characters are not allowed to be weak to fandom. they aren’t allowed to be weak, or shy, or fragile, or insecure. fandom is always like “NO NO actually this character is like ____ and TOTALLY badass” it comes off verrrryyy skeevy to me, very “i hate weak victims why aren’t you a strong survivor why do you let your trauma and struggle get to you why aren’t you the way i want you to be” like with people insisting sansa must wear armor and kill people even though she is gentle, maternal and not physically strong or interested in violence or that remus must be actually very cocky and sure of himself and total daddy dom tm even though he was a gentle, parental figure and jkr has said he was very insecure and would not speak up to his friends when they did awful things 


“that isn’t why. she would have chosen him even if you’d had royal blood in your veins, even if you’d had the same blood as kastor. you don’t understand the way a mind like that thinks. i do. if i were jokaste and a king maker, i’d have chosen kastor over you too.”

“i suppose you are going to enjoy telling me why,” said damen. he felt his hands curl into fists, heard the bitterness in his throat.

“because a king maker would always choose the weaker man. the weaker the man, the easier he is to control.”

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Piper was standing in Malachai's bedroom door way. She saw him sitting by his window. "Hey your mother told me to come check on you because she said you have been keeping yourself locked up in here."

Malachai looked up, tugging the blanket tighter around his shoulders. “My mother knows exactly why I’ve been keeping myself looked up.” He wiped at his puffy eyes. “It’s all her fault. And my father’s.”

are people really making the dolarhyde casting into an issue?

bryan fuller considered lee

lee was unavailable

possibly lee recommended richard, or not, but either way bryan cast richard

voila this is not a problem stop making it into one

Edit: whether or not lee said anything, it’s clear from Richard’s work he can damn well pull it off and that’s why Fuller cast him (someone mentioned that earlier and we should remember it).

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Can i ask for some advice? i basically think i might be broken - i don't experience sexual attraction, even though i really want to be in a relationship with someone i have a crush on - i just don't want sex or any kind of sexual contact. i tried to talk to my friend about it and he called me a freak and said i needed therapy. i don't know why i feel this way, but i feel so shunned. i'm always told i'll feel something eventually but i don't think i will. sorry for bothering you. thank you xxx

That friend shouldn’t be called a friend to begin with. If you try to raise awareness to said friend and all that you are met with is mockery, that friend isn’t a friend at all. 

Therapy? For what? Give you a sexuality? That’s like saying to somebody with an eye missing that if they go to therapy , it will grow back. It’s ridiculous and so hurtful.

Those kind of people just cannot put themselves in your place, and that’s their problem , not yours. 

Be confident in yourself and your sexuality , show it around, and you’ll see that people won’t mock you, but will actually be surprised at how confident and sure of yourself you are. Instead of doubt, they will start to ask questions and that’s when awareness is given.

( If you are not an anon-hater , you will never bother me <3 - huggles -) 

I’m getting really tired of hearing about something that Josh Duggar did 12 years ago. I believe that his actions were wrong, but they have been confessed and dealt with over a decade ago. Something bad that happened a decade ago doesn’t need to permanently negatively impact your life. I was mean in elementary school, but now i go out of my way to be as nice as I can be. Why is it so hard to believe that he could have possibly looked at himself and what he had done and said “No. This ends here. I can’t do this again. I need help”? People can realize their mistakes and work to make sure they never make that mistake again. It is very possible. And the idea that they may cancel 19 kids and counting because of something that happened before the first episode was filmed is ridiculous. Don’t punish a family for the actions of a member that happened long ago but have only recently come to light. Also, when you’re 14 and you want to do sexual things with a 14 year old, it’s not creepy because of hormones and being with someone your own age. When you grow up, you probably don’t still want to be with 14 year olds, you want to be with someonw closer to your own age. Under age sexual activity with another underage person does not mean that one you are grown up you are a pedophile and a danger to children, including ones in your own family.

