Request: My Family

Request: Whenever you get the time, I’m in no rush, but could you please write one where the reader has a sister that TFW didn’t know about until she gets a call in the middle of a case from said sister about how her boyfriend is not the greatest and is trying to get her sister’s kid taken away. Feel free to expand on how you will, when you get the time of course! :) (Thank you! :) )

Word Count: 1,236

Here it is, I hope you like it! Thanks!<33

“So, Ms Jones…” You’re about to ask another question when your phone buzzes violently in your pocket. You look at the caller ID and after a moment, you stand up, “My apologies. I have to take this.”

You leave the room, letting Sam, Dean, and Cas take over. You answer quickly, slipping out the back door.

“Woah, woah, wait up.” You stop the caller, who immediately begins crying down the line at you, “Slow down.”

You pause as she tells her story, and you frown, walking down the the Impala as you listen, occasionally reacting to something she says. You become increasingly angry, getting into the car and waiting impatiently.

“Hold on, okay? I’ll be there by morning.” You promise, ending the call.


“So, who was that? Secret boyfriend?” Dean asks as the three of them get into the car. You shake your head.


“Then who?”

“It was my sister.”

“You have a sister?” Sam asks, turning to you. You shrug, nodding.

“Yeah. Three years younger.” You tell them, “I just… keep her quiet. Don’t want anyone to know she’s around.” You admit. You get strange looks from all of the guys as Dean pulls away, driving off back to the motel so you can change out of these stuffy suits, “I’m going to head back up to my hometown tonight. You guys… just let me know where you’re at.”

“What’s happening?” Cas asks, and you take a breath.

“She was with this guy for years, and they had a kid together. He’s about two – beautiful kid, man. Adorable. But this ex is trying to get him taken off of her, saying she hasn’t got enough family support, so I’m going to head down and threaten him.”

Dean chuckles, “Looks like we’re taking a detour, kids.”

“What?” You frown at him in the mirror. Sam agrees.

“You definitely need some big scary friends to back you up.”

“You just want to tease me about my hometown.”

“And that.” Dean chuckles, “Seriously, though, this asshole isn’t going to get away with this.”

“Agreed.” Cas concurs, “It seems he needs a stern talking to.”


You stop off at the motel and Dean calls someone else to come and pick up the hunt where you left off. It’s a long drive to your hometown, but you could care less – you just need to get there and be there for your sister.

On the drive, you end up talking more and more about your family life, back home. Your parents – ex hunters – had died when you were quite young. You’d been fifteen and she’d been twelve. You’d hidden from social services, not wanting to be split up, and made it until you were eighteen and she fifteen. When she was sixteen, she met Anthony, and they struck it off. You, on the other hand, had discovered the world of hunting and were quickly investing yourself in that. You’d been going through a box of your parents’ things and found an old journal.

The second she was in college you were off, travelling the country under the guise of a road trip. You’d send her souvenirs and money – enough to keep her going – and slowly cut off contact. You still talk, of course, but nowhere near as much as you’d like. To keep her safe. Always to keep her safe.

“But,” You finish, “She’s my baby sister and I’d do anything for you.”

You make it there late in the evening. The front door is open, instantly making you suspicious. You tell the guys to wait outside, before slipping into the house.

Stay away from my son.”

He’s mine just as much as he is yours. I have every right to him.”

I’m his mother.”

I’m his father.”

“And I’m his aunt.” You step into the room, shooting an apologetic smile at your sister, “Sorry it took so long, hon.”

She stares at you in shock for a moment, before nodding, “No problem.”

You whirl on the guy, who’s gone slack-jawed at your appearance.

“Anthony, right?” You ask, and he nods slowly. You know him. Of course – for a few years, he was a regular at the house. You offer him a sickly sweet smile, “What’s your problem?”

“She’s – she’s not fit to-” He stammers, before regaining his composure, “She’s not fit to raise my son.”

“And you are?”

“Well… yes.”


“I can provide for him better. She doesn’t have anyone – you’re the only family she has and you’re gone all of the time. Me? I’ve got parents, grandparents, sisters, a brother…” He lists, as if it makes him better than the pair of you. Your facial expression hardens, and you take a step towards him.

“Well, guess what, asshole?” You say softly, “I’m here now, and you have three seconds to be out of her life for good.”

“What makes you think I’ll listen to you?” He’s a whole head taller than you and a lot wider. He puffs out his chest, trying to seem threatening, and you laugh.

