Has anyone brought up the fact that Morgan’s wall states something about the ‘hardcore green route’.

Like we all know about the ‘Deliver Bef’ theory, and now the ‘Harvest Home’ theory (I’d tag the post, but I’m on my iPad and the app won’t let me!), but what if they’re all connected?

Deliver Bef is obvious, right? And now the delivering harvest theory, which coincides with an episode name, just solidifies that.
But I’ve not seen anyone mention the hardcore green route comment.
What’s more hardcore than Beth (Bef) Greene (green), a girl who grew up on a farm (harvest) surviving a shot to the head, and then being taken to the group by Morgan?

Beth Hallucination Theory

Ok so first off I just want to say that Ty hallucinating Beth doesn’t mean she’s dead!! Just like Daryl hallucinating Merle didn’t mean he was dead; not to mention the theory of Ty’s funeral being correct!

But anyways

Did anyone else notice what I did during the Beth hallucination scenes?

As Tyreese kept getting closer and closer to death, Beth seemed to be the only one who’s injuries seemed to slowly heal.

At first we saw her all bruised and bloodied with her scars, and maybe this was just me, but in other scenes her scars seemed to be less bloody.

And then…

In the car scene, all her injuries are gone. Lemme repeat that. Her injuries are gone. 

Plus Mika and Lizzie kept saying "It’s better now" and the whole situation where Beth adapted but Tyreese didn’t! 

I believe that Beth’s fading injuries are VERY important! I think this only further proves that she’s alive, and that as Tyreese got weaker, our girl is getting stronger. Staying alive! 

Keep up your faith, guys! Don’t forget what tyreese said, “Don’t give up!”

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On a more serious note, just wanted to let you guys know that there are hidden characters in Sasaki’s kagune in ch. 6. I first saw these images on baidu, but the original source is @tkg_koneta_bot on twitter.

I can’t decipher all the characters, neither do I know what the hidden message is supposed to mean, but I think this is highly interesting.

(Also added the raw scan of the page if you wanted to try spotting the characters, though it really is difficult to see.)