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AU Bass/Charlie where Bass is still having a hard time coping with being back from Iraq and Charlie is there to comfort him?

Charlie and her mother were in yet another fight, so she had managed to talk Miles into letting her crash on his and Bass’s couch for a few nights.

Miles was staying the night at Nora’s place, so that left just her and Bass.

With Miles gone, that freed up his bed for the time being. She had been trying to sleep on the couch, but figured that Miles’ bed would be much more comfortable, so she had eventually decided, after hours of discomfort, to move.
On her way to Miles’ bedroom, she hesitated just outside of Bass’s door.

She could hear heavy breathing coming from inside the door and a few angry curse words directed at himself.

"Just get a fucking hold of yourself."

Charlie faltered for a moment before she made a quick decision and knocked on the door.


No response.

She figured that she might end up regretting it, but she pushed the door open anyways.

What she found was Bass sitting up in bed with his face in his hands. He was practically drenched in sweat.

When he turned to look at her, he was torn between whether to snap at her to go away or to beg her to stay.

Charlie hesitated for a moment before she padded into the room and sat down on the bed beside him, folding her legs underneath her.

She didn’t say or ask anything, yet he felt compelled to explain to her. “It’s these damn nightmares. It’s like I’m back there all over again.”

Charlie didn’t have to ask where. She remained silent, waiting to see if he had anything else to confess about it, as she placed a hand on his knee.

"I barely even sleep anymore," Bass admitted. "I can’t shut my eyes without seeing it. And, when I wake up, I think I’m back there."

Charlie didn’t have any profound words of advice to get him through this and she wasn’t going to pretend to know what he was going through.

Instead, she simply told him, “Lay down.”

Bass didn’t know where she was going with this, but listened nonetheless. It was nice letting someone else come up with the ideas for once because he was definitely running out of coping ideas of his own.

Once he was lying down, she laid down close beside him.

He turned his head to look at her face, mere inches away from his own, in question.

"Now when you wake up, you won’t be alone," she told him sheepishly. "I’ll be here to remind you where you are."


"You said no family. But there must be people who love you. Friends."
"No. Well, yes. But it’s a long story."

The TARDIS Team (23 November, 1963—23 November, 2013)


"I used to be scared of Jon, whenever I had to fight him. He was so quick, and he fought like he meant to kill me… I never said, though. Sometimes I think everyone is just pretending to be brave, and none of us really are. Maybe pretending is how you get brave, I don’t know.


Emma Watson: Well, it’s got to be ‘magical’, hasn’t it?
Daniel Radcliffe: Unforgettable.
Tom Felton: ’Life-changing’, really, I suppose. Mind you, that’s two words, not one.
Robbie Coltrane: Glue. (in terms of his costuming)
Bonnie Wright: Inspiring.
Michael Gambon: Good.
Jason Isaacs: Fabulously lucky. That’s one word if you say it fast.
James Phelps: Great. 
Oliver Phelps: Legendary.
David Thewlis: Hysterical.
Evanna Lynch: Sublime.
Matthew Lewis: It’s ‘alright’. What?
Timothy Spall: Spiffing.
Rupert Grint: Phenomenal.