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1. Always post the rules
2. Answer the questions the person gave you and write 11 new questions for the people you tag
3. Tag 11 people and link them to the post
Asked questions:
1. What is your age? 14
2. Do you have a best friend?yehh
3. Favourite food? I dunno pizza seems like a good answer
4. What is your mother language? English
5. Do you have any siblings??older brother and sister
6. Favourite band?omg what i don’t know at the moment probably if I had to say one PTV
7. Favourite book? Either We Were Liars by E.Lockhart or Looking For Alaska by John Green
8 Do you like sports?ha no well trampolining and badminton are ok?
9. Best place in the world for you? Bed
10. Something that makes you laugh? Umm loads of stuff I laugh at THERES a really funny vine where a girl throws her cat in the air and I just die haha
My Questions:
1.When is your birthday?
2.Song that makes you cry:
3.Song that makes you super happy:
4.Favourite person in your life?
5.tea or coffee?
6.Favourite aspect/feature of a person?
7.Grunge or Kawaii?
8.Music or Art?
9.If you could own a animal what animal would you choose?
10.Favourite video game?

Don’t feel obligated to answer these questions of you don’t wish to :3
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Don’t even try to tell me i don’t have the best job!

I design websites in a TRAMPOLINE PARK.

When I don’t want to be coding behind a computer, I can go practice flips and sick shit