(via Howard Schatz’s Images Of Female Athletes Are Unbelievable)


Today, ten years ago, Svetlana Khorkina retired from gymnastics after a decade of success, tears, gold medals, and disappointments. Since her childhood, Khorkina fought against a sport that was not made for girls like her. During her journey, she knew the glory, and also the nightmare, but every time she fell, she came back stronger.

You may love her, or you may hate her. You may detest her for her temperamental attitude, or you might adore her just for that. But truly there’s something you can not feel about Sveta: indifference. And, at the end, that’s what makes a performer, that, no matter what, all the eyes will be on you. Because, when the day is over, the people probably may not remember if you won or if you lost, or the medal you got, but you can rest assured that they will remember what you made them feel. And that’s what counts.

Today, ten years ago, the career of Svetlana Khorkina finished, but the myth started.