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Hello Mary! I was just wondering if you would ever cosplay a character with a proper outfit on? Since most of your cosplays have been of characters with bikinis, short shorts and a lot of skin showing, I kinda get this feeling your only doing cosplay for showing of your body. Don't you want to aim higher and really challenge yourself with cosplays of characters with layers of clothing or really detailed outfits? Now it seems you just take the easy way. Have a really good day. :)





I should DEFINITELY not cosplay characters that I feel connections with if their outfits are “revealing”. Cause we all know that women who don’t “show off” are more valuable, more intelligent and more important than women who wear whatever they want to wear!

I could continue being passive aggressive like you were in your ask, but tbh this is such a huge issue that I need to be serious for a second.

A woman’s value is NOT DETERMINED by her clothing. A woman is NOT less valuable or less intelligent because she’s comfortable wearing “bikinis, short shorts and a lot of skin”. 

I’m an amateur cosplayer. I’ve only been creating my own cosplays for LESS THAN A YEAR. I have done 7 in that time and I think that’s an awesome start. And you know why it took me so long to actually get into cosplay, despite it being something that I’ve ALWAYS been interested in? People like you, who tell women that they aren’t aiming high enough simply because they aren’t already a pro.

I am constantly learning more about clothing, sewing and costume design. I didn’t study textiles at school and I’m all entirely self taught when it comes to cosplay. So yeah, I’m not in any possible way sorry that you believe I’m taking the “easy way" when I’m still learning

All great cosplayers started somewhere. Jessica Nigri’s first cosplay was her pikachu creation in a bra and mini skirt, and now I see her making AMAZING hard armor cosplays that obviously take hours and hours of pure dedication and skill to create. Do NOT EVER shame a cosplayer for being a beginner. 

All you’re doing is making the community exclusive, sexist and straight up embarrassing. 

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Psst...You guys got the followers, if you set up a date I'm sure yall will be able to get a "Everyone is Beautiful" tag going. Maybe we can call the tag "HumanBeauty" or something? Only problem is I see people complaining about how "white folk" took attention away from blackout.

People will complain, but it’s not a bad idea. When you get right down to it, an Everyone is Beautiful campaign would be a great way to connect all of the ___ are beautiful campaigns. Tie them all together, you know? What do you all think?

-the Polish one


And THIS, cannot happen a second time. You understand?


Happy 21st birthday to the wonderful and talented Lee Hongbin of VIXX!

I hope that today you think back to what you wished for a year ago and let yourself be proud just a little, because you achieved so many things since then and this is nowhere near the end. 


Rackhanne Appreciation Week - Day 5

 Favourite ‘third wheel’

Max • Jack Rackham • Anne Bonny



An AR-15 build style where you maintain the full length rifle sight radius on a 16” long barrel. Very early Dissipator style builds incorporated a rifle length gas system but issues with dwell time affecting reliability changed how most people and companies build their Dissipators. The consensus is a mid-length or carbine length gas system hidden underneath the handguard as the way to go function wise. The original gas block would then only serve as a front sight since it wouldn’t be connected to the gas system anymore. (GRH)

How to Write Vivid Character Descriptions: Be Invisible!

So how do you stay out of the way and give your reader a vivid, visual connection with your characters, without interrupting the flow of the moment?

Physical description of a character only matters if your character has a reason to acknowledge it. Your main character will likely notice the thick, curly red hair of the girl she has a crush on. But will she notice her own straight, faded-red hair and her clothing choice of the day? Not likely, unless it directly applies to the moment. Even then, it must be laced into the scene in a delicate way so the reader does not recognize the author’s desire to show the character’s appearance.

So how can you get visual imagery across without resorting to a mirror or forced-feeling self-observations?

Take a look at this passage, which features a very common, yet disengaging, pattern of physical description:

I tried to keep my cool, tossing my long, faded-red hair over my shoulder as the popular but judgy Sarah raked her critical glare over me. Her freckles wrinkled along the bridge of her nose. Wearing black leather pants and a black tank top, I was a stark contrast to her blingy, Barbie-pink look.

When I am faced with an apprehensive encounter, I don’t often think about the fact that my hair is faded, or red, or long. I just toss my hair. I might try to convey a certain attitude with the motion, but I don’t think about the color or the length until it applies to the moment. I also wouldn’t make clear-cut observations about my antagonist’s popularity (though the reader absolutely needs to know these things) because these observations are largely situational and intuitive. The same is true for my outfit or surroundings. In a situation where I don’t fit in, I’m focused on the reactions of those around me—or my own reaction to their apprehension—not the colors, sizes, or styles.

The author should be invisible every step of the way.

Keep reading at Writers Helping Writers · Article written by Angela Ackerman

No matter who we are, no matter what our circumstances, our feelings and emotions are universal. And music has always been a great way to make people aware of that connection. It can help you open up a part of yourself and express feelings you didn’t know you were feeling. It’s risky to let that happen. But it’s a risk you have to take-because only then will you find you’re not alone.
—  Josh Groban
That's right, we know it's waiting for us... The moment you test your courage, the Gate to the Circle of Zero will open!

