HWU Challenge: Day 10 - Favourite Female Friend Types

There are a few interpretations of what ‘favourite female friend type’ means. I’m gonna talk about my favourite help quests that I did with girls, which were the Reality TV and Award Host quests - The Real Hollywood U and The Tommies. And, man, I had to dig into my archive for those screenshots! There aren’t many so I had to scour some other blogs, too.

Reality TV - The Real Hollywood U

Does it get much better than eating bugs and Bianca and Lance hooking up in the shower? …okay, it probably does. But I really liked this one. Probably something to do with me liking the development of some of Bianca’s entourage, even if they were exactly as I expected them to be.

And there was Hunt’s reality TV catchphrase - “You are expelled!”
Also, the 5000 Cash at the end was pretty sweet! …except that I had to steal it from Jennifer, my Reality TV Girl, and she was kinda upset about it. Oh well, it gained Hunt’s approval.

Award Host - The Tommies

I liked a lot of things in this one.
For starters, there as the parody video where the MCs played caricatures of themselves and Amy, my Award Host Girl, played Hunt. Then all the fifteen percent jokes about Ethan, and then the Chris-admiring-Hunt’s-jawline moment that reminds me just how much I ship them…

Then there was the Kanye-moment when Bianca got the award that Addison should have got, and then basically Hunt’s constant disapproval.
And, of course, I can’t go without mentioning that moment when Danny was voted Best Director and kissed Hunt’s cheek when he got the award, then Hunt kissed his cheek back. Iconic.

This has turned into a post about Hunt now, so I think I’ll leave it there…

Boxer Tom

The List

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Day with Waliyha by myllenna-malik featuring stretch jeans ❤ liked on Polyvore

T By Alexander Wang sleeveless shirt / Black jacket / Paige Denim stretch jeans, $390 / Forever 21 panty / Christian Louboutin black pumps, $510 / Alexander Wang black purse / Gucci white gold bracelet / Miss Selfridge jewelry / Charlotte Russe heart ring / Vintage engagement ring / Iphone case / Black sunglasses / BLUE CROWN Rasta Braid Bracelet / FACE Stockholm eye makeup / MAC Cosmetics lips makeup / Essie nail polish
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Tommy T-The Prester John Sessions

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve not had anytime to write any music reviews or in fact find time to do anything particularly constructive, due to the birth of our first child, Dylan. Instead of working, writing and general hell-raising I’ve been trying to keep a newborn child happy and relatively quiet, whilst running up and down stairs to every beckon and call of the wife and child alike.
It would seem that my son is already something of a music critic, we flick through the multiple channels of musical tripe on Sky and he screams his head off to the over-commercial pop crap that dominates most of airtime, however when we stumbled upon Scuzz his crying immediately subsided and he listened intently to the sounds of Iron Maiden’s Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter, hoping that his musical tastes could be broadened from the metal of Maiden, we decided to play him all manner of albums in a multiple of genres to varying results.

So where does The Preseter John Sessions fit into all of this, well in a very early bid (thirteen days old) I decided that the boy needed a little bit of culture and it would seem like the jazzy-dub-funk of Gogol Bordello bass man Tommy T Gobena’s solo album is an early favourite for both little Dylan and myself.

We found ourselves bonding over the wonderful 70’s organ led jazz funk of the opening track Brothers, the elastic dub of both The Call and the otherworldly Oromo Dub (Cushitic Dub), a shuffling goove-laden ska/dub opus. 

Elsewhere African roots collide with Western jazz rock fusion on the stunning horn-fuelled instrumental East-West Express. Tribute To A King ups the ska jazz angle further, mixing a delicious combination of bouncy hypnotic rhythms with a chorus of wailing horns to create a mesmeric masterpiece, that kept both father and son happy and smiling (or perhaps that was just wind in Dylan’s case).

The beautiful warm jazz horns and crackle of September Blues wouldn’t sound out of place on a John Coltrane album, the call and response saxophones creating a lovely break from the funky bass lines of previous handful of tracks, whilst the down tempo chilled-out Eden mixes a laid back bass groove with those ever expressive horns and the calming vocals of Gigi creating a lush exotic mix that would calm the most savage of beasts (or restless child).

The album is completed in fine style with the bouncy reggae meets balkan gypsy folk, Lifers, a fun, frantic beat friendly bonus track featuring fellow Gogol Bordello main man Eugene Hutz on crazed lead vocals.

The Preseter John Sessions is a brilliant and diverse combination of clashing genres and cultures, Tommy T has produced a genuine, innovative and intoxicating release that’s crying out to be heard.

Rhythm & Booze Rating 10

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