EXO M Next Door Part 2
  • Xiumin:What?? How did you get back in my house? Why are you in my bedroom?!
  • Luhan:Oh, my mom gave me a key and sent me over here to clean
  • Chen:Really? Because it looks like you're just stuffing your pockets with Minseok's underwear.
  • Luhan:There was... a bug.
  • Xiumin:Sure there was. Get out of our house.
  • Lay:Xiumin!! Why are you being mean to this sweet girl! She's clearly helping us. And look, her apron has my face on it.
  • Luhan:Yeah, I didn't want to get any of my Xiumin merch dirty.
  • Lay:You're so precious.
  • Xiumin:Leave or I'll call the cops
  • Luhan:But... but... -bursts into tears and runs out of the house-
  • -later-
  • Lay:But seriously how could he do that to her! She is so pure and Xiumin is so cruel!
  • Chen:If she's so pure why is she watching us from her bedroom window with binoculars?
  • Lay:Oh, she must really like us! How adorable!
  • Chen:Hey, let's mess with her. Let's do something really crazy. Like, I don't know... off the top of my head... make out?
  • Lay:Sure why not
  • Luhan:-watching- Woah, nice. Why is the window on the bathroom frosted, though? I know Xiumin is showering. Stupid frosted window. Ruining my life.
  • Lay:Do you think we freaked her out?
  • Chen:Freaked who out?
  • Lay:The girl? Watching us?
  • Chen:What girl? You have really pretty lips. Let's kiss more.
  • Lay:Aw, she's not watching anymore. I'm going to go make dinner.
  • Chen:Nooooo
  • Kris:-kicks down the haphazardly reattached door- I WAS TOLD I WOULD GET TO TALK TO SUHO IF I APPEARED IN THIS AWFUL SHOW
  • Director:We're working on it, Mr. Wu. He is currently being stubborn about visiting the set.
  • Kris:But I made him this macaroni necklace and wrote him a song
  • Director:That's very nice, but you're not in this scene.
  • Kris:Oh. Yeah. Sorry.

“There was Ginny running toward him; she had a hard, blazing look in her face as she threw her arms around him. And without thinking, without planning it, without worrying about the fact that fifty people were watching, Harry kissed her. After several long moments — or it might have been half an hour — or possibly several sunlit days — they broke apart.”

“I miss her, ” I said.

Confused look  was painted all over your face as you asked me, “Who?”

“Me. My old self. Have you seen her lately? Because I don’t. She’s gone. Maybe, dead.”

—  journal entry (15/365)

I’m like… I’m really working on expressions lately I want to crawl out of my blanket for of /blank stare with slightly open mouth/ look thats on all my portraits. But the painted portraits I’ve done with more dramatic expressions look stupid ?? like even if the shading & anatomy is right and it looks ‘good’ it looks dumb. a portrait of a character with detail and dramatic lighting & shes got a grossed out look on her face ? It’s not working with me and idk 


“‘I was picked up by a Zeon warship after I lost my mother and father, and I did whatever I had to to survive until I arrived here at Side 6. I had no choice. And it was the same after I got here. I’m just grateful that I met you as soon as I did, before I became a physical and mental wreck. Now I’m going to be working with you. Just think of it. Suddenly, I’ve even been made an ensign!’

Somehow, Lalah managed to laugh.

Funny how fate works, isn’t it?’ Char said, smiling with her.

He could imagine what she’d been through in the two months before he had met her, and he knew it must have been rough. She still had the look of a young girl, but her face was almost too beautiful.

She was the type of woman who drove men crazy.“

-Mobile Suit Gundam: Awakening; by Yoshiyuki Tomino

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I pick "Waiting in a holding cell together for our friends to bail us out and you’re unexpectedly cool." YAY!!

Another emergency one for nowforruin… you know, we need to keep her happy so she doesn’t take it out on TWFI (things are already bad as we speak… can you imagine if her class put her in a bad mood?) And you never know, she might like this little piece enough to actually grant my wish of writing a yellow Ferrari within her fic J

A/N: I have no freaking clue how the bail bondsperson thing works… keep that in mind. Also, for really good fics on Emma bailing Kllian out of jail, check Jail and Bail by athenascarlet

In your benefit.

She couldn’t believe she’d gotten into this mess in the first place. She sighed as she ran her hands through her face and looked at the decrepit cell she was in. Yeap. Not funny. She never thought she’d be on this side of the bars. Again.

