Theme #6: 『 ᴛᴀᴇʏᴇᴏɴ ᴏᴘᴘᴀ 』

  • 80px Sidebar Icon
  • Up to 9 links (slide-out)
  • 400px to 500px posts
  • Pagination Icon
  • Post images fade on hover
  • Question mark cursor
  • Change “posted:” and “asked:” text
  • Extra message (on icon hover)

notes: this is dedicated to my rp appa to whom i thought of when making this for some reason. i miss you. it’s the end of half term holiday *1 week! TT* and i have got a new theme for you guys ~ this one’s less customizable as its design was more complex to work with. feel free to ask any questions but leave my credit alone.

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Party Para || Troy

Kat was looking for Troy after Bella came to her asking whether she saw him yet. She wouldn’t be looking if she didn’t saw like there was something troubling Bella, so Kat started circling the room, stopped to greeted a few people she knew before she spotted Troy near where the booze are. “Nice spot!” she said, nudging his sides and reaching for some beer. “Where’s Bella? She was looking for you…” she said, “Is there something wrong? Because she seemed…” she paused, looking at him, “Troubled to say the least…” Kat sipped her beer.