“I’m a lot stronger than you, bucko.” You counter, “And a lot scarier. You want to go a few rounds? Prepare for a concussion.”

“Y/N, don’t.” Your sister says timidly, and you raise an eyebrow at the guy in front of you. He seems personally offended, but takes a vague half-step back.

“Now listen here, alright? You leave her alone. She’s a better mother to that kid than any mom I’ve ever seen – and I see a lot with my job – and you don’t get to say otherwise. I have friends, too-”

“I bet they’re not scary.” He sneers. You laugh humourlessly.

“See for yourself. Boys?” You call. A moment later, there are three men in the doorway, “These guys are some of the deadliest you’ve ever seen. I’m not gonna go into details. But the thing is, Anthony,” You say quietly, “You bother my family again and all four of us will hunt you down. We have guns. Don’t understimate us.”

You enunciate each word slowly and clearly, easily scaring him. He scurries past the guys, and you hear the door close. Turning back to your sister, you shoot her a smile.

“Sorry about that.” You say, but before you can explain further you’ve enveloped in a massive hug.

“It doesn’t matter!” She exclaims, “You came!”

“I promised I would.”

“Yeah, but…” She shakes her head as you hug her back, “It’s different. It’s been a while, Y/N.”

“Tell me about it. How have you been?”

“Me?” She grins, “I’m working part-time at the doctor’s surgery in the town. I think I’m gonna train to be a midwife next year. But what about you? And your friends! I mean… friends or friends?” She waggles her eyebrows suggestively and you laugh.

“Just friends.”

She pauses, and her face falls a little, “You’re not just going to go, are you?”

You’d planned on it, but now you’re here…

You look back at Sam, Dean, and Cas, who all give encouraging nods. You nod too.

“I think I can hang around for a little bit. Now, where’s that nephew of mine?”

Preference: Spending Your First Night Together


Sam wants to take things slow. His track record with women isn’t great and he doesn’t want anything to happen to you. He wants to make sure you are completely comfortable with him before he tries anything more. You sleep in separate rooms both in the bunker and when you stay at a motel. He worries that he is driving you away. He wakes you up in the middle of the night, a nightmare being too much for him to handle on his own. The only thing that could comfort him is your touch. You welcome him into you bed with open arms. He relaxes under your touch and within minutes he’s asleep with his head buried in your neck.  It gives him more comfort that he’s willing to admit. When he wakes the next morning, he places a kiss to your forehead then your lips. He then knows, you’re not going anywhere.


Dean doesn’t want you to think that you’re just another one of his conquests. He feels like he needs to prove that you mean so much more to him than some random girl at the bar. He doesn’t rush you into anything, mostly because he doesn’t believe you would settle for a guy like him. He curls up on the couch with you while you both watch a movie. It’s something you both have become accustom to since you moved into the bunker. He wraps his arm around you and pulls you into his chest where you often lay comfortably. Throughout the movie he places kisses to your forehead, and the odd time he lies on the couch and you lay on top of him. Tonight being one of those nights. You had fallen asleep listening to his heartbeat. He didn’t mind whatsoever, in fact, he loved seeing you like this. Sleep consumes him quickly after you. He wakes up to you looking at him with such adoration, his heart melts. He hopes that you’ll spend every night for the rest of your lives, sleeping next to him.


Cas doesn’t know much about human interactions when you tell him you want to share a bed with him tonight. He doesn’t sleep so he finds it pointless, but he knows that you don’t. He prepares your bed for you while you are in the shower. He sheds his trench coat and tie, along with his jacket, shirt and pants. He’s seen many humans do it in movies and it seems to work, so he gives it a shot. You arrive back into your room to see him sitting in your bed, waiting for you to join him. You climb in and his arms are around you instantly, and you relax into them as you do every time. He knows you’re asleep when he hears your breathing even out. He lays down next to you and snakes his arm around your waist, enjoying the warmth that your body is giving off. Momentarily, he feels like he is human. He doesn’t want this moment to end.

x x x

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Looking Back

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Words: 1271

Summary: Jensen and the Reader have finally admitted their feelings, and start a relationship.

The final part in Presents Series. Part 1 here, Part 2 here, and Part 3 here.

The final part! I’ve loved writing this series, so thank you all for enjoying it with me! :) Also, if you have the time, check out this cool survey! Anyways, enjoy!