“Hey blondie, what did they get you in for?” She looked up to see a guy smiling lasciviously at her. Great. Bald, too much muscle, too much leather and showing too much skin. Yuck. The absolute stereotype for jail company. Before she was able to reply, she heard an accented voice speaking from behind the guy.

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But you can be a pro-life feminist???

This is Ginsy, the pro-choice cat and she is tired of y'alls shit. Look at her face, she’s so done.

Please explain to us how you’re going to give rights to a non-sentient fetus while respecting the sentient pregnant person’s wishes? You cannot give rights to the both of them. If a pregnant person wants to have an abortion, please tell me “pro-life feminist”, how you’ll be respecting the pregnant person when you’re too worried about their fetus??


  • "so, how did you know that she was the one?"
  • what he says:whenever i look at her face and the... attached physique
  • what he means:when i look at her it's like the moon and the stars have perfectly aligned with the earth. my heart is at peace and she inspires me to become a better version of myself. you could say she is my muse. when she looks at me she somehow makes me feel like i'm flying and like i'm standing with both feet on the ground at the same time. she makes me feel weak in the knees but she keeps me grounded. whenever i look at her face i see more than just a beautiful woman. i see a hopeful future and everything that is right in the world


We have a very special treat today! One of our talented members wrote a song and I’m just in love the lyrics. OMB someone wrote a song based on my story!! This is what dreams are made of T_____T I’m truly honored. Thank you leah-boh-beah 

I love it!

You used to dream of cotton candy hair,
But since we met,
That splash of color isn’t there.
Instead it’s me.
My crystal eyes crystallize your dreams.
The cherry lips on my daughter’s face are
Because of your warm embrace.
As I looked into her shimmering eyes,
I knew your spirit within her lies.
Because looking out my window,
I’m seeing your face
Knowing you’re daydreaming of that
“Some day”
When you could walk through our front door,
And hug me tighter than before.
You know, in some universe, we work.
As I think about the things we’d be-
Supernatural or carefree-
I know that we are meant to be.
Because looking out my window,
I’m seeing your face
Knowing your daydreaming of that
One day
When I came to your back door
And told that I wanted more
You know, in some universe, we work.
As I think about the things you’d be-
Time traveler, college athlete-
I know that we’d make history
In another life x4

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Bb to Raven "I want you"

“I want you…”

Raven felt all blood leave her face and she looked up from her book to see Beast Boy standing in front of her, his hands shaking. He looked practically distraught as he stood there, staring at her with almost wild, feral eyes. His nostrils flared and his cheeks flushed as Raven watched him, her heart pounding in her throat. Oh no, was he saying…

“Gar, I-”

“I want you to sort your goddamned laundry, Raven!” He threw a t-shirt at her face with a whine, stomping one foot. “Your red bra ended up in my white shirts and now everything is pink!”

Internally, Raven let go a sigh of relief. 


Angie is seated on the edge of the bed and the line of her back is gilded in early morning sunlight slanting through the windows. Her hair is a tousled mess, obscuring her downturned face. She’s looking at the pictures on Peggy’s bedside table, and in the doorway Peggy holds her breath.

There are very few photographs of Peggy with the kids. Just a small handful of faded monochromatic pictures. None recent. – the mothering thing of us

Oh and one more thing tonight…

After everything, after all the pain and trauma of the last week.After nearly dying a couple of times. After thinking he’d never see her again..

The look on his face here.. 

The tenseness after hearing the sound in the woods, the readiness after being so weary, only see her there.. Just that look of shock and disbelief followed bey love and relief right before he sprinted into her arms, showed you just how much he had expected to never see her again. How much he had given her up as gone forever. And here she was like a bright light in the dim world. And suddenly he wasn’t weary anymore…

And because of those feelings he lose all control of himself and awareness of his surroundings and sprints into her arms. And hugs her like he’s never gonna let her go again. The stand-offish, touch-allergic Daryl ran to Carol and hugged  her like he hadn’t seen her in years. Even though it had only been  about a week and a half. He just had to get to her as fast as humanly possible and hug her so tight  he actually lifted her off the ground. 

He really NEVER thought he’d see her again

Tell me again that he dosen’t love that woman so damn much it hurts. Go ahead try it…

Movie Days

Prompt: Kommissar gets sick - Beca cares for her until she is better.