Think of your mother. Now think of her mother. Now think of your mother’s mother’s mother. Now I want you to go through a process like you’ve done in math where you do an inductive proof; you just go back. Just let that process go. Okay? Back you go in time. Speed it up now. We’re back at ten million. Now we’re at a hundred million. Now we’re at a billion years. Now we’re at 3.9 billion years. Every step of the way there has been a parent. 3.9 billion years ago something extremely interesting happens. You pass through the origin of life, and there’s no parent anymore. At that point you are connected to abiotic matter.

Now this means that not only does the tree of life connect you to all the living things on the planet, but the origin of life connects you to the entire universe. That’s a deep thought. Every element in your body, which is heavier than iron, and you need a number of them, was synthesized in a supernova. The planet that you’re sitting on is a secondary recycling of supernova material, and your bodies are constructed of that stuff and they use it in some of their most important processes.


Professor Stephen Stearns, from Principles of Evolution, Ecology and Behavior: Lecture 1.

I’m doing one of Yale’s open Biology courses and it’s blowing my fucking mind.

the one who is rotting away was who?
Zouka no Shizuku ; covered by Ashikubi

i get so aggressive when people don’t get what fringe is really about

ok hear me out but i want a season of avatar where the avatar gets too attached to his power and wealth and cuts off his connection to the spirit world for his material possessions in exchange for becoming a greedy, corrupted dictator and no one can defeat him because hes u kno the master of all four elements. the hero is a small-village nonbender that ends up caught up in things and initially the authorities dislike him and no one believes in him and because he cant bend but u see thats the thing. the only way you could defeat the master of all 4 elements is not using the elements at all and ok send this 2 to writers

Eye to eye, mouth to mouth, and I’m scented by you. Look at me and understand how huge is this, this what we call love. Don’t stop, listen how the rain drops are knocking to our window,
disturbing the moment but completing the scenery. I love how your spirit interfere with mine, how the pupil of your eye is showing me the passage to a place only ours.
Your atoms are lost in the heat of my body, we are connected in all the possible ways. We form an equation whose result is happiness.

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Any fic would do, any.

Alright, I’m going to make a master list here of the fics I like, because why not.


Progression Of Things by j_gabrielle- a minute of angst, but really it’s just fluff

without a noise, without my pride by eversincewefellapart (protective!Harry taking bullets for Eggsy- really adorable)


Shut Up by breakdancingfish (yes, they do end up together, but you get Eggsy pining after Harry first, in a very humorous way)

The Things Gentleman Don’t Do by Della19- Even better than Pining!Eggsy. This is mutual pining AND jealous!Harry. it’s lovely.


The Rainbow Connection series by Della19. It’s a soulmate Au, and it’s beautiful. 

WIPs (Work in Progress)

Whenever you look up there I shall be. by LadyEmrys I should say, out of all the fics I’ve read, this is my personal favorite. The author is updating fairly regularly.

Five Nights in Istanbul by velveteenshadowboxer Only one chapter up, but it looks VERY promising.

Seamless by Andromeway (livin_on_borrowed_time) I don’t know how good the author is with updating yet, as they only have two chapters up.

PWP (Porn with plot)

Rough Day by Galahard

Lets Sell It by Galahard (undercover mission that ends in smut)

Cherry Flavoured by Della19 (rimming involved, and very explicit depictions, so beware if that’s not your thing)

Also, I’ve written two short ficlets on my blog, and should be publishing another three in the next 3 days (one per day.)

And it doesn’t have to be something stereotypically “good.” You could crash your car but learn to never do that again, in a fatal way. You could get a bad grade on a test and realize a different way of studying next time. You could lose a friend but gain another connection. It’s all about training our minds to see the benefit of every. single. thing. that happens to us, not only the big stuff. I hope that however your day goes, you’re able to see this positive light. || repost @dateswithlove xx

Dear Taylor,
Where should I begin? I remember when I was little I had three songs from your album, Fearless. Love Story, Forever and Always, and You Belong With Me. I always used to listen and sing along to those songs. My mom told me that I always used to sing them in the car. At the time I was only 7, so I couldn’t really do much (like I couldn’t buy any of your other songs) but I still loved you so much. Im really sad to say this but after the fearless era i sort of lost touch with you and your music. Of course I listened to your songs like Mean and Mine, but I wasn’t as connected to you. After the Speak Now era came the Red era, which went kind of the same way. I listened to your songs liked I knew You Were Trouble and 22 and We Are Never Getting Back together. I liked you but I wasn’t very dedicated or anything. Then came your new album 1989. It was amazing. It made me see you in a whole new perspective. I loved all of your songs from it (I know places and clean are my fav). After that I started to watch all of your interviews and performances and they really inspired me. You’re such a kind and talented person. I also bought ALL of your albums afterwards (Red, 1989, and Fearless are my Favorite). I hung up posters of you on my wall and now I have many fanpages for you bc you are my idol. And although I did lose touch with you in between, you have still been inspiring me since 2008, and I love you so much for that. You are amazing!

Calling those who have a personal psychic connection with Zach

Is it just me or do you think that Zach actually wouldn’t have a problem with being somewhat public about his relationship with Frankie? Not in a “gives intimate details about sex on ZRL” way but in a cute “it’s only real if cute selfies on Instagram” way.