NMS + Adele TS2 Conversion to TS3

  • Meshes by: Adele & NMS 
  • Rextures: Adele + NMS + Kairisimblr
  • Is not recolorable( Sorry about that… Maybe in the future)

Individual details:

  • Plate with Cookies has 4 Recolors
  • Newspaper has 9 Recolors
  • Frames has 3 recolors

If this 'set' goes well I may convert other objects and I’ll accept requests.

Only package

Download: Dropbox


This cute little lot is The Apple Barn! It was featured in my last update, and now it’s here for you to download. I’m usually too busy this time of year to participate in the porch light/simblreen festivities, so hopefully this gift will suffice! <3

The Apple Barn has a lot of versatility. It has a functional apple orchard where you can pick apples, a functional pumpkin patch, a hay ride that goes through the orchard, and a few extras like an apple bobbing area and a popcorn cart. On the inside is a little bakery where you can buy all things apple-related… and other things too, I guess. xD If you want, you could have a sim own the apple barn and add a second floor with bedrooms and such. As it is there is no one to run the bakery, just a barista for the pastry/java counter.

The Apple Barn does need a little bit of CC and store content to work. I will list that below. You also pretty much need Seasons for this because a lot of the features/decor won’t show up without it. Plus University for the java counter if you want it to be there.

Store Content
Grandpa’s Grove (for the hay ride and a few decorations)
Deliciously Indulgent Bakery (for the baker’s station)

Custom Content
Apple sofa
Apple rug
Apple barrels
Garden signs
Wall signs
Pumpkin patch set

DOWNLOAD: Mediafire (library file - place in library to work!)

And my porch light is finally on! I’m participating to the simblreen event and I’m officially around to give out treats :3 So, let’s start! What do you need to do?

  1. Send me a message or a fan mail asking me “Trick or Treat?” . Anon messages will be ignored.
  2. I will randomly choose if you will get a treat or a trick :P
  3. What are the treats? Exclusive cc that I’ll share only during this event! There are three different treats, so three different creations that you can get :D
  4. What are the tricks? Surprise, buwawawa
  5. You can send me only ONE trick or treat message per day. So, in case you get a trick, you can try again to find a treat participating to the event also tomorrow ^-^ (Even if you already found a treat, you can participate again!)
  6. You can send your messages ONLY when my porch light is ON. When I’ll turn it off, it means that I’m not answering to the messages anymore and you have to wait that the porch light is on again.