You fall for each other - Michael (For Laura)

You were relaxing on your bed as you heard someone knocking on your window. While walking over to see who it was, you wrapped your blanket around you, not wanting to get cold when you opened the window. You pulled the curtains aside, and there stood your best friend Michael. His hair was stuck to his forehead because of the rain, and he was pulling his jacked tightly around himself. Wondering why he was out here this late, you opened the window.

“I can’t keep this a secret anymore, Laura. I have to tell you something,” he explained quickly. 

“Okay but please come inside, you’ll get sick,” you said as you stepped aside for him to climb through the window. “You could’ve just used the front door you know,” you laughed.

“I figured it was more dramatic this way,” he said as he fidgeted nervously with the hem of his shirt. 

“Yeah it’s definitely something, spill it Clifford,” you pressured. 

“Well there’s this thing I’ve been wanting to tell you for a really long time but I’ve been too scared. But the thing is, I can’t keep it to myself anymore. So I’m just going to tell you, and if you don’t feel the same way then that’s fine too,” he stuttered quickly.

“Feel the same way about what, Michael?” You were nervous now, wondering what the hell he was on about.

“I think … I think I love you, Laura,” he said whilst looking at his feet. You felt your stomach flip and your lungs quickly fill with air. 

“What?” you said, confused.

“I knew I shouldn’t have said anything, I’m sorry I probably ruined this whole friendship. Dammit!” He spat as he headed back over to the window.

“No wait, Michael! You didn’t let me finish,” you said as you grabbed his arm, pulling him back towards you. When he was stood right in front of you, you stretched your arm up to his neck and pulled him down so you could kiss him. The kiss was soft and sweet first, but intensifying by the second. Pulling yourself away from him, you said: “I’ve been waiting for you to say something, to be honest. I love you too, you doofus,” you giggled. His face lit up in a smile as he sighed contently.

“Thank God, I thought-,” was all he managed to say before you slammed your lips into his again. 


Thanks for requesting! xx

Kai walked down the halls with an Army of the Undead surrounding him. “Either move or get behind me, before my army takes you out along with the rest of these assholes,” Kai said not in the mood for anyone to get in his way as he headed to the ICU. Everyone he cared about was hurt but him. Why couldn’t it be him?!

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just curious though.. do you think val and zendaya could actually end up with each other?? he seems like a player. he deadass said that he doesn't do relationships, because he hates the breakup afterwards. also zendaya is 18, way too young for him. he's 29, i doubt he's going to go after an 18 year old. y'all have to be realistic here.

This concerns you why?? You don’t ship V/Z and you don’t see what most of us see….you’re an outsider looking in (who doesn’t know shit about Val) and tbh I don’t have to explain it to you. But to answer your question….Yes.

*Plus I’ll be sooo f*cking happy when y'all stop throwing the age bs out there…..because y'all fail to realize that most of these Hollywood relationships have age gaps*

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I missed the whole Grant thing on Twitter. Would you mind explaining to me what happened?

Grant went on to go off on a person on Twitter who said something about Danielle but Candice gets so much racist and ignorant things in his mentions yet he never comes out to defend her. So why he goes in for something so small yet ignores what the majority of the flash fandom says about Candice? It just rubbed me the wrong way.

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Boromir and Faramir in university. :)

It’s not that he doesn’t love his big brother, he does. When they were younger, Faramir would always follow around Boromir like a shadow, one never being without the other. At the time, he didn’t think about if that was annoying to his big brother because he loved to see what Boromir was doing. Boromir would laugh it off, ruffle his hair, and continue on his way, not seeming to care. But as Faramir thought back on it, maybe that wasn’t the case because, now with the roles switched, he was getting more and more annoyed. 

“It’s not my fault we run into each other all the time on campus little brother, I was here first!” Boromir exclaimed, holding his hands up defensively. 

Faramir groaned, pinching the bridge of his nose, “Boromir, in all the time I have known you,” he said, “You never roam around a library of your own free will so why are you now?”

His brother frowned and crossed his arms over his chest, “Well maybe I wanted to check out a book.”

“Or maybe you wanted to spy on me.”

