GaemGyu: as expected,Exo-L is the beet. JoonMyun-ee says he’s busy and won`t meet his hyungs..ELF I miss youㅜㅜ

Kyuhyun KKT convo trans: 

Kyuhyun: Yea, JoonMyun-ee is hard, because he`s pretending to be busy. He must be busy because of Exo-L

Shim Changmin: JoonMyun-ee probably wouldn`t play with us anymore when Exo-L set a new guinness record with fanclub members, right?

Kyuhyun: It`s really….. sad. Should gather some ELF

Shim Changmin: Me too.. Should gather some Cassiopeia too, since they`re starting to become ’(small number of good people/selected few)’

Kyuhyun: There was a time when we were doing very well too

Shim Changmin: We…. It feels like.. we are becoming more and more of people of the past… o l d p e o p l e

JoonMyun-ee: kkkkkkkkkk hyungnims…

Shim Changmin: Appealing

MinoMino: I`m jealous…. hyungs

Kyuhyun: Hok

MinoMino: EXO-L daebak ㅠㅠ

Kyuhyun: I have been forgetting about Minho, damn it

MinoMino: I miss SHINee World

Kyuhyun: kkkk

MinoMino: Cassiopeia, ELF, EXO-L are the best ㅠㅠㅠㅠ


Can you see this, Cho Kyuhyun? We, ELF, are still here… and always will be.


To: Cha Hakyeon
Hakyeon-ah! It’s been 2 years! Thank you for being such an amazing leader, hyung, friend and mum to Taekwoonie, Jaehwanie, Wonshikie, Hongbinie and Hyukie!! You’re only 24 but you already have 5 giant kids to take care of >.< For giving all your love to Starlights and VIXX members thank you so much! You always defend us and put others before yourself T^T Please take care of yourself too. Hakyeon-ah! Don’t ever change, we love you just as you are. We love the whole you ^3^ Everything you wished for, Starlights will make it come true! We will always stay by your side! ♡

Our sunshine boy! Happy Birthday!♡


[11/12/27 - 14/12/27 Happy 3rd anniversary to Huang Zitao]

thank you for giving us three years of laughing with you, three years of crying with you, three years of being with you, three years of feeling proud of you.

from a young innocent boy to a grown-up mature man, this path wasn’t and won’t be easy to go because of evils everywhere, but we won’t give up because you didn’t give up

we promised to be together, remember?

we wish all the best things for you in the future, someday you might not be able to dance or sing anymore, but as long as you still have that bright smile on your face, that’s all we want


Host asked fans what wish do they have then everyone said seeing kibum in 7jib. Kibum even sang a line of marry u [Easy_Magazine]