i have a snow day tomorrow cus the whole “possibility of a historic blizzard” thing and i’m using the day to study for my finals so might as well do an awards so i have something to look forward to and i need to follow more blogs ok 


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i used to hate so many girls just because they wore make up and dressed a certain way and im so glad i’m not like that anymore. please learn to love ur fellow females because we’re all just looking to be accepted. its no use putting hatred out into the world ur never going to be happy that way. 

anonymous asked:

M!A: your dog is alive again! And happy to see you. Give that pup a smooch.

<D o g. She is yours. You’re not real clear on whether she did, in fact, die, but who cares, this is definitely the gross little snuffler you adopted god knows how long ago. You’ll have to figure out what you’ll do to feed her but at the moment that doesnt matter. At least you’re not so alone and bewildered anymore.>