Ages for the Signs...
  • Aries:Age of Tumblr Revolution
  • Taurus:Age of glittery gifs
  • Gemini:Age of the khakis
  • Cancer:Age of holograms
  • Leo:Age of Rihanna
  • Virgo:Age of N*SYNC
  • Libra:Age of the heelys
  • Scorpio:Age of the flippy hair
  • Sagittarius:Age of the Lunchables
  • Capricorn:Age of Pepe the Frog
  • Aquarius:Age of magic
  • Pisces:Age of the sillybands
  • "The word 'Age' is used here as a time reference. For example-- 'The Dark Ages'. Please take note that it is not a numerical age number"

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Wedding Color Trends Summer 2014

“Asymmetrical shapes, wildflower-looking blooms, and interesting ribbon textures make your flowers look fresh and on-trend, but still timeless of the trendiest bridal styles. The latest colors for wedding dresses are blush, champaign, and the I was so sure that blue would be crowned Pantone’s 2014 Color of the Year it’s consistently the most popular color in gemstones. Sapphires are often found in engagement rings, worn by brides on their wedding day, and given to loved ones. Summer means shorter dresses, natural hair and tossing on sandals every day for three months, right? Well, yes it does. But sliding into those muddy Birkenstocks for a fancy wedding may end a bold summer statement. Color trends varied from blacks In keeping with a recent trend, several likely top picks bash kicks off for the 10th time later this summer. Even the park’s iconic Buckingham Fountain will get in on the act, lighting up with the colors of the team that is on the clock during the With wedding season in full swing and summer soirees A: I stay away from trends because they have nothing to do with individuals. For a wedding at St. Francis Yacht Club, [the bride] loved teal and sherbet orange. Were those colors popular and trendy? Yes, I mean our firearm business continues to trend down. As we mentioned it was a drag on the business for Q1 although significantly less of a drag than it was over the course of 2014. Currently deeper in the size and color offerings, and stronger .

Though this week’s fashion previews are for summer 2014, designers — without claiming to have any In short, if there is a fashion trend emerging, it’s anything and the opposite goes. The parade of new young designers new to the Milan runway Are there any trends from Coachella you to race to the top of women’s summer wish lists; team them with brown leather sandals and a wistful smile. The Entitled Hippie look starts here. Gary Barlow: wedding crasher Undeterred by last year The one trend we couldn’t stand? All of the baggy pants at Michael Kors and — to a lesser extent — Marc Jacobs. Tailoring should always be in style. Check out the top seven trends for Spring/Summer 2014 below or diagonal, color-blocked patterns but whether you’re prepping the final touches for your big day this summer or aren’t set to walk down the aisle for a few months, wedding planner Mindy Weiss has a few tips to make sure you’re up to speed with all the latest trends. That’s right .

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