Beca woke up to the sound of continuous coughing coming from the kitchen. It was obviously Kommissar, they were the only people in the flat. She sat up groggily and walked into the kitchen to be greeted with a red-faced Luisa, leaning against the kitchen counter.

“You okay?” She asked her girlfriend comfortingly.

Luisa coughed again before looking around and answering. “I’m fine, tiny maus. I think I’m just coming down with something.”

Beca walked towards her girlfriend, a sympathetic look on her face.

“Well how do you feel?” She asked.

“Just kind of run down and cold. I’ll be fine, don’t you worry.”

“Do you need anything?” Beca offered, rubbing her arm.

“No, thank you.” Luisa smiled weakly.

Though she looked very sick, she somehow still managed to look absolutely stunning. This annoyed and frustrated Beca a lot. She managed to look like the most stunning person on the planet, all the time. How is it even possible for somebody to look good after having a coughing fit? She was sure this was impossible but her girlfriend had obviously proved her wrong.

Beca put the back of her hand on Kommissar’s forehead, feeling to see if she had a temperature.

“You’re burning up, gorgeous. I think this calls for a movie day.” She smiled, excited. “You also need to take some aspirin or something.”

“Fine.” Luisa smiled at her caring girlfriend before walking to the medicine cabinet at the other side of the kitchen and getting some pills. She popped two out of the foil and took them with a small glass of cold water.

“Happy now?” She asked, amused and slightly in awe at how much Beca cared for her.

“Yes. Now you go and shower so you feel a bit better, and I’ll get the snacks, blankets and movies ready.” Beca grinned and leaned in for a peck on the lips.

“Uh, no. We don’t want you getting sick, do we now little maus?” Luisa said with her finger pressed against Beca’s lips, stopping them from making contact with hers. As much as she relished the feeling of Beca’s lips pressed upon hers, she really didn’t want her feeling like this, she felt awful.

She walked into the bathroom to shower and Beca set up where they were going to spend the day watching movies.

Movie days were the best kind of days for Beca. They really meant a lot to her because she could just spend the day relaxing on the couch with her girlfriend without any worries. She always managed to persuade Kommissar to watch some of her favourite chick-flicks, and although Kommissar had said many times that she couldn’t stand them, Beca could tell she secretly loved them as much as she did.
She couldn’t even comprehend the fact that she once hated movies. They were now her favourite thing, especially paired with the company of her beloved Luisa.

The pair were currently snuggled up on the couch watching Mean Girls 2. This was their fourth movie of the day and they were both embracing the quality time being spent together. They were both very fond of moments like this, just being able to sit and cuddle. No work to do, no stress, just cuddling.
Beca was slouched against the back of the couch whilst Luisa’s head was resting on her chest. She was using one of her hands to stroke the sick girl’s head, and the other one was gripped onto one of her soft hands. Luisa was using her spare hand to trace circles on Beca’s stomach.

“I love you.” Beca said, out of the blue.

“And I love you too, tiny maus.” Luisa replied as she looked up at her girlfriend through her long eyelashes.

“Please kiss me…” Beca pleaded. She couldn’t even go a day without kissing the blonde woman. She needed her lips on her own, now.

“I don’t want you catching this!” Luisa smirked, but before she could stop her Beca pressed her lips onto hers, and she didn’t even bother to push her away until their lips had been locked long enough for them both to be breathless.

“Now what did I say?” Kommissar joked, sitting up slightly. “I really don’t want you feeling like this maus.”

“But I can’t bear not kissing you…” Beca admitted. “I don’t care if I get ill, it’s better than to kisses.”

“Still.” Luisa said. She was very protective of her little maus, even in measly cases like this one. Sure, it was just a virus, but she still didn’t want to risk Beca catching it.

“Go take some more aspirin.” Beca laughed as she pushed her away. “Do you want some soup?”

“I haven’t lost my arms you know, I’m perfectly capable of making my own soup. But thank you.” Luisa smiled. She found it adorable when Beca was like this.

“Whatever you say.” Beca said, feeling colder because of the lack of warmth radiating from her girlfriend. “Now hurry up, I want more cuddles.”

“I’m being as fast as I can!” Luisa joked.

This was a good day, even if she did feel like utter crap.