“Why would I spy on you in a boring place like this?!”

“You are a childdddd” Faramir groaned, earning a grin from his brother.

“Well I wasn’t the one who always followed me around when I was younger, was I?”He replied, laughing lightly as Faramir punched him in the arm.

Warning; Rant

So today I was walking my dog, Tara in an off-leash area. There was this lady walking a Lagotto. I noticed she was petting him as soon as we came in the picture, but she walked on after that.

My dog has good communication skills so I just moved on and didn’t really think much of it. The lagotto was a bit tense in his body language but nothing special, Tara just gave him his space (about 5 meters of it) but he still lashed out. Like in a BAD way, if she would’ve been closer I think he would’ve bitten her (can never be sure ofcourse). And this women just says ‘fear’ within 0.2 seconds so she was obviously aware of this issue. She said this, like an excuse even before she called her dog back.

It doesn’t fucking matter to me why your dog does this. And if you know how hard it is to handle a fearful dog, i guess the last thing you want is for other dogs to get fearful because of your dog ??

Just put a leash on it, I would’ve done the same & not a cloud in the sky.

I kind of made peace with that 80% of the dog owners don’t know any better. And that’s totally okay because not everybody’s life revolves about dogs & that is not what I want but.. if your dog has issues that are likely to bring harm to others please be responsible enough to make a situation save for both parties.

shinee world iv (seoul, day i) - 150515

(during the ending talk) when key was talking and facing jjong as usual he suddenly stopped talking mid stence, pointed to jjong’s face and sighed: “this person is gonna cry again”. at that time jjong had on his face - that expression when he is emotional and on the verge of breaking down and, when key started at him, he finally broke down and the members, of course, went in for the hug and pat on the back stuff. key said in a fond way as he pulled away, “aish, why are you like this~. you’re like a baby.” pot calling the kettle black. guess who cried ten seconds after our #1 crydol? (source: yeowoogata)

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but actually like why are you so nice its really weird

tbh a lot of it is bc in hs i was OBSESSED with this one writer and it got to the point i was like “i’m gonna watch an interview w/him, he changed my life+writing, i should see what he’s like irl.” he was an asshole. not a “i’m tryna be funny” way but in a way that little 17 year old me was watching my idol talk about how people like me deserve to die (he literally said “i don’t get why people like that are still alive”) and like it REALLY messed me up and  on further research, it was confirmed 100% he was Not A Good Guy  and now i can’t even look at his books w/out feeling this odd sickness in my tummy + like i’m not a world-famous author but i never forgot the feeling of having somebody you genuinely look up to turning out to be a dickbag and since i have no way of knowing who looks up to me, i try to make sure that every single thing i do is a gentle thing. i don’t want somebody to regret liking me. and like in person im usually referred to as “sassy” and like i like being funny + ridiculous, but i know a lot of people struggle w/things like sarcasm or hidden meaning and tone can get lost over things like text, so online i’m just 100% all the kindness w/out a side of sass + i just try not to hurt anybody!!!

my mother always said, “if you’re going to do anything worthy of being someone else’s inspiration, make sure you’re worthy to be that somebody’s inspiration.”

The best til last because it WAS last!

Mark and Jensen both said Hi.

I said I hoped it was okay I brought my own Jared and Misha.

Jensen literally *grabbed* Plush!Sam from me and hugged him. I can’t even.

But he dropped him and he went about a metre. Jensen scrambled to pick him up. I was still holding Plush!Cas and Mark poked him with one finger in a disgusted way.

Meanwhile, as Jensen came back, I said, quietly and mostly to myself, on instinct “Oh no! Why do bad things always happen to Sam?”

Jensen put a hand on my shoulder and said in a low, commiserating tone “I know…”

Then we posed.

So, if you feel eternal sorrow at the unfairness of Sam’s life, it appears Jensen is right there with you.

Mark’s face though. Seriously? Cuddly angel dolls now?

