but also was it inspired by one of the most badass motherfuckers in history. this piece is meant to tell the story of some cello player who returned to his home city of sarajevo during the bosnian war and found the city almost completely in ruins. and this guy just fucking went into the town square while his city was being bombed and played fucking christmas carols on his goddamn cello and bombs were falling and shit was exploding everywhere and he just kept on playing. and it was so fucking stupid of him to do that. like, the city was fucking being bombed and he was sitting there out in the open playing his motherfucking cello. and he did that because he wanted to prove that the spirit of humanity still existed despite the total destruction that surrounded him. 

what a fucking beautiful idiot. goddamn inspirational moron.

The problem with tumblr Social Justice - 1

God I haven’t posted in this blog in SO LONG I am so ashamed to come back but I’ve been too busy to catch up on SJW daily and I often just stayed out of the ask box because I didn’t know what most of the asks were even about and is still trying to catch up.

So in the meantime I’ll be writing a series of posts titled “The problem with tumblr Social Justice” because I think we’ve all seen that they are a bunch of a problematic group themselves and I felt like making a master post of explaining the beef I have with them.

disclaimer: there are a lot of mods on this blog and I’ve noticed we sometimes disagree on certain topics so I am in no way speaking for all of our mods. And for the record, I would like to call myself a feminist and actually do believe that there is a problem with the way society unfairly treats men and women

I’ll probably disappear after this post again but one day I’ll be ask active as the day I joined the mods

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The 2012 Glassmen hornline and the Toledo Symphony Orchestra playing the finale from The Pines of Rome in January 2012 at the Peristyle Theater in Toledo

This was my first drum corps performance ever, easily still one of my top 5 favorites. I don’t think I’ll ever forget this. We came rushing into the hall right after the english horn solo and ran down the aisles to play (it was pretty epic tbh). As soon as we pulled our horns up to play (around 3:00 in the recording) I knew that this was it. That I had found my home with Glassmen and that drum corps was going to be truly amazing and change me so much. Such a special night for me


"Unfortunately that left a myriad of options that Sherlock found difficult to sift through whilst John was being so ridiculously reticent; it was an odd change of pace to be on the other side of the fence. Usually John would be the one to (unsuccessfully) attempt to read Sherlock’s thoughts, eventually reaching a stage where he would ask – no attempt to mask his irritation – what the genius was thinking, feeling, inquire as to what was going on behind the fluttering of closed eyelids and steepled fingers; Sherlock wasn’t used to being the one wanting to ask the question. It tended to only take ten seconds of observation at the most to accurately surmise where John Watson’s thoughts lay and another five to make a snarky comment – all he had at this moment in time were snarky comments, snarky comments without route or foundation and there was no point whatsoever in being snarky if he couldn’t back it up. That in itself was frustrating, particularly as he rather enjoyed John’s usual reactions and threats in response."