Y/D/N: Look, mommy, look!

*your daughter shows you a half built house of Popsicle sticks*

Y/N: wow, that is so good. *you glance up at Cas who’s finishing up a popsicle*

Y/N: Has Daddy been helping you?

Y/D/N: mmmhmmm

Y/N: (to cas) I thought parents weren’t aloud to help?

Cas: Oh, come on. How could I say no to that face? 

OUAT Filming Headcanon
  • Colin:You have your parents, Henry...
  • Jennifer:You
  • Colin:Aye, me. And I love you.
  • Director:CUT! Colin, that is not the line.
  • Colin:What do you mean? "Aye, me. And I, you..."
  • Director:That is not what you said! alright let's do it again
  • Colin:You have your parents, Henry...
  • Jennifer:You
  • Colin:Aye, me. And I love you.
  • Director:COLIN!
  • Colin:What? It's time already! How many more euphemism are we going to use?!?

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Prompt: Regina falls asleep on the road trip and starts talking to Cora in her sleep, apologizing, saying "I'll be good," etc. Emma pulls over and tries to wake her up and sees what Regina is seeing. Emma comforts her after and accidentally confesses her love.

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Emma keeps her eyes on the road as she drives up to New York. It’s a long drive but she doesn’t mind, it’s keeping her mind off of the stress of Storybrooke. 

A soft whimper startles the silence in the car and she looks over to see Regina fast asleep. Emma smiles. The brunette looks so cute in her sleep until her face furrows, anguish painting her expression. 

“I’m sorry,” she whispers and Emma frowns. 

Sorry for what? 

“I’ll be good,” Regina pleads as panic radiates off of her features. Emma’s frown deepens and she pulls the car over as soon as she can. “Regina,” she whispers trying to wake her. She places her hand on Regina’s shoulder gasping as she’s hit by an image of Cora cowering over a young Regina. 

Emma withdraws her hand. How did I see that? she wonders before gently shaking Regina, “Come on Regina, wake up.” Just more whimpers. She chews her lip before unbuckling her seatbelt and reaching over to pull Regina into her lap for a hug. 

At first Regina thrashes confused and disorientated by the sudden movement before she stills in Emma’s arms. She’s shaking and Emma rubs her hands in soothing circles up and down Regina’s arms. 

“You’re okay,” Emma promises, “You’re okay, just wake up. Come back to me Regina.” 

“Emma what’s going on?” 

Emma looks down to see Regina staring sleepily up at her. “You were having a nightmare.” 

“Oh,” Regina replies, “Sorry if I disturbed you,” she adds looking into her lap before frowning in confusion, “Why am I sitting in your lap?”

Emma blushes sheepishly, “Um…well you were whimpering and scared and I couldn’t get you to wake up so I decided to try comforting you instead.” 

Regina smiles at the thought dropping her head onto Emma’s chest wearily, “It worked,” she says quietly, “You stopped the car for me?” 

Emma nods, “I was worried. I love you and I don’t like seeing you scared,I wanted to help.” She doesn’t even hear the admission until Regina looks up at her with wide hopeful eyes, 

“You love me?” 

She blushes, “What?” 

“You said you love me.” 

Emma sighs, “I meant to tell you at a better time.” 

“Why does there have to be a best time?” Regina asks, “Who says there’s one right moment or one right place in time to say it. all that matters is that you mean it.” 

“I do.” 

“Good because I love you too.”


Bodyguard x Flower Girl


Cloud Strife:
Here I met a Flower Girl.
She’s a girl with impressive eyes.
She’s around my age, or elder by one or two years.
But the innocent radiance in her eyes simply makes her suddenly look younger.

Aerith Gainsborough: “Excuse me, what happened?”

She asked me the question, and then I bought a flower from her, which is rare in Midgar.
Maybe she’s pleased that the flower was sold, because the worried look on her face had vanished.

If this smile costs only one gil, it is a good purchase.
–Square Enix; Final Fantasy VII Dismantled

“If you play Kingdom Hearts, toward the end, some of the questions about the relationship between Cloud and Aerith in Final Fantasy VII might be answered.”
–Final Fantasy VII
Character Director; Kingdom Hearts Director; Tetsuya Nomura; Square Enix

The Realization

Three drabbles exploring how things could have gone after Rumpelstiltskin left Belle and Will in the shop. Spoilers for 4x20, “Lily.”

Belle Goes After Rumple  

Belle thought the sound of the shop door closing was the loneliest sound she’d ever heard in her life. She didn’t even realize she had let go of Will’s hand or walked several steps towards the door. It was only when she looked down and found herself rubbing at the spot where her wedding ring used to be that she realized the truth.

Despite her best attempts, her heart had never stopped fighting, never stopped beating for Rumpelstiltskin. His name was written on her heart as surely as if it had been carved there with his dagger.

She turned back to Will. The words were on the tip of her tongue, but one look at his face told her he already knew.

“Go,” he said quietly, resigned to where their journey had led them.

Belle gave him a sad smile. “Thank you,” she said before turning and running out of the shop as fast as her legs would carry her. As the door slammed behind her, she glanced around the street, hoping Rumpelstiltskin was still there.

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If there is a Wolf Hunt, I want Lavellan to ask Solas “Did you ever love me?”

I want to see the look in Solas’ face when he hears that question, when he hears her voice shake asking it as if she truly doesn’t know.

I want to hear the sadness in his voice when he gives her the answer. When he says “More than you will ever know.” 

I want to see Lavellan’s pain and anger, I want to see her scream “Then why did you leave me!?”

I want Solas to struggle to tell her the truth, I want to see the fear in his face when he tells her. 