A Day in LA (Joe Sugg Imagine- Requested)

Anonymous whispered: Hi I love your writing so much!!💖 Could you please write a cute imagine that is the topic of Joe’s LA vlogs from this year? sorry if that made 0 sense ️😁x -I hope this is okay for you! x

‘Morning guys, I’m whispering because Y/N is still asleep, she got here late last night so she’s pretty knackered’ Joe’s voice woke you up and you rolled over to see him standing the other side of your bed talking to his camera.

‘Oh actually I think I’ve just woken her up’ he pulled a face and looked over at you. 'Morning love’ he came and sat next to you, he was still vlogging and turned the camera to you. 'Look how cute she looks first thing in the morning’

'Joe go away!’ you complained pulling the duvet up over your head so he couldn’t see you.

'And as you can all probably tell Y/N is not a morning person’ he chuckled and wondered off to find Oli.

You’d arrived in LA last night, although Joe had already been out there with his friends for two weeks prior to your arrival. You’d pretty much had something to eat and gone straight to bed when you’d got to the house, but today you were looking forward to spending a day with your boyfriend for the first time in weeks.

You looked at the time and forced yourself to get up it was 10am and you knew if you carried on sleeping you wouldn’t help the jet lag. You went into the kitchen where Joe was vlogging with Oli and Louis.

'There she is’ Joe turned the camera to you and you pulled a face. 'Looking gorgeous as always’ he laughed and put his camera down.

You grabbed a banana off the side and Joe poured you some orange juice.

'We’re going out to the pool’ Oli and Louis told you.

'Ok, we’ll be there in a bit’ Joe replied.

'I’m so glad you’re here’ Joe said once the others had disappeared, he placed his arms around your waist and you moved yours around his neck.

'I am too’ you agreed. 'So what are we going to do today Joseph?’

'Well I thought maybe we could just hang by the pool today and then I was planning on taking you to dinner tonight if you fancy it, we can spend some time just the two of us’

'Sounds perfect’ you smiled leaning on your tiptoes so you could kiss him.

'But right now I think you should go and unpack and meet me by the pool’ he told you, you agreed and went to unpack your things. You changed into your new bikini chucking a kimono over the top and headed over to the pool.

You saw Joe sat on a sun lounger vlogging again whilst the others all sat around him. You decided to sneak up on him, you stayed quiet standing only centimeters from him, you were surprised he hadn’t turned around already. 'Vlogging again Joseph!’ you said from behind him and you noticed him jump.

'Y/N!’ he exclaimed putting his hand on his heart.

You laughed and he put his camera down beside him getting up off the sun lounger. 'Just for that you’re going in the pool’ he said trying to grab your waist. You darted out the way and started running around the pool with Joe chasing after you. He eventually caught up with you and chucked you over his shoulder. He tossed you in and you squealed as you hit the water.

'I hate you!’ You shouted as soon as you came back to the surface. You swam to the side where Joe was stood laughing at you. 'Stop laughing and help me out!’ You ordered pulling an angry face at him. Joe obliged and bent down to help you offering you his hand. You quickly pulled him in causing another huge splash, this time it was your turn to laugh.

Joe came up for air and started to splash you with water.

'Joe stop it!’ You tried to splash him back but he was too quick and you didn’t really have the chance. ’ Come on Joe, stop it, you’re an idiot!’ You yelled at him and he eventually stopped pulling your body towards him.

'Yes but I’m your idiot’ he said kissing you square on the lips.

 'Aren’t they just sickeningly adorable?’ you heard Oli say, you turned to reply but then realised he had picked up Joe’s camera and filmed the whole thing. Needless to say you were definitely making it into Joe’s vlog that day.

The way that men are conditioned to talk to women/girls never ceases to disgust me. My mom was working at an elementary school today doing face painting, and a male teacher told one of the students “you look better with makeup” while she was getting her face painted.

My mom took the teacher off to the side and talked to him about why that was inappropriate and he just shrugged it off saying “oh it’s okay, we have that type of relationship.”

This guy is a grown adult. He should not be seeing young girls as “attractive or unattractive”, feeling entitled to telling young girls what HE thinks they should look like, or tearing down a young girl’s confidence so non-nonchalantly. It’s really terrifying that this kind of behavior seemed so normal to him to the point where when challenged on it he acted like the whole thing was a joke.