If Jensen holding a tiny Sam doll is something you require for your own use, I am happy for you to crop me out. Cos it’s cute as fuck. Do credit me, though, cos I’m gonna find the link to the Etsy lady that made my plush friends asap.

Lie to Me Starters
  • I need a gun.
  • You need to shut up!
  • You see that right?! You see that? They always look at me like that.
  • I mean... Do I look like a criminal to you? Don't answer that.
  • Have you ever thought about wearing sensible shoes?
  • Thank you for this
  • ____ means well, but he/she is slightly insane.
  • That's the only truth I am gonna get apparently.
  • Did you see it when I said he/she was guilty?
  • She/He was taken by surprise.
  • Surprise my ass!
  • You're leaving soon, aren't you?
  • You always did have a funny way of saying I love you.
  • I have recommended to the judge you be sent to a mental hospital.
  • Why would you do that for me?
  • Prison will only take your freedom. But at the hospital, the pills they give you will take your mind
  • You know you can be a real jackass.
  • You're just finding that out now?
  • Every genius has his weakness, genius.
  • So this is my fault?
  • Do you know what half-a-billion dollars of anger feels like?
  • What were we talking about?
  • Don't be a plonker.
  • Are you trying to be annoying or does it come naturally?
“Kiss me” (Michael)



yes, of course! love you too, hope you like it! x

it is kinda sad in the beginning, but it ends quite nice at least ;)


“Stop treating me like I’m a child!”

“I’m only treating you the way you’re acting, Y/N!”

“Why do you even care, Michael? It’s not your business!” You yell angrily at your best friend. You cross your arms over your chest, tired of his never ending bullshit.

“Of course it fucking is my business when I’m always the one who’s arms you run into and who’s shoulder you cry on every time one of your boyfriends have cheated on you or been mean to you!” He gesticulates wildly with his arms, staring you dead in the eyes. “Don’t you dare tell me it’s not my business.”

You can feel the tears threatening to spill, so you clench your jaw and take two daring steps toward him. “If I am such a fucking burden to you then maybe I should never have come here! I know I’m hard to love, I may not even be worth the effort, but it hurts when no one even thinks I’m worth a try.”

“Don’t-” You can sense that he’s about to come with some shit excuse, so you cut him off.

“I’m sorry I’m so ugly and boring that no one wants me; I’m sorry that I’m so fucking desperate and easily hurt. I’m sorry I have issues and that most of the time I’m so sad that I can’t do anything but lay in bed. I know you can’t deal with me, and you’ll leave soon just like everyone else I ever cared about.” The tears are now streaming down your face. and you couldn’t care less. 

“Baby…” Michael’s eyes fills with pity and sadness, and if you didn’t know better you’d say that the water that drizzled down his cheeks were tears, but you do know better and Michael doesn’t care about you in that way. 

“No, Michael, please don’t…” You feel as you knees are faltering beneath you and it is getting harder to breathe, you just poured your heart out in front of your best friend, and you can’t think of one reason why he wouldn’t leave you now.

“Come here.” He says and the last thing you need is his pity before he abandoned you so you start backing away from him. 

“Please Michael, just leave.” You say, voice cracking. 

He takes one step closer to you and soon you can feel your back hit the wall. You do the only thing you can think of at that moment and raise your hand, but before it has the chance to reach his face, a strong hand on your wrist stops you. 

Michael is staring into your eyes, breathing heavily. He is standing only inches away, and you can feel his breath hit your face. You raise your other hand but you are too slow, and he once again catches you before you can hit him. 

Five, never ending seconds you stare into each others eyes, not moving a muscle before he suddenly lunges forward and attaches his lips to yours. Your eyes are wide and confused and before you know it he pulls away, flustered and face full of emotions. He has pushed your wrist against the wall too, keeping you in an iron grip.

“Wha-” You stutter, completely shocked and confused. Why would he do that?

“Do you get it now?” He asks, jaw clenched. 

“Get what? I don’t understand Michael.” 

