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"Don't make me use puppy-dog eyes!"

Luhan was an affectionate man. Wether if you were friends with him or don’t know him at all, he wouldn’t mind throwing out random hugs. Therefore, once he spotted the girl, just by looking at her face, he really wanted to give her a hug. When his arms wrapped around her, he lets out a whine once he was shoved off. Staring at the girl, he scrunches his nose in displeasure. “Let me hug you.” He simply says, holding out his arms. As he watches the girl reject his affections (although, most people did), he lets out a soft sigh. “Why not?!” He whines loudly, finching slightly once the female jabbed a finger towards his chest. He squints slightly when she shook her head, letting out another sigh. After hearing the girl’s words, he burst out into a laughter, clutching his stomach as it hurt from laughing. “Would you really?!” He quickly pulls out his phone, a wide smile forming on his face. “Then do it! I’ll definitely take a picture of it!” He nods his head aggressively. “Come on, come on!”

his girlfriend

i didn’t go out of my way to fuck my flatmates girlfriend, i really didn’t. but the bimbo whore walks around in pants and a shirt and doesn’t expect me to notice? 

i went and fucked her mouth last night, in the hall outside his room. i made her admit she was a slut right there and beg for my cock. 

usually i keep this away from my home life as it is private after all, but this chick was begging to be fucked. is it strange that i thought that was crossing a line? i mean, i am having my dick chewed by his girlfriend outside his door while my lady is away! i have a questionable moral compass at best but i love the power of watching her kneel in front of me with her tongue trying to beg for the chance to swallow my load thinking it will lead to her getting a pounding. the look on her face when i thanked her and walked away, limp dick and with my cum still stuck to her lips. whore

When inspiration hits

Today me and my housemate were just sitting in our living room playing around with a couple of coloured filters I have bought a while ago. I started with looking through a red filter and she a green one, but then when I looked at her, her face was gone through the green filter. I think this is because red blocks out the green colour. I am not sure about this, so it is just a hypothesis. I just loved the way it looked, and I think this might develop into an idea for my photography. Making sheets of coloured filters into masks of some kind, or just hiding the face behind a filter.

I have not gotten far enough to have a complete idea yet, but I thought I would share this with you now anyway. I will blog more about this when I have gotten further with the idea.

The first picture is taken through a red filter with a green over the face, and the second is whiteout the red filter.


I went to chipotle with a friend after work yesterday and the girl putting the food together told me I looked like someone she knew. She made a face and I asked her if that someone was unkind to her, and she made another face and said it was her ex gf. I just have that sorta face? I felt bad putting her on the spot..

Then we went to target and another girl recognized me..we hadn’t spoken in like 3 years, but I don’t care bc I bought cute underwear and shoes.

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Ay what's the weirdest thing anyone has said to you?

i can’t think of something someone’s said to me but someone told one of my friends that her face looks like bread

boyfriend: hemmings | hood | irwin | clifford

brother: hemmings | hood | irwin | clifford

best friend: hemmings | hood | irwin | clifford

ex: hemmings | hood | irwin | clifford

first kiss: hemmings | hood | irwin | clifford

first time: hemmings | hood | irwin | clifford


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That new blonde looks a lot like Cressida! do you find her attractive?.. i know we don't have clear pictures but just looking at her shadow & side of her face.. she looks pretty old right? she looks like 35 or 40. You are the FBI we have on tumblr, please work your magic, I'm sure you'll find something!! You were the one who found out who the girl was that sat with Harry at Glastunbury festival. Please Sam, I'm sure if she's apart of the Aristo circle, she has been in previous pics

Her name is Lucy Meade

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"I've been in worse situations." She smiled as she looked at the wand with a curious look on her face. Freddy nods, "Yeah... She can also move small things without touching them. It's pretty cool. Wish I could do that.

“…I don’t want to know. (He shivered a bit as his wand begins to glow.) Now, my wand will help you get to sleep, and it will also make sure you don’t feel anything, so you won’t wake up or move around during the operation.”

Sounds like a fun thing to do, but I think people would get annoyed by it quickly if I did that. (She giggled and grinned.) Also, I’m sure you have something that Chippy can’t do!


❝   i can grant your wish.   

B E F O R E  T H E  C U R S E

the magic mirror wasn’t always trapped in his reflective cage. the genie of agrabah was a magical being, set free by king leopold. invited to the royal palace, he meets regina & falls irrevocably in love with her. not happy with her current marriage situation, regina used the genie to kill her husband. distraught by her betrayal, he frantically uses his last wish to look upon her face forever. to his dismay, he becomes trapped as the Magic Mirror & regina’s adviser in all her evil doings.

