Man i really dont wanna call this artist out but I just saw this work across my dash that’s beyond traced;; Like the pose/style in question is literally a picture that’s hanging on my wall. They just changed some of the outfit and the character;
What to do;; 

Friends, If you’re gonna borrow the style and pose of something at least please credit it to the artist;


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FBF | We Came As Romans | “Hope”

Nuts that this was already two years ago!

Heyyyy so I was tagged by thewrongharry thank youuu x
Name: Elizabeth 

Nicknames: Cattermole, Katt 

Birthday: November 12, 2000 

Gender: Girl 

Sexual Orientation: Straight 

Nation of Origin: Britain 

Favourite Colour: maybe purple?? Idk 

Lucky Number: ???? 

Time and Date: 8:52 24th April 2015 

Average Hours of Sleep: 9 

Last Thing I Googled: watch-series-tv 

First Word That Comes to Mind: elephant 

One Place That Makes Me Happy: Jesmond, Newcastle 

How Many Blankets I Sleep Under: one 

Favourite Fictional Character: Sam Winchester? Idk 

Favourite Book: Game Of Thrones series, Harry Potter 

Favourite Animation: Idk, don’t have one 

Favourite TV Show: Game Of Thrones, Friends, Supernatural, Would I Lie To You 

Favourite Food: um chocolate? Idk 

Favourite Beverage: lemonade? Idek these questions are hard 

Last Movie Seen in Theaters: Into The Woods 

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uribaba said:

Hello, sorry to intervene like that in one of your posts, but you seem depressed and I don’t want you to feel depressed because your posts ALWAYS cheer me up, like I know we’ve never talked but you always seem so happy and funny and amazing!! ily :))

thank you for saying this new friend you are lovely<3 I really do make an effort not to fill my tumblr with negativity from my personal life very often because I feel like I prefer making ppl and myself happy with the silly/fandom posts here but it is often my only real outlet and things are just getting too real and spicy lately


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