What If all the wrestlers shared the same locker room
  • Big Show :has anyone seen my bag?
  • Cesaro :I can't find my shirt
  • Daniel Bryan :can someone brush my beard?
  • Damien Mizdow :bitch I'm over here
  • Seth Rollins :ouch randy you stepped on my foot
  • Randy Orton :lol don't talk to me Seth
  • Roman Reigns :all of you stay away from me your sweat is getting in my hair
  • Brock lesnar :PAUL PAUL PAUL WHERE U AT
  • The Undertaker :*casually lies in coffin placed in the middle of the room*
  • Bray Wyatt :*evil laughs while staring at coffin*
  • Dean Ambrose :@ r truth pls give meh the IC title belt
  • R truth :@gene ambrose lol no
  • Renee young :*pops head in door* Actually it's Dean Ambrose
  • Tyson Kidd :Alright who stole my headphones
  • Bad news Barrett :*seductively stares at John Cena getting changed*
  • John Cena :*notices Barrett* *hides behind towel* U CANT SEE ME
  • And yeah.