this youtube poop will always be one of my favorites, and i’m not really sure why

like, it doesn’t really do anything notable to stand out and isn’t even that funny when you think about it, but it’s been over six years since i first saw it and i still sometimes think of a random line from it and crack up

things sure do get weird after midnight

so any of my small handful of followers that also follow starryeyedboxes may have noticed a lovely, lovely post she recently made here
its time for a companion post even though we both already blubbered on skype plenty
first i would like to say that yeah
i have an extremely horrible history with friends and friendship, probably mostly of my own doing by me being a terrible piece of shit, but also bc.. idk man. people turn out to be huge assholes a lot.
and it takes a whole fucking lot for someone to literally be such a genuinely bright, hopeful and inspiring person that she manages to significantly bypass my tremendous number of insecurities and fears and hangups and progress straight into ‘i will cherish the time weve spent together for as long as i live’
my memory isnt very good because an extensive history of abuse causes a lot of black spots/goddamn black holes to show up where i just… dont remember anything bc it just gets swallowed up by all the bad– so its really important to me that i have someone to talk to that is literally a brilliant pinpoint of light in the darkness, when i cant even remember why i was kicked out of the house, at least i remember being told, for the first time in at least four years, that someone is goddamn proud of me
even if our friendship doesnt have staying power, i am just legitimately so happy ive had the opportunity to know her because i believe in her so, so much and i know, with all my heart, that she will go on the accomplish things i cant even begin to imagine.
i see what shes doing in the community and how she interacts with us all and, yknow, how she interacts with me and… damn. youre gonna go far, kid. youre gonna change world, maybe not in a way any of us understand, but its already happening.
shes a lot like the youtubers she looks up to, overextending herself to the point of burnout but absolutely no less honestly sweet and caring and open. shes legitimately tireder than i am all the fucking time but look at her go

and to you, boxxy-chan. dont stop. never, ever stop.

“I don’t want to miss anyone… I never want to miss anyone.”

-Mark Fischbach