I want to see his shock and joy when she loves him anyway.

That is what I want.

I work in a store that sells swimsuits and this lady came in to buy one for her ten year old daughter. She approached me and asked if we had anything more modest because ours were too sexy and she doesn’t like her daughters stomach showing.
I explained that we did have a few, but if she really liked they two piece better she should get it because if a ten year old is being sexualized, she isn’t the one with the problem.
She just kinda stared at me for a second and had this horrified look on her face, and I thought I was about to get chewed but instead she grabbed the two piece she was looking at and put it on the counter.

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Hello~ Could you make super fluffy drabbles in which Candy and the boys (separately) are spending some time together, and when Candy is not looking, the boy looks at her and thinks how glad or lucky he is to be dating her? <3 It would melt my heart into a puddle. Thank you so much!

Hello dear! I hope you enjoy the drabbles!


Their study session was quiet as usual and he loved how comfortable and natural the silence felt. It was peaceful.  Nathaniel couldn’t help but look up from his textbook to glance at his girlfriend. Candy was focused on her textbook, barely glancing away from it as she wrote down notes in her notebook as she read. Her eyes darting across the page wildly as her tongue stuck out slightly in concentration. Her hair framed her face perfectly and as usual, looked amazing despite the few strands that stuck up in odd directions in the back.

She’s so gorgeous, Nathaniel thought, a wistful expression on his face. How did he get so lucky to get her? How lucky was he that she said yes to him of all people? His eyes glazed over slightly as he stared at her, taking in her radiant beauty. Eventually, Candy finally looked up from her work, an innocent expression on her face, causing Nathaniel to flush as his heart started to pound in his chest.

It didn’t help that Candy was giving him that amazing smile of hers as she laughed,

“Nathaniel, how many times do I have to tell you that you should be studying and not staring off into the distance?”

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Coffeeshop?? (bc apparently you get ignored if you don't follow elsanna week)

Grumbling angrily under her breath, Elsa shoved open the door to her local Starbucks.  She shoved her bangs up and out of her face and piled the voluminous hair on top of her head, frustratedly huffing the leftover strands out of her face afterwards in an attempt to look semi-decent. Didn’t wanna scare away any “chic” teens working at the place, of course. She usually avoided “hipster” joints like this but today she was desperate. She needed a concoction of caffeine, sugar and artificial flavor to flood through her veins and revitalize her. She’d spent the large majority of the night studying for a test and she couldn’t afford to fall asleep halfway through, even if it meant waking up early to go to some coffeeshop for pretentious teens. 

She stormed up the front counter, a furious storm of exhaustion and irritation, and slammed her palms down, hoping to attract a barista over and deter any cheery morning banter at the same time. Each passing second made her angrier and angrier, the entire shop was empty for pete’s sake, why wasn’t anyone manning the front counter?

After about a minute, she decided the wait wasn’t worth her time. She could deal with the thin, bitter coffee of Dunkin’ Donuts for the sake of not being late.  As she turned to speed out, she heard a loud clatter from behind the counter.  Curiosity winning over her impatience, she half-leant over the counter to see a short redhead sitting in a scattered pile of cups with a particularly angry young man poking his head out of some door labeled “EMPLOYEES ONLY” and harshly whispering something under his breath. Elsa watched as he stepped out and towered over the smaller girl before roughly pulling her to her feet and snapping at her to get back to work. The door slammed and there was silence once again.

“Jeez! What a jerk!” Elsa exclaimed, all anger forgotten as the obviously shaken girl finally caught her eyes. She got a nervous laugh in return as the girl walked over to stand on the other side of the counter.

“No, no he’s not. Really. I sort of deserved that, I was dozing off and not paying attention.  He’s my boss and it was my duty to take care of any customers. Speaking of, what would you like to order?” the redhead responded a little too emphatically.

Elsa was reminded of her intense need and she quickly thought of something to order. She had a few whole minutes to think of what she wanted but she had just gotten frustrated. She felt immensely guilty for getting the girl in trouble and blurted out the first thing that came to mind.

“Vanilla -um- … macheratto? No - Machillato?” That sounded authentic enough. Elsa glanced down and the stitched name on her apron “Yeah, that’ll be one Vanilla Machillato Anna” she said in a voice dripping with suave attitude.

Anna covered her mouth with her hand and held in a peal of laughter for the blonde’s sake.



This isn’t even done and I don’t even wanna finish it its so bad but I wasted HW time on it so here??


Once Luke left the house him and his brothers and parents lived in to go record with the boys you switched on the TV. His family were at a friend’s house and you were left alone with their dog, Molly. Molly loved you, whenever you were there she always would lay with you and pass you a ball to play fetch. Luke’s family were a little weird when it came to a new couch and a dog.

The couch was black and was leather and Molly wasn’t allowed on the couch due to her moulting. You were mainly here today to look after Molly and make she doesn’t cause any trouble. You looked over to see Molly sitting on the floor facing you, her tail wagging wildly. She pushed a ball over to you with her nose. You both went outside and started playing fetch, once Molly was puffing you both returned inside to rest.

It started to get cold and it was dark outside so you decided to put on the fire to warm up the house before Luke and his family came home. You felt a wet nose against your leg causing you to look down at Molly who was giving you her best puppy dog eyes. You soon caught on to what she was trying to do, she wanted to be cuddled but she wasn’t allowed up on the couch. The door opened about an hour later and Luke appeared in the door way.

“Why are you sitting on the floor?” He laughed and joined you sitting in front of the fire facing the television. “She was lonely and she’s not allowed on the couch.” You raised an eyebrow at him. “Aww, you’re both so cute!” He squished your cheeks.



~Paige xo