Throwback Thursday || The Prince of Tennis (2001)
↳ The First Appearance of the ‘Inui Juice

One of Inui’s most notable traits is his penchant to brew horrible vegetable juices named "Inui Juices", which he uses mostly in practice as punishment for players who fail the training menus. Only he and Fuji dare to drink. He, however, do not understand why people are so afraid of them since he finds them to be very beneficial for the body and delicious (most times).

This guy is so good. When he came over last night, my kitchen was a disaster. Before I even realized what was happening, he’d done all the dishes for me and swept the floor and wiped down the counters. Just because. In my book, those little, everyday acts of service are better than the largest bouquet of flowers.

Life’s been busy lately, for both of us, and I’ve been especially overwhelmed as I transition into life at this new, all-consuming job. This means we’ve had less time to spend together than usual. That’s frustrating, but it also makes me more grateful for every minute I get with him, grateful that we’re finally back in the same city now, grateful that he is always encouraging me to dream bigger and be better, grateful that he’s still mine and I’m still his.

So hey, you crazy bearded mountain man, I wanted to take a second today to recognize your awesomeness. Thanks for being wonderful. And thanks for being mine.