I like the days where I look like this… Those days are my favorite… 💓💓💓

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Haruka's Birthday
  • Sleep in followed by EXTREME snuggles with Michiru.
  • Sex with Michiru followed by more snuggles. 
  • Haruka finally gets up at 2pm and goes downstairs to get more snuggles from Hotaru and a warm hug from Setsuna. 
  • They have a simple late family lunch. Setsuna has prepared the main dishes, but Hotaru (with Setsuna’s help) has made the pudding. Haruka is delighted. 
  • The afternoon is spent just lazing around, Haruka on the lounge, reading racing magazines (in her reading glasses!) with Hotaru snuggled in next to her, reading children’s books until she dozes off. 
  • In the evening all the girls come over and are super noisy and happy and silly. 
  • Mako brings over a HUGE birthday cake with lots of icing, and everyone insists Haruka have the largest piece because it’s her birthday (her slice is even bigger than Usagi’s slice, she is quite happy about this). 
  • Minako insists on telling stories about all of Haruka’s embarrassing moments over the last year. 
  • Ami starts giving Haruka health advice about getting older until all the other girls look at her and she shuts up. 
  • Minako promises Haruka will like her present the best, and when she opens it up, it is a lovely mustard jacket. Haruka is so genuinely touched and embraces Minako tightly. Michiru glares daggers at Minako from behind Haruka and Minako just smirks. 
  • Haruka insists on wearing the mustard jacket straight away, and takes off the mustard jacket she is currently wearing and replaces it with her brand new mustard jacket. She is very pleased. 
  • There are about a million photos of the day because Setsuna takes so many. She wants to capture each and every moment. 
  • Michiru starts getting pretty frustrated at around 10pm and starts making not so subtle hints that the party is over. 
  • Usagi doesn’t get the hint, and when Rei tries to drag her away, she accuses her of trying to ruin the fun, and then Haruka and Usagi spend another hour eating an ridiculous amount of sweets. 
  • Finally everyone is gone, and little Hotaru has fallen asleep on the couch. Haruka goes and tucks her into bed. 
  • Michiru looks to Setsuna and Setsuna smiles, and assures her that she will clean up. 
  • Haruka just gets to their bedroom door, when a hand pulls her in and well….
  • Two hours later, she goes to sleep and she falls asleep with her head snuggled against Michiru’s breasts, and she’s warm, and full, and happy.  

My brother way back in the 90’s. This picture came out cool. Hate to take advantage of his tears.😂

a mix for aidean ~ those losers

// ho hey - lumineers // fallin’ for you - colbie caillat // toothpaste kisses - the maccabees // can’t stand it - never shout never // my life would suck without you - kelly clarkson // your song - kate walsh // first day of my life - bright eyes // fuckin’ perfect - p!nk // 5 years time - noah and the whale // i’m gonna be (500 miles) - the proclaimers // somebody to you - the vamps feat. demi lovato //

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p.s. aidean is real

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my future partner is probably texting their bae right now about how they’re gonna be together forever. sike, see you in ten years bitch

Lifehack: if you go into the theaters with the mindset that books and movies are different forms of entertainment you’ll be a lot happier in life

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"why do you always wear black"
cause i’m ready for ur funeral bitch

pick you up if you fall to pieces
  • pick you up if you fall to pieces


Imagine being left back at home while your best friends are touring the world. They’re selling out arenas and living their dreams so it’s no wonder you hardly see them anymore. When you’re feeling down one night and your phone starts ringing you’re hesitant to answer, but the familiar name of Calum Hood appears and you sigh and answer. A smile appears on your face the minute you hear Irwin’s laugh and the familiar banter that you’ve missed hearing so much. 

IMPORTANT:Whenever there is a silence, it is your job to quickly reply to what the boys have said. You have about 4 seconds to fill in your response so it can feel like an actual phone call.