see you on a dark night (i will wait forever)

[carmilla x laura drabble. the beginnings of how to navigate some kind of forever. angst but mostly fluff.]


see you on a dark night (i will wait forever)


& now another clue, i would ask/ if you could help me out/ it’s hard to understand/ because when you’re running by yourself/ it’s hard to find someone to hold your hand


It isn’t easy all of the time: Carmilla has some damage to her that not even your massive amounts of exuberance and cocoa can manage to temper; you aren’t always patient or kind.

But you do very much love her, almost despite yourself. You love when you make her laugh, when she climbs in your bed in the dark, early hours of the morning with freezing hands and warm breath and snuggles into your chest. 

Eventually she tells you, very quietly and usually when you pretend to be asleep—she can hear exactly how fast your heart is beating, so it’s a lying protective measure you grant her—about the things that scare her: thunderstorms, the shower sometimes, elevators, Vivaldi’s “Winter”, action films when the rest of the lights are turned off.

Eventually she kisses you like you’re not going to run away.

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Bellarke parallels in this episode though.

  • fighting to save their friends with any weapon they can get their hands on
  • adults swooping in to tell them they’re not in danger anymore
  • stripped of their leadership role
  • failing to convince the delinquents they’re with to follow them
  • put in handcuffs
  • playing nice while secretly plotting to get free and save their people

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