every westallen scene ever (16/?)

also now (?) that it’s canon that leliana knew the hawke family in lothering, i am ENAMOURED with the idea of bethany going to the chantry a lot at first bc she is reasonably pious and wants to learn more + find comfort against the internal dissonance of being an apostate, and becoming a bit infatuated with leliana who totally realizes what’s going on here w/ this young girl and is tickled pink about it and lels kind of immediately sniffs out something is troubling her and makes it a point to talk with bethany and kind of take her under her wing. and when bethany is like 16 or 17 she’s all dressed up for something or other and accidentally happens upon leliana who’s all “aren’t you beautiful” and bethany just blushes bright red from head to toe. 

You need to understand this.

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