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Hi i love your writing and see myself in a lot of it. I just need to tell someone. I met a boy when I was 7, we became friends and I fell in love with each other. Now it's been 11 years and we're 18. We were never together but we said we loved each other alot and kiss when we're drunk. Over the last year and he's really confused and hurt me so I moved on and i'm dating his new friend, he said it was ok. I still love him and i don't love my boyfriend, we havent dated long tho, idk what to do?

You need to break up with your boyfriend because this isn’t fair to him. 

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Penquin bc I obvs just can't get enough of you and Q ♡♡

Who would be the big spoon? QUIN he cuddles her like mad like eveyr single chance he gets he’s a cuddle addict
Who would wake up first? quin maybe bc more often than not he’s prob awake first bc he didn’t sleep much or at all during the night
Do they have nicknames for each other? just their usual nicknames plus the basic pet names but we might develop nicknames over time who knows
What happened when they met each other’s parents? that probably never happens hah a lol crying
How do they apologize after an argument? do they even argue lmao
What would they be like as parents? don’t get me STARTED ok they would be the most loving and supportive parents ever and are probably the type that stop strangers and make them look at pics of the baby on their phone even tho they’re all the same one of the baby sleeping but they’re just like CRRYIRNG MY CHILD!!!
Who is the better cook? penelope i wanna say but that seems sexist plus quin is decent but he’s not like great he can just do basic meals
Who is more romantic? quin cuz he writes her shitty poems and shit and takes her out on romcom-esque dates and probably even recreates dates/scenes from her fave movies cuz u know he lives for that shit
What sort of gifts do they get for each other? prob a bunch of dumb stuff all year round and then on their birthdays it’s just like lazy days with baking and movies and sex lbr
Who gets jealous easiest? i don’t think there would be an instance where they’d have to worry cuz they’re too focused on each other grOSS
Who gets more excited for events e.g.. Birthdays, Christmas? penelope probably but quin gets hyped up from her hype so both maybe
Who is the most adventurous? quin DUH but he prob settles down a lot with pen and whatever adventure they have is prob just cute lil things like romantic vacations
Who is the most protective? QUIN OH My GOD if u hurt pen he will fck u up or at least rly rly want to
What would they have been like as childhood sweethearts? prob cute and shy but tbh they’d prob get together a lot faster than they did as adults and prob refer to each other as husband and wife cuz basically
BONUS: Song to sum them up? i panicked for a moment then i was like LMAO penguin duh

There is this kid that I talked to a while on tindr. And like we never actually met each other even tho we matched in October i think. And we go to the same school and stuff. And we always see each other on campus. And I followed him on Instagram a while ago and he has 9K followers….but he followed me back. And then i followed me on twitter and he has 27K followers and he only follows 200 people. And he followed me back. What does this mean?

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Sorry if this is too personal and you can totally ignore this if you want, but when you say you're dating 2 people, do you mean like a polyamorous relationship? It's something I've been thinking about a lot lately and I've never heard of anyone irl doing it idk I'm just curious as to how it came about? :)

youre alright kiddo! and yes, i do mean a polyamorous relationship :-) well i p much had no idea about it until i met Mordecai, at the time they were dating two other people. i was with josh. we eventually developed crushes on each other n they suggested me being poly. i wanted to try it out and i talked to josh and explained everything and he was cool with it. like two days after that i broke up w them tho bc i wasnt ready like mental health wise. but uh i think maybe a couple months later idk, a few weeks ago, i wanted to try again n so we did n now we’re dating n i love them and i love josh too :-) if you have anymore questions feel free to ask although im not the best resource of information abt this

im so so so fucking lucky to have met someone as perfect as Pea. her looks her personality her soul never fails to astound me on a daily basis. she is literally everything to me. we have so much stuff in common that when we actually see each other in person i can’t see us having to debate anything. apart from the fact she’ll probably wanna eat some olives and i guess i’ll have to let her even tho it’s super feckin gross🙈 she also drives me insane in the best possibly way, likewise i do to her just at the most inappropriate times lmao. she’s my lil angel and i literally would never ever trade her for anyone, she’s my lil Pea. we’re both super short with purple hair, we’re gonna look great together👀 i can’t wait to lay eyes on her the first time i see her at the airport, my heart will be racing so fast. to finally have her in my arms to be able to kiss her whenever i want AHHH MY BABY. im literally so so excited. i adore this girl with every inch of my body and i would never do anything to intentionally hurt her, she’s so precious to me. my beautiful girlfriend👸🏼✨

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qusan (is a horrible ship name btw)

Who would be the big spoon? quin bc MANLY MAN
Who would wake up first? quin bc of his inability to sleep properly
Do they have nicknames for each other? he probs calls ‘kid’ or ‘kiddo’ sometimes in attempt to keep things platonic until he accidentally calls her ‘love’ one day omF
What happened when they met each other’s parents? LMAo well quin’s already met her dad and she’ll prob never meet his parents
How do they apologize after an argument? WOULD THEY ARGUE I CAN’T IMAGINE
What would they be like as parents? omG I DON’T EVEN KNOW WE’RE NOT NEARLY THERE YET
Who is the better cook? quin maybe bc susan has cooks so idk if she’d learn??? maybe tho
Who is more romantic? quin cuz he’s a cheeseball
What sort of gifts do they get for each other? well he’s already gonna lowkey write her a story and she’d prob buy him new shades so he looks cooler when watching darcy LMAO
Who gets jealous easiest? both maybe bc quin only doesn’t get jealous when he’s already with them and since he’s not with susan if he saw her with someone else he’d be like NO 
Who gets more excited for events e.g.. Birthdays, Christmas? susan cuz she’s cute as heck like that no doubt
Who is the most adventurous? quiN but susan too bc like she takes him to the kitchen (which i just realized is funny cuz in hp verse she and quin are hufflepuff oMF)
Who is the most protective? qUIN IT’S LUTERALLY HIS J O B
What would they have been like as childhood sweethearts? rly cute an d f ri ck they prob color and play hide and seek together and just rly cute slay me
BONUS: Song to sum them up? wonder by lauren aquilina but u knew that
Do I ship it? YAH