Why the 2014 “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie” was the best Blockbuster of the Summer

  To say that you hate this movie is basically you saying that you hate fun.. Which is what this movie is : FUN.

  Is it a best picture Nominated movie? No. Probably not. The plot is so overused and boring. But hey, what isn’t these days?

 So then why do people like it so much? 

 Because it’s FUN. The whole movie is just fun the whole way through. There didn’t need to be any symbolism or deeper meaning to it.. It was just a good movie.

And even better than that? The characters were all LIKEABLE. Unlike in that terrible space movie that everyone is in love with where all of the characters were absolute douchebags. *cough* Guardians of the Galaxy *cough* 

The Turtles all had great chemistry together, and the jokes were hilarious. So why is it the best blockbuster of the summer?

 What it promotes is family, love, and enjoying life. Yes Mikey has a crush on April. But they all love April because she saved them as a child. April loves the Turtles and Splinter because they were her childhood pets. Splinter (in an emotional scene that still gets to me whenever I think of it) refers to April as the hogosha, a great guardian spirit.. Raphael even has an emotional scene which I legitimately cry at because it’s so powerful, where he confesses that the only reason why he talks about leaving is because he doesn’t feel good enough to stand next to them, and to be apart of a team. This sends such a good message out to kids, and anybody for that matter, that you don’t have to be smart, a leader, a talented goofball.. You just need to be yourself to fit in.. But more importantly : EVERYONE makes up the team.

I love this movie so much, and this is the most positive/fun movie that I’ve seen in a long time. That’s why it was the best blockbuster of the summer.

  • Susanna Bennison

Been a while since I uploaded a song.

Brothers is a song I originally wrote in 2009 and it’s been through a few incarnations since then. I’ve sung it, my mother’s choir have sung it, I’ve arranged it time and time again - and now, to keep us all going in the hiatus between Season 2 and Season 3 of TMNT 2012, I’ve decided to re-record it all over again and share it with the TMNT fans of Tumblr. So enjoy, everyone! I know it’s not great quality, but I was literally recording this in my living room.

Initially the song was inspired specifically by the 2003 series and the 2007 movie, because those are my favourites, but I’ve since rewritten the lyrics to apply to the whole franchise.

There is only one thing missing: in the instrumental bit in the middle, I wanted a Japanese flute or fiddle to play a melody, but I haven’t got that setting on my music program, so I just had to leave it blank. I’m hoping someone out there will be willing to either render or play me something to go in there.

A special shout-out has to go to the kids who did the chant. Mum’s a teacher of 7-8-year-olds, so when I said I wanted children for my TMNT song (because it is a children’s franchise, after all), she whisked out four of her best readers. I recorded them during playtime, in a classroom with the world’s cheapest microphone. But they were gallant. Thanks, guys!

Here’s hoping one of the Ninja Turtles cast or staff finds this! I’d love it to get to them!


Brother, lionhearted,
Brother, live by laughter,
Brother, fight with passion,
Brother, mind works faster,
Together, you are strong,
Together, you belong! Oh…

Brothers fighting evil,
Forever as one! Oh…
Oh, your journey,
Your journey has begun!

Brother, swift and silent,
Crash of wood on steel!
Brother, fight with honour,
No one knows you’re real.
Together to the end
For the world you defend! Oh…

Brothers fighting evil,
Forever as one! Oh
Oh, your family
Is forged by more than blood!


Come! Put your differences aside!
Keep that ancient spirit alive!
You are unbeatable! Undefeatable!
When you stand side by side; you’re alive!

Brothers, reunited,
Stories yet untold,
Brothers, though a memory,
Never growing old.
United, you stand tall.
United, you cannot fall! No!

Brothers, beating evil
For every generation to come! Oh…
Oh, your legacy,
May your legacy live on!

Brothers lyrics and music © Susanna Bennison

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles © Nickolodeon, Kevin Eastman & Peter Laird

The "Moments"

So, people (including myself) have talked about “the scenes” which are our favorite.  Mine include the elevator and the snow chase.

But there are a lot of what I call “moments” that I also love.  The little things that just really enjoy and could watch a whole movie again and again for just to experience those brief moments.  Some of the moments have been made into gifs, others not.

I thought I’d take some time to list some of my “moments” since by now most of the fandom has seen the movie.  I’ll tag it with potential spoilers just to be safe.

Feel free to reblog and add your own moments.  Or totally disagree with mine.  I just wanted to share them before I exploded…again.  (I’m post-exploding from the Season 2 TMNT 2012 finale so I don’t need to re-experience that emotion…)

1 - Leo’s half smile while captured.  This one I get twice, first when the alarm starts going off and Sacks takes the canister with him.  It’s like Leo knows it’s Raph coming to the rescue.  Second is when Raph actually calls to Leo.

2 - Raph putting his sais away after Leo says “We’re on the move Raphael.”  I’ve watched that a ton of times in trailers/ads/etc. and in the movie it’s just as good.

3 - Mikey’s yell of “Avalanche!” combined with Brian Tyler’s score.

4 - When Splinter was telling April about bringing up the turtles and there’s a re-enactment of Leo slicing pizza for the turtles from the 1990 movie - poor Splinter with pizza on his head.

5 - Donnie’s spinning bo in the lair fight scene.

6 - I’m the only one who laughed at this…every time I saw the movie…but when Mikey, Leo, and Donnie are high on adrenaline, go to get Raph, and they run right into the metal piping (or whatever it was) and fall down to where Raph is laying.

7 - Vern’s look in the van when he asks “Where’s everyone going?”

8 - Mikey’s snapping turtle line.

9 - Even when arguing with Leo, Raph still keeps his brother safe by punching a Foot Clan member in the face.

10 - “Look how calm I am!!!!” while MIkey is totally not calm.  This is, however, my standard line now when I am excited about something but am trying to remain calm.  (Note: I will be saying this a lot heading into NYCC’s Legend of Korra panel.)

11 - April’s move of jumping over the turnstile at the subway station.

12 - Mikey’s face when all of a sudden he realizes he set off an explosion and not what he intended…

And two moments that are audience reactions based on movie moments.  Which I looked forward to every time.

1 - How does the audience react when the guys are on their way to the elevator and instead run into a whole host of Foot Clan members?  Two favorites of mine was a guy who went “Oh S***!!!” and a couple of kids who audibly gasped.  (Two different showings.)

2- Watching kids at the end of the movie dancing around to “Shell Shocked” as the credits ran.

There are probably many others but those were the ones off the top of my head…..

Thanks for reading!


Idk what kind of chocolate doodle ya want, but…. Here’s Raph trying to enjoy his chocolate fudge ice cream on a hot day! 

Leo just has the urge to help Raph clean up that little mess that he made.

And thank you btw! <3


TMNT: Family Portrait (view on my tumblr for hi-res)

Art (c) JBadgr


Gratuitous thigh zoom is gratuitous. 

I want to thank all of you who kept me company while I stream coloured this monstrosity. You guys are the best motivation ever <33

Also, I received a few asks about my style inspiration, and honestly I just pick pieces from all the comic/toon/film incarnations with a few added Badger bits :)

Hope you like it! <33 Jess

Every moment when the ultra-buff turtles are on screen, busting each other’s chops, doing human beat-box routines and ineptly pitching woo at Megan Fox (because they’re, you know, teenagers) was so acutely painful that I had to draw on my own ninja training and reflect intensively on the transitory nature of all phenomena, just to fend off the profound yearning for death.