D U R I N G   T H E  C U R S E

sidney is a reporter for the town newspaper the daily mirror. he also doubles as regina’s spy. he writes numerous articles on the mayor’s enemies in attempts to place them in a sour light.


♠ manipulative
♠ dishonest
♠ forever loyal to regina

M A I N  C O N N E C T I O N S

regina mills: sidney is regina’s henchman that she uses to dig up dirt on emma, david, & mary margaret.

emma swan: sidney befriends emma after fight for sheriff.

↳ O P E N

Chilling tales to cool the heat off summertime in Ginza
#kabuki #Yajuro [Japan Times]A masterpiece in the “new” kabuki style, Mayama’s drama consists of dialogues … A masseur called Takuetsu (Bando Yajuro) forces Oiwa to look at her own marred face in a mirror and tells her of Iyemon’s fatal betrayal. After her death, Oiwa …

Stereogum writer Gabriela Tully Claymore paints us an awe-inspiring portrait of Mitski while standing in the crowd at last week’s SXSW:

“Mitski’s live presence is arresting. Like the dualistic nature of the Bury Me At Makeout Creek tracklist, her hot pink bass is the candy coating that makes that weary, furrowed brow seem a tad less severe. Nothing about being Mitski is easy — she works hard up there on stage and won’t let anyone think that kind of performative existence is effortless. After a rendition of “I Don’t Smoke,” the album’s heartbreaking centerpiece, Mitski looked out at the crowd. “I’m so tired,” she said without any look of resignation on her face. “But,” she paused and half-smiled, “I would rather be tired doing music than be tired not doing music.” Read more here.

Bury Me at Makeout Creek is going for spins at radio NOW! Get a copy of this reissue via Don Giovanni Records.

It’s become such an accepted norm to put yourself down that if someone says she likes her body, she’s the odd woman out. I was in a group discussion recently, and when one woman said, ‘I actually feel OK about the way I look,’ another woman scrunched up her face and said, ‘I have never in my whole life heard anyone say that—and I’m not sure I even believe you.’
—  Glamour
Just a way to explain why YouTube is important to me.


She hid in her hole, her heart was beating so fast she was sure they could hear it. Her clothes were tattered and dirty, stained with blood and tears. Her face was grimy, her grey eyes looked dead and haunted, dried tear tracks cutting through the dirt on her face. The hole smelled of mold and moss, heavy with her sweat. They were coming. She could hear the footsteps stomping closer, swearing and cries of pain as their clothes caught on branches and thorns. Thump. Thump. Thump. Even I could hear it now. Tears were starting fresh in her eyes, and my heart twisted with sympathy. She must be terrified, all alone out here, with nothing but them for company. I made my way over to her as quietly as I could, and the footsteps started to fade. I hugged her tightly, dried her tears. I helped her calm down and the scene started to melt away. Her bedroom returned, painted purple, covered in artwork. A fish tank bubbled in the corner.

I smiled into the camera, at all of the people watching. So many were like her, sad, scared, alone, dealing with tragedy or mental illnesses. I smiled wider, just for them. ‘Let me smile for you’ I thought, throwing my arms into the air as I yelled;


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Your older FC is definitely how I see the progression of Gwen's natural beauty in a decade or more following her young adulthood. Really brilliant choice! Who is she, btw?


Thank you!! I was really looking for someone who seemed like.. a ‘believable’ older Gwen, and for a second I was worried I made the wrong choice haha But then I was just like ‘her face shape looks a bit similar to Emma Stone and she makes some pretty good expressions soooo’

She’s Anastasia Griffith!!

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♛: Sharing a dessert

The entire cafe knew they were a couple. After all, one huge piece of chocolate ganache cake, two forks. The tiny woman didn’t shy away from feeding her beau with her own fork. The man laughed as he lovingly wiped a smear of chocolate from the tip of her nose.

“Awww…they’re in love,” whispered one of the baristas. “Look at ‘em. They’re so cute.”

The server nodded, her lekku twitching in envy. “That girl is so lucky. I’d give my left head-tail for a man like him.”

“Whaddaya think? Married? Engaged? Just friends?”

“If they’re ‘just friends’, they’ve got one hell of a benefits plan. Look how his thumb is stroking the palm of her free hand. I’d melt if he did that to me. And that expression reminds me of a hungry prowler.”

“They’ve got to be honeymooners. That adoring look on her face; she’s completely besotted.”

“Yeah, they haven’t settled into that cynical routine of marriage yet.”

“You’re such a downer.”

“Nah, talking from experience.” The server sighed as she read another order. “Got an order of choco-nerf mochas. Back to work.”


“The servers are gossiping about us back there. I think one of them is really envious, Zim.”

“Let her be envious. After all, we’re just sharing a dessert.”

“Just dessert?”

He smirked. “A dessert. Who said it’s gonna be just one?”