Tomboy Swimwear: Tops and Boardshorts

This is a short novel about struggling to find that perfect ‘tomboy’ swimsuit. Just kidding! About the novel— not the struggling part. All the clothes mentioned are linked to an online shop in case you want to grab ‘em right away!

Tomboys and women’s swimwear. An oxymoron? Feels like it. Women’s mainstream swimwear seems to go against what we like wearing, and feel comfortable in (what’s with that extra string? this will totally fall off if I do a cannonball). Firstly I have to say that I’ve seen tomboys/ butch-identifying women completely love and embrace wearing bikinis/ other feminine swimwear; I’m not saying tomboys don’t. But I am aware that a lot of tomboys, including me, prefer not to, and struggle to find alternatives to feminine swimwear that is still sold in the women’s section. Specifically, today I’m talking about the top + short combo, because it’s simple and comfortable for all swimming occasions—beach, pool, athletics, etc. 

Let’s start off with the types of swimwear available in the women’s section. here’s a screenshot I took from Kohl’s website:


As you can see, the most appealing in terms of tomboy style seem to be athletic, tankini, rash-guards, shorts, and one-pieces. Personally, I’m a fan of matching an athletic top with women’s board shorts (shorter and more form-fitting than men’s) Example of this simple combo:


1. Athletic bra/swim top by Nike, 2. Loose boardshort by Adidas, 3. Fitting boardshort by Hurley

My other favorite picks of tops and shorts: 1, 23

image is a good place to start browsing for stylish boardshorts. From there, you can look at swim/surf/skate brands like Volcom and Hurley, also personal favorites. Surprisingly, Adidas and Nike don’t have a lot of tomboy style swimwear on their websites, but you can find them elsewhere.

Alternative types of tops:


1. Long-sleeved rashguard by Tommy Bahama, 2. Short-sleeved rashguard by Body Glove, 3. Tankini by Nautica, 4. Striped tankini by Nautica

And saving the best for last… I introduce you to Marimacho swimwear!! Swimwear for bois, tomboys, genderqueer fashion, and so on. I can go on about how much I like their mission, but you should check them out for yourself. Peek of their outfit:


Hope this gave you motivation to look for that right tomboy swimwear for you. While researching I’ve also found an outfit that I like and feel comfortable in—yay! Let me know if you particularly enjoyed this post/ if you know of any brands that cater to tomboy swimwear! 

Forever 21 Swimwear Under $21 Take advantage of one of the biggest deals of the summer!

The sun is out, the heat is up, and what’s more exhilarating than stocking up on a ton of new swimsuit tops and bottoms, all for under $21 (wow!)?

Try mixing and matching an abstract printed bikini top with a simple, black bikini bottom or slip on a something easy like a floral one-piece with sexy cutouts. With a variety of styles to choose from, shop Forever 21’s most budget-friendly swimsuits below!

1) Floral Ruffle Bandeau

Floral Ruffle Bandeau

2) Floral Side-Looped Bikini Bottom

Floral Side-Looped Bikini Bottom

3) Vibrant Push-Up Bikini Top

Vibrant Push-Up Bikini Top

4) Festive Cutout Bikini Bottom

Festive Cutout Bikini Bottom

5) Abstract Landscape Corset Bikini Top

Abstract Landscape Corset Bikini Top

6) Standout Ruched Bikini Bottom

Standout Ruched Bikini Bottom

7) Sweet Rose Hanky Bandeau

Sweet Rose Hanky Bandeau

8) Crochet Sweet Bikini Bottom

Crochet Sweet Bikini Bottom

9) Backless Floral Monokini

Backless Floral Monokini

10) Tropical Dream Cutout Swimsuit

Tropical Dream Cutout Swimsuit

How will you mix up your ‘kinis this summer?

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Marvel Characters Chill By The Pool At Dragon Con

Photo shoots of all kinds happen at Dragon Con. You’ll find gatherings of GI Joe cosplayers, Sailor Scouts, Playboy bunny style versions of everything, and yes, even Marvel characters wearing swimsuits.
Characters in the Marvel bathing suit group include Emma Frost, Rogue, Gambit, Wolverine, Black Cat, Dazzler, and many more.

Photos by Pat Loika.

Cosplayers in the group: Birds of ‘Play, Chrissy Lynn, Michael Huffman, and Chloe Dykstra