This is only a tiny fraction of the massive amount of pictures people have taken to support everybody who’s been targeted by anon hate or is feeling down. What’s happening is horrific but it’s inspiring to see the Supernatural fandom coming together in solidarity. And we are a family, we care about each other. We’re going to help each other to get through this.

Thanks to thatdemonsangel for letting me use the pictures they’ve collected.

Family don’t end with blood.


Yeah you, stop scrolling for a moment.

Do me a favor and look in the mirror. See that person looking back at you? That person is hella hot and absolutely gorgeous.

But Kali, you say, I’ve got tear stains/frizzy hair/freckles/insert some “flaw” here.

Well guess what? You’re not looking deep enough. Because those things? They don’t matter. That person, the bright spark inside of you that makes you you is absolutely flawless. You’re so majestic and unique you make unicorns and snowflakes jealous. You are stronger than than the mightiest fort and brighter than a supernova.

And you know what? You’re gonna be just fine. 💖

We can do more about cyberbully attack

Someone needs to stop anonymous hackers from killing people
( this is not the first time they force people to commit suicide - they,ve done this before,and they’ ve been successful)

If you’re a victim of cyberbully:
- contact local authorities immediately
- report the situation to the tumblrs staff

- inform Internet Safety Organisations if you know about  someone whose being harrasment by anons( in fact we are all know about this so we should alarmed as much organisations as we can)

Also if you want to help:
- Let’s get loud!!! People should be informed about whats happening right now. Inform media , press, other blogers platform which could be interested at “cyber bullying, hacking and force people to commit suicide” theme. They can push the subject to the mainstream.
- Remember - there are people whom still needs your help - send them  positive messages.  We love them and care about them.

There is a huge possibility that the 4chan is behind the attacks. They’ve did that before and actually they’ve been successfully of forcing people to kill themselves. Also never been charged for their crimes.

Once they disappear - they are impossible to track.

Thats why we need to act quickly. Because they will continue doing this in  the future, there’s no doubt.

This should never happen to anyone.

As most of you guys already know, the Supernatural fandom is under attack. For those who don’t know what happened, continue reading (please this is important). Some jerk Anon decided it would be funny to target people in this wonderful fandom who struggle with anxiety, depression, etc. Some have already started severely hurting themselves.


My heart goes out for you. Be strong guys. No matter what, never stop fighting. Even though there is no way to completely prevent this from happening again, we can start by helping the affected. No one should be treated as if they don’t matter. Go and comfort people, make them feel good about themselves. Even though I’m not a part of the fandom, my heart truly breaks for you guys and I hope things get better. 

If you are reading this and struggle with these kinds of thoughts, listen to us. You matter. You are wonderful. I know I don’t even know a quarter of you, but that won’t change anything. Those guys are just your terrible thoughts come to life. Don’t let them past you. All they are doing is hurting people through a keyboard. They won’t hurt you and we won’t let them hurt you. No need to worry anymore.


Please, I am begging you, help their fandom. Help put out the fire. Treat the wound. Kiss it better and tell them everything is going to be alright because they will be. We as fandoms are one big family. So whether you are part of the SPN fandom or not, we have to come to our family’s aid. Help them because if it happened to your fandom, they would help you. And if this kind of abuse happens in your fandom, you can always call us and we will come to your aid. We would never want anyone to get hurt, especially in this big family of ours. Reblog this. Let people know that they can approach you if they need any kind of help I just want people to be safe from harm. This is a safe blog.


I’m not gonna say anything like ‘kill yourself’ or ‘you are worthless’. No. None of that. I’m just sad that you have nothing else to do other than terrorize people who may be at their weakest point. I pity you because this is probably all you do. I don’t know you, Anon, and that gives me no right to say that all you do is hurt, but that is all we’ll ever know about you. That you are someone who hurts the innocent and weak.
I’m sorry for whatever happened to you that caused you to do this, but don’t emulate the pain to other people, it’s not worth it. All these people are just collateral damage to you.
If you are struggling yourself, I’m open to listening and understanding. I swear by my own name I won’t judge if you reach out to us.

But, if by chance you don’t care and want to push forward by abusing more people from even more fandoms, I want to tell you something that every one of us can say:

                      THEY ARE UNDER OUR PROTECTION

Don’t try your luck, you are facing thousands and thousands of people willing to protect their family. Don’t ever go after the ones who struggle, go after the ones who are strong enough to care for everyone.

I dare you. Come and get me. Just stay away from my family. Go on, try me! I AM NOT AFRAID OF YOU AND I NEVER WILL BE. SO COME ON, I’M WAITING! I AM YOUR TARGET, JUST STAY AWAY FROM THEM! HAVE AT IT!

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Habari Gani? Ujamaa!

Today is the 4th day of Kwanzaa, and the principle is Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics). This day is to support our own businesses as black people so that our communities can truly prosper, grow, and expand.

So… for the whole gift thing for each day (which I don’t stress) I bought my partner a head wrap, which she loves to rock most of the time, from @thewraplife a Black owned business out of Brooklyn, NY.

So today I challenge you to support black businesses and watch us prosper!

God bless
Happy Kwanzaa!
#kwanzaa #BlackValues #Tradition #heritage #Celebrationwithmeaning #umajaa #blackbusiness #headwrap #gifts #support #thewraplife

AMAZING NEWS, @chestnutmisha IS ALIVE AND WELL! Her blog was hacked and used to post about her death, but she is okay. The account that is tormenting people, @shudup122334455, has been taken down but there is no word on whether or not there are other accounts part of this anon-hate being spread. Stay strong and support others!

You know, I’m just seeing a lot of posts like this frequently on other people’s posts from their message box. Don’t listen to them guys, they’re cowards. They won’t show their faces and they’re doing this online. You’re better than them! And to the anons? Just because you have a hard life at home doesn’t make it right to take it out on other innocent people. It’s called a counselor. Knock the crap off because you wouldn’t like it the other way around from dozens of hate anons. Why would even want to do this to someone? Why are you even doing this? Just answer that question. And for the #affectedbyhate , message me. I’m always here for you. I’ve been through a lot too, we can talk. It’s confidential and I’ll just listen. I love you all, I’m here to support as well as many others