“I am in love with you, you idiot!” He exclaims, leaving you speechless, mouth agape. “I’ve been in love with you since the moment we started talking, since the moment I first saw you. It’s always been you, everytime and everywhere. I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, I can’t study without thinking about you or worrying about you or wondering what you are up to. You are everywhere.” 

You let your tears falls freely, watching in awe as Michael this time pours his heart out to you. You want to reach out and touch him so badly, but he still has your hands pinned against the wall.

“I love you so much, and I can’t change that, no matter how hard I try, and believe me, I have tried for so long. Even though you don’t realise it, you make me so fucking happy, just looking at you or hearing you laugh is probably two of the best things I know.” He says, letting out a breathy laugh. “You’re never a burden to me. I will always be here for you and hold you tight when you’re upset.”

“No,” you protest, shaking your head. “You can’t love me.”

“Of course I can. It is one of the easiest things I know, one of the hardest too. You are so beautiful and smart and cute and crazy. Of course I love you, you’re you.” He smiles weakly, bringing one of his hands down to lightly place it on your cheek. “My best friend, who I happened to fall hopelessly in love with.”

You don’t know what to feel, everything is just too much all at once. You can’t stop crying, which only makes it more frustrating. 

“Do you get it now?” Michael says. “I choose you. Over anyone else, I always fucking choose you.”

Looking into the eyes of your best friend, who’s always been there for you and taken care of you, your favorite person in the whole world. 


“Please don’t tell me to leave, you know I won’t do that. I couldn’t. I know that you don’t feel the same, but please don’t make me leave, I-”

“Kiss me.” You whisper, cutting him off.

“What?” He asks in disbelief as if he thought you said something else. 

“Kiss me.” You almost don’t even have the chance to finish the sentence before you feel his lips press against yours again. 

It is like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, a weight that you didn’t even know was there. He lets go of your wrists, and you immediately bring your hands to his face, cupping his cheeks. 

You can almost feel his relief as soon as you touch him and he immediately pushes closer to you, like he just can’t get enough of your taste, just like you can’t get enough of his. 

This, is what you’ve been craving. Someone to hold you and love you and someone to trust. He’s been right in front of you all this time; you were just too blind to see it. 

You pull apart to catch your breath, both of your breathing heavily as you look at each other. 

“Jesus…” He whispers, letting out a small laugh while shaking his head slightly. “The things you do to me… I’m afraid I won’t ever be able to stop kissing you…”

“Then don’t.”


A/N: let me know what you thought of it!!! I want to know!! I really hope you liked it, thank you for reading! x

So after watching the rooftop scene again I noticed something that I didn’t catch the first time. 

When Iris talks about marrying Barry she sees it solely as an alternate timeline thing. It makes sense that she didn’t up and give up on Eddie after finding out about the newspaper article because to her that’s not her future. Not her current one anyway. She fully embraces the idea of marrying Barry but only in ‘another life’ type of way. 

What I find interesting is how much she encouraged Barry to go after that life. When she asked him if he was going to do it and he said it was a huge decision that he couldn’t undo and she said, “why would you want to?” Yes, the obvious answer would be that he could be with his parents but then she went on to say that he would have a great career and even get married. She was telling him right then, if could have all that why wouldn’t he choose that path? His parents, a great career, and her. He could have all of that so absolutely, yes, he should go for it. 

This was reiterated further during their ‘goodbye’ scene. When Barry said her name, Iris stepped forward and told him “You don’t have to say anything.” And then she put her hand over his heart and said, “I already know.” Then she kissed him on the forehead and told him, “I hope whatever life you get is enough for you, and it makes you happy.” She wants the world for him and I think that she thinks that this life is lacking for him. He doesn’t have both his parents and he doesn’t have her. In another life he could and IMO she hopes that he does. 

In that moment she chose Eddie but she sent Barry off with the hope that somewhere, somehow he would have the life that would truly make him happy. And in that moment he wished her the same. That’s true love. Wishing the other person is happy even if it isn’t with you. 

Westallen was so heartbreakingly beautiful in this episode. There wasn’t near enough of them but they made the absolute most of the moments they had.