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Musician, writer, actor, director, radio host, designer, entrepreneur, comedian, activist. He was that rare person who could make you laugh at the smallest things yet consider the bigger issues at the same time, or make you simultaneously revile and admire him for refusing to take a bath for 6 weeks for the sake of art. In the early 00s Tado was the stamp of Philippine indie cinema: everyone had to have him in their films. Then he became a mainstream phenomenon, and frightened the suits because of his refusal to compromise his political views. He died on the way to yet another advocacy project, instagramming wisecracks along the way. 

"kung ako ang pagpipiliin, gusto ko na maalala nila ako bilang hindi isang pulitiko kundi isang rebolusyonaryo na naghahangad ng tunay at ganap na pagbabago."

Thank you for your endless passion, Tado Jimenez. There is a light that never goes out.