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So I was tagged by the beautiful qiunnjames to do the 20 beautiful woman challenge thingy and all I really saw was that I now have an excuse to post selfies (cause I can’t pick just one).

I’m tagging pretty mutuals who’s faces I’d love to see but if you don’t want to post a selfie that’s fine.
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Top 10 11 12 favorite Dragon Age characters yeah I added the 12th sorry

  1. purple Garrett Hawke
  2. Dorian Pavus
  3. Cassandra Pentaghast
  4. Nathaniel Howe
  5. Shale
  6. Aveline Vallen
  7. Zevran Arainai
  8. Oghren
  9. Varric Tethras
  10. Josephine Montilyet
  11. Bethany Hawke
  12. Fenris

I’m tagging… idk anyone else who wants to do this. I’m tagging THE WORLD. EVERYONE.


Emma Watson: Well, it’s got to be ‘magical’, hasn’t it?
Daniel Radcliffe: Unforgettable.
Tom Felton: 'Life-changing’, really, I suppose. Mind you, that’s two words, not one.
Robbie Coltrane: Glue. (in terms of his costuming)
Bonnie Wright: Inspiring.
Michael Gambon: Good.
Jason Isaacs: Fabulously lucky. That’s one word if you say it fast.
James Phelps: Great. 
Oliver Phelps: Legendary.
David Thewlis: Hysterical.
Evanna Lynch: Sublime.
Matthew Lewis: It’s 'alright’. What?
Timothy Spall: Spiffing.
Rupert Grint: Phenomenal.