So here’s a playlist of some songs that can be found on LaF’s iPod (aka songs I listened to while learning lines and or getting into character on set). You’ll probably be surprised to find that LaF secretly enjoys a lot of pop music. But that’s probably only because you’ll never be able to get LaF’s iPod because of security.

Some of these songs are researching songs. Some of these are songs LaF sings loudly along to with Perry when they drink confiscated wine spritzers and let a little loose. Some of these are songs LaF listens to when LaF can’t get to sleep at night.

Basically let your head canon let loose with the meanings behind these songs, because that’s kind of exactly what I did. (Therefore, I’m not saying any of these are canon, but to me, they’re just part of someone I got to help create)

P.S. I apologize for the massive outdated picture of ma face. I couldn’t figure out how to make it go away.

Would it absolutely kill companies & people for whom I’m applying to work to make my life just one particle easier?? I understand the rationale for not telling every single person who didn’t make the cut for interviews, but, hypothetically, if you said you were going to get back to me about something within a few days, could you maybe just actually do it? COULD YOU MAYBE NOT JUST SAY THAT TO GET ME OFF YOUR BACK FOR A LITTLE WHILE. COULD YOU MAYBE NOT GET MAD WHEN I CALL YOU BACK A HUNDRED TIMES AS A RESULT

Post Concert Depression/Fangirl Post


I went to their show in Pomona tonight and of course it was fucking incredible. I’ve seen them perform three times now and they’re always amazing. They played The Lighthouse which they didn’t play at FYF. That song is everything I mean gaaaaah. Anyway, I saw their buses after the show and a crowd waiting behind gates so I decided to wait for them too. Paul came out first and said a general hello to everyone. Then he walked toward me and I said “Hi, Paul” as I handed him my paper (my folded ticket) and pen. He said hi back and I said “thank you for your music” with a smile and he did a double take. He made a motion with his head like he was taken aback by what I had said. He looked so genuinely surprised at my comment that he paused and looked me right in the eyes and said “Thank you” with the most grateful smile. He lingered a bit before he moved on to sign other peoples things and smiled at me really taking a good look at me. I couldn’t fucking breathe I know I so hard but c’mon—that’s a moment.
Then Daniel came out; he was so polite. He borrowed my pen to sign other people’s shit and when he was finished he came back and handed it to me and said “That’s yours” with a cute little smile. I asked him where Sam was and he shrugged and said he didn’t know.

I can’t fucking believe it man I’m in so much shock. They’ve been my favorite band since I was 9. I have loved these amazing musicians for entirely half my life. I cannot fucking believe they spoke words to me with their beautiful mouths.

The Fox Theater, Pomona, CA
Monday, September 22, 2014

I was in keyboard skills class today with three other international students (a girl from Japan and two girls from China) and I mentioned to the sweet old white man teacher that I spoke French and he said “you probably have a bigger brain than all of us because you speak two languages” and the other girls and I were like “………………………………………………………”

im going to a meeting tomorrow for lgbtqia+ students and im like excited but also rly scared bc ive never rly been out irl and only like three of my friends have ever known and one of those friends i dont even talk to anymore and im also rly hoping my mom doesnt find out bc when i tried telling her it all blew up in my face and so i took it back

more generally healthy characters in generally healthy relationships. more characters falling in love slowly and softly, and then having the sudden realization of just how in love they are hit them like a ton of bricks and in the best way possible. more mutual respect in fictional relationships, more interdependent support and teamwork. down with toxic cookie-cutter codependent relationships in fiction