It’s the system, not the students. 

Ignoring the problem isn’t going to fix it.

Children fear going to school everyday

Because the kid who sits behind him in biology physically abuses him and his history teachers puts him down and degrades his intelligence but little does that teacher know he lights up and throws out answers when placed in a math classroom.

Homework and perfect attendance are out before the mental state of the young people that walk the halls.

However, the minutes a student breaks everyone speaks out about how highly missed they’ll be and how important they were in that school.

That teacher who put him down in the classroom will stand at the podium at his funeral and speak out on how highly intelligent and capable the boy was.

And the kid who sat behind him in class will shed faux tears and explain how “close” they were.




Von der Gewalt vor der wir täglich stehen, ist der Grund des Widerstandes.

Wer Menschen in den Knast steckt, weil sie zu wenig Geld für ein Ticket haben. Flüchtlinge abschiebt und sich freiwillig vor den Menschenverachtendem Pulk stellt, um ihn u.a auch mit Physischer Gewalt zu verteidigen. Menschen nach Hautfarbe kontrolliert, bei Gewalt in den eigenen Reihen weg schaut und berechtigten Protest mit Schlagstöcken erwiedert.

Lebt und pflegt diese Ausgrenzungs Gesellschaft.

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anonymous asked:

you talk about colour coding alot, but how to you do it? What do you refer it to, like "red" human factors... that kind of thing? Thanks


Some studyblr have a much more detailed colour coding system than I do. But, in general, this is how I colour code:

I use colour pens/fineliners more than highlighters.

  • Normal Notes/Definitions: Written in Purple/Blue/Black.
  • Titles/Sub-headings: Written in Green/Light Blue.
  • Important Details: Written in Red/Orange/Pink.
  • Examples(Questions done in Class): Written in Green.
  • Practice Problems/Rough Work: Written in Pencil.

Best of Luck.


3d visualization of the Eta Carinae system.

We are taught the value of x
But not how to value ourselves.
We spend four years preparing for
the real world, told to value studying
and good grades, but not how to deal with failure
or how to love yourself.
We read To Kill A Mockingbird, but still face a world of
Racial divide.
We are told to value time, but not how to repair yourself
after wanting to end it.
We have become a generation of lost kids
who know the value of x, can parrot antiracism and read a clock,
but youth who use guns instead of words,
fists instead of failure and pills instead of time.
But of course,
I had to learn that by myself,
In the real world.
—  Fredericki Kefalidis - high school 

Jupiter, the king.

Finally had the chance to start using my new telescope last night.
Pointed it at the king of the planets, Jupiter.
I’m chuffed with the results, you can even see 2 of Jupiter’s Galilean moons Io and Europa!

Amazing how you can see atmospheres of different planets, moons that orbit them and the distinct patterns of movement they make, all with a simple 8 inch telescope.


De Andra

A college assignment where we had to critically read through the GY11 curriculum and pick a part we’d like to visualise and present - and I decided to criticise the school values and how we could make it less excluding. I wanted to make it a larger project about sexuality, gender identity, etnicity, religion and disabilities but I was limited by the time so a decided to only focus on the lgbtq aspect of things.