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anonymous said:

Ward could be Fitz's Remy and then Fitz and Simmons could be the humans. And then a new rat could appear (Skye) and Ward could fall in love with her. She could be Simmon's pet rat.



I’m still trying to picture a regular old human size grant ward hiding in a chef’s hat on leopold fitz’s head

and this mental image ends with a fitz pancake

I really like the idea that the reason Aoba’s colored the way he is, is because he grew up by a beach, so he has sand colored skin and sky colored hair. 

And he probably only kept that coloring because after a certain point his mental image of himself solidified.

But it’d be kind of funny if it didn’t solidify and his hair and skin continued fluctuating in color, and then in like, Noiz’s ending autumn comes rolling around and all of a sudden he’s got dark brown hair and kind of cloudy looking skin and Noiz is like ‘wtf’ and Aoba’s just like ‘neat’. 

chocolate-oxygen said:

when sonic really doesn't insist on taking a bath shadow often has to take more drastic measures for him to at least look clean: he bathes him himself with his tongue

Oh my gosh I can’t draw for shit but I want to draw this so bad

Sonic just sits on the bed with crossed legs and crossed arms pouting while Shadow just licks him with a little pink tongue, occasionally pulling away to mutter ‘you taste disgusting with all the sweat and such’

Alternately, more creepy mental image: Shadow has a weird super long tongue and it kinda looks like a snake’s or something and Sonic resists the urge to shiver at it running all over his body.

hatepig said:

So my question is, what do your A. Redesign!Vorta look like, and B. im sorry im a total nerd for trill the way people go nuts for cardassians, so please imagine JORAN DAX being a menacing floating murderworm it's so funny in my head he was such a creeper but i'm just like *OMINOUS RAVE MUSIC IN THE BACKGROUND*

Ahaha, unfortunately you’ll have to wait!

I haven’t met the Vorta yet, I’m on season 2 episode 10, and I can only watch more when my friend who has the dvds has a bit of time free to entertain me. XD

Without having proper context for them, I can’t really say what they’d look like. I could tell you that my initial immediate mental image was manta rays. Whether I will eventually redesign them that way is a completely different thing. I need to wait until I have proper context. :D

I also haven’t met Joran Dax yet! XD 

But I can say that I recently watched the season 2 episode Invasive Procedures which…

Basically all of my redesigns were based on information from season 1 of DS9, and from TNG. Invasive Procedures gave me a lot to think about in terms of the symbiont. That episode was really fucking scary to me. The moment when I realised that Dax either didn’t have the power to insist on going back to Jadzia, or genuinely now considered her to be beyond useful, that was really sickening actually.

Which I realise is partly because I was reading the Trill in the same way that TNG presented them, and partly because I was projecting human ideas onto a long-lived alien worm symbiont.

Er… I guess that isn’t actually very related to what you were saying at all. XD But I feel like there’s something terrifying about Dax under the surface, and it doesn’t matter what form they’re in, whether humanoid or worm - because life doesn’t really seem to mean the same thing to Dax as it does to me as a human.

Dax could be in a bunny rabbit, and if they said the same things as they did in Invasive Procedures, I’d honestly feel just as terrified.


The “What I Be” Project-
People are not their insecurities. They are not their stereotypes. They are not their actions, or their beliefs. They aren’t even their mistakes. Who they are, who YOU are, is based solely on who you choice to be. It is not any of those things that define you. How others see and treat you do not define you. The only one who that can do so is you. Being insecure is unfortunately part if like; everyone experiences them. So embrace them! Don’t let them hold you back, SHOUT them from the heavens, and prove to the world that insecure or not YOU ARE YOU!

I’m crying because when my dad was eighteen he was going to join the airforce and then the night before he had a dream that Jesus slapped him in the face with a gigantic fish and asked him what he was doing and he woke up and thought, “Jesus is right what am I doing?” And that’s why my dad did not join the military. 

James Potter accidentally shifting into Animagus shape when someone gives him a scare, and the first night Harry starts screaming in the middle of the night Lily isn’t sure if she’s still dreaming when she sees a distressed deer jumping against the bedroom door