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FANART SUNDAAAAYYY (look ma i actually posted it on Sunday for once instead of like 1am on Monday ahahaha yay). Lots and lots of delicious, delicious fanart! Did I mention I feed on fanart like a changeling feeds on love? …Okay no. BUT I LOVE IT JUST AS MUCH AHHhHHhh because WONDERFUL AMAZING PEOPLE take the time out of their lives to MAKE IT FOR ME AHhHHHHhhHH THANK YOU. Okay, enough gushing. 

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(^ Context: These two were based on designs of a future Drizzle/Freckles Patreon reward I did! EEE.)

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anonymous said:

McGonagall was the shit. She probably didn't have any children of her own but I totally think of her as a Mother to every single kid who walked through Hogwarts. I also headcanon that after the 2nd war she got to thinkning and started a program for Hogwarts students that have nowhere to go for the summer. They'd probably stay at a cottage somewhere and do camp-like things all summer

Yes! Unlike Lupin, McGonagall might not be the fun teacher you want, but she’s the excellent teacher that you need. I’m sure she’d have a very rigorous summer programs with an emphasis on Quidditch and spellwork.