Talking with Tae and her throwing ideas caused this little thought to pop up, as I can totally see either Midori or Keiko convincing her to go darker  just as a way to try n’ help her get over being compared to her mom or some shit or just to “bring her eyes out more”.  And also to just get a bit of a hair cut in general, even out the layers, get a clip and show her pretty face. She’d still need her earrings though for translation purposes.  IDK  I just reallly would love for this to happen. keikibofetada / megafanboy and  themagicaldolly

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should I date someone that doesn't support my decision on getting abs/v line and cutting my hair. like a quiff. it bothers me but idk I really like her

If she doesn’t support your decision on bettering your body, or expressing yourself through a hairstyle she isn’t the one for you

in ‘이사/isa’, namjoon asks if yoongi remembers three years ago when they first started, when ‘hyung and I’ came to get together and did stuff together (predebut?) and then he said something about a toilet, wind.. something about what happened then and telling someone to get lost? and how now that his ambition has become bigger, that house’s big space is just too small now, i’m sorry he’s being all philosophical and spitting rhymes I can’t make out properly :’) but like ‘이사/isa’ means ‘move’ like moving houses/places or ‘change’ like change of situation/position. I’m guessing they’ll talk about how they start from the bottom to the top, and that is just beautiful, it’s also beautiful how he addresses yoongi ‘SUGA’ and then went on with ‘Hyung and I’ instead of ‘you and i’ that’s just aww??? they must’ve been through a lot before the final lineup for 방탄소년단. i like the sounds from the preview a lot, this album has such a soft, mellow sound to it, and the way all the members took part shows how much they’ve matured 。゚( ゚இ‸இ゚)゚。