Here is an actual picture of my emotions while watching The Night Shift:

Here’s why (not in any particular order): SPOILERS!

1.Creepy sniper almost shooting Drew.

2.Creepy sniper getting shot.

3. Finding out there is a Creepy Sniper #2.

4. Rick taking a job in Texas to he can stay with Drew.

5. Topher’s wife wanting a separation.

6. Topher’s wife picking him up from work.

7. The creepy sniper shooting at everyone in the hospital with his finger.

8. Realizing creepy sniper #2 is the chick PAUL AND RAGOSA are working on!

9. The flashbacks! My favorite being Jordan’s adorable face when TC told her he loved her.

10. My baby Ragosa getting on the elevator with the evil, knife holding creepy sniper #2. I seriously thought she was going to try to kill him. If they had a moment where someone asked, “Has someone seen Michael?” I would have flipped my coffee table over.

11. Scott and TC half panicking, half discussing how to save Jordan’s life.

12. TC, Gwen and Kenny’s face when Scott tells TC the baby is gone.

13. JORDAN’S face when TC has to tell her about the baby.

14. Creepy Sniper #2 not getting to take the easy way out.

15. Dr. Chavez. :)

There are more, I just am tired of listing them!

Here’s to Season 3!

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Favourite Character (In a TV series):

  • The Walking Dead: Rick Grimes,  Maggie Greene and Daryl Dixon.
  • Supernatural: Sam and Dean Winchester (Forever), Bobby Singer and Charlie Bradbury!
  • Once upon a Time: Hook, Emma, Regina, Robin Hood, Belle and, maybe, Maleficent. 
  • Agent of Shield: Skye, Fitz and Simmons, Hunter, May, Phil and Cal.
  • Arrow: Oliver, Dig, Felicity, Thea and Roy. 
  • Nikita: Alex and Owen, MIchael and Alex, Birkhoff.
  • Teen Wolf: Allison, Lydia, Scott and Stiles, Melissa and Sheriff Stilinski. Also Malia and Kira,  maybe. 
  • Agent Carter: Peggy, Angie, Jarvis and Sousa!
  • The night shift: Tc, Alexander, Drew, Topher, kenny and Paul. 
  • Poldark: Ross and Demelza.
  • Stalker: Beth and Jack, Ben and Janice.
  • White collar: Neal Caffrey (of course u_u) 
  • Daredevil: Matt, Foggy and Karen.
  • Dollhouse: Echo
  • Angel: Angel and Spike.

Favourite Food: Pizza and Ice Cream! 
Favourite Drink: Lemonade, Orange juice, cold tea (peach) and water (x°D)
Favourite Book: A series of “Harry Potter”, “inheritance cycle”, “Gardella chronicles”, “Anita Blake”, and.. I have too many favorite books ahaha
Favourite TV Show(s): Supernatural, Arrow, Nikita, Agent of Shield, Once upon a time, Teen Wolf, The night shift, Stalker and… others. 
Last Movie I Went To See: Avengers: Age of ULTRON.
Last Holiday: Last Summer, in Sicily (I’m italian)
Dream Holiday: I wish to visit the England (Especially Scotland), Ireland or the Australia.
Dream Wedding: Maybe… in the nature. In a Park or on the beach.
Dream Job: Advertising graphics
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Relationship Status: Single (sigh) 
What Am I Wearing: sweatpants, violet t-shirt and jaket (I’m cold.. brrr) 

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The night shift ayee

ayyyyy i hate you amber this is going to be so difficult fuck u ily 

  1. Drew Alister 
  2. Michael Ragosa
  3. Paul Cummings
  4. Topher Zia
  5. Krista Bell-Hart
  6. TC Callahan
  7. Jordan Alexander
  8. Kenny Fournette
  9. Molly Ramos (nurse molly had to be on here ok)
  10. Scott Clemmens

you probs hate me for putting scott before some of the other characters but OH WELL

top 10 character lists

One of my favorites so worth repeating
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