some ASOIAF sketches i made a while ago, i have to admit that, while addictive, the show is actually pretty shitty. the books are much better, almost done with a storm of swords now!

I was trying to salvage a canvas I had half-ruined when I either fell into a pseudo sleep sitting upright or dissociated without realizing where I was while holding the painting I was actively working on and started moving around the paint with my fingertips until the wetness of it snapped out of whatever the hell I was doing.

This has been a train wreck from start to finish but it’s bold and bright so I like it, even with it’s flaws.

i feel like jeremy scott scavenges whatever he can find whenever he has to make something for katy. like he’ll be like “oh katy i went out for a walk through the park and i found a rat carcass, a half empty can of silly string, 47 bottle caps, a ton of cigarette butts, and some cool leaves” and Katy would be like “yes jeremy you’re so cool!! this reminds me so much of the mosheeno vibe !!” and then let him stick everything to her dress with a glue stick and neon green duct tape