Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers recreate a pose from Swing Time (1936), in the 1980’s.


Get To Know MeFavorite Scenes [4/9]: Mary Poppins (1964)

Bert: Well, that’s a bit awkward. I must say!
Mary Poppins Bert, I’ll thank you to stop putting ideas in their heads!…There goes the other one.
Bert: Shall I go after ‘em?
Mary Poppins: Well, we can’t have them gallivanting up there like kangaroos, can we?

"I mean seriously I’d love to do theatre. I quite fancy a bit of directing. I’d quite like that. So I don’t know really. Karen’s out in LA so maybe go out there and see her for a bit. Get a dog. I don’t know."

-Matt Smith when asked about his plans after Doctor Who (October 2012)

"I might want to move to LA for a bit. Karen’s moved over, she loves it"

-Matt Smith when asked about his plans after Doctor Who (July 2013)

Did you know the brain has three layers, and when we’re drunk, we revert to the bottom layer, which is only interested in eating, sleeping and ‘meeting a partner’. And music connects to that layer, that bottom layer! Did you know that?
—  Karen Gillan

On this day in 1846, Elizabeth Barrett, 40, and Robert Browning, 34, were secretly married at London’s St. Marylebone Church.

Gillan says she had very different emotions during the final script read-through before filming started. ‘I couldn’t get through to the end,’ she reveals. ‘I looked up and all the women were crying, too. I could barely get the words out, and Matt was patting me on the back, saying: “Come on, you can do this!” When it came to filming, everything in that final scene is not acting. The tears are real.’
'I was in the police outfit. And then you took out the truncheon,' she [Karen] laughs, turning to Matt.
‘And we made sex jokes,’ [Matt adds.]

Doctor Who Magazine #452

Karen: ”I couldn’t stop laughing. Every time I looked at Matt, it was even funnier. It was… er, what are you doing?”
Matt has leant forward and pulled out Karen’s truncheon.
Matt: ”It’s a truncheon! [Sniggers] Sorry.”

— Doctor Who Magazine #417