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Weekend Hunts

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Request: “Can you do a Deanxreader au where Dean doesn’t know about the supernatural and try have a normal relationship? Pls” 

Words: 1,056

Author: Kay

The door slammed as you walked through the front door. Dean stood from the couch with his arms crossed.

“Are you cheating on me?” Dean blurted

“What?! Hell no! Why would you think that?”

He gestured toward the duffle bag slung over your shoulder, “I don’t know maybe because you are gone almost every goddamn weekend and I don’t know why I let you go anymore but you so friggin stubborn but I’ve had it. You always being extra clothes you never tell me where you go, I mean come on Y/N! We are engaged this needs to stop!”

You didn’t speak, bewildered by his accusations.

“Dean, I-” You stared but he wouldn’t let you finish you dropped your bag in the front entry and stepped into the living room.

“No I don’t want explanations right now!”

“But Dean! I am not cheating on you I would never do that especially to you! But I can’t tell you!”

I can’t tell him ever, he doesn’t need this life.

“Well why not? What are you dying?” Dean pressed.

“What? No!”

“Y/N oh my god, are you dying? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Dean Winchester! Will you just chill for five seconds! I am not cheating I am NOT dying! I just can’t tell you.” You bowed your head, you hated lying to him.

He shook his head and walked off.

I guess he didn’t want to continue the conversation, well neither do I.

Grabbing your bag you trudged up stairs to put your clothes away, and your guns.

You could never tell him that you just got back from hunting a wendigo in Michigan, or a witch in Iowa last weekend, or last month a vamps nest in Nebraska, and the list goes on.

Dinner came around and you finally saw him since you got back. He was silent the entire meal, not wanting to provoke him you didn’t say a word.

Dinner was finished, you grabbed your plate but he pulled it from you.

“I’ll do dishes,” he stated.

He walked to the sink arms full with the plates and silverware and set them on the counter. He never did the dishes, you always did. You didn’t think he knew how to do them, you never seen him do them. You stepped up beside him.

“You dry, I wash?” He nodded handing you the sponge.

Just like dinner it was silent with the exception of the clanking of plates and the water running. He finished drying the last one; he then grabbed a beer and strolled into the living room turning on a game.

You followed him but you had a glass of whiskey instead, you needed it.

“Babe, I want to talk to you,” he shifted while you sat down way he could look at you.

You pressed the mute button on the remote way you had his full attention even though you didn’t think he was watching it anyway. He stared at you waiting for to go on.

“I want to tell you something, and it’s kind of a big deal,” you sipped your whiskey as you began to shake. You were always tough against demons, ghosts, monster, but to tell your darkest secret to Dean was your worst opponent.

“You are going to think I’m crazy but just” another sip goes donw your throat, “oh boy, ok just bare with me no interruptions please.”

“Ok, I’ll listen.”

“Thank you, ok so here goes,” you told him everything from what you do to what some of the things that seize to kill from what you do.

His face was blank; he pulled the glass of whiskey from your hand and gulped the rest of it down.

“Dean?” you cocked your head to the side to get a better look at him as he was facing towards the tv that was still muted. You looked to the clock, 11:32 pm, you had been talking for three and half hours.

He continued to sit in silence then finally looked at you.

“Honey, I, I, don’t that’s a lot to take in… So uh vampires, werewolves, zombies… they are all real?”

“Well technically zombies aren’t real,” you say it so nonchalantly he looks at you in horror, “Deans that’s a good thing! Although there’s these things that make you go crazy then suck your brain juice. They are as close to zombie as you can get, but they are much cleaner. They aren’t decaying and rotting all gross like.”

“Wh- What are those called?”

“Those are called a wraith, nasty suckers.” You shake your head, you felt so calm now.

“So where were you the other day or um where you…” he questioned

“Hunting? They are called a wendigo; they live in forest areas, pretty much feed off of campers and hikers. They are actually men who were cannibals and became a monster. You have to kill them with fire, a flare gun works quite nicely.”

“Well it’s decided,” he spoke.

“What? What’s decided?” You looked at him nervously.

“We are never camping again.” You giggled under you breathe.

“No you are never hunting, that’s another thing I wanted to tell you, that’s why I didn’t tell you about my life, I don’t want you to get hurt or killed. Dean you have to promise me you will never hunt.”

“Same goes to you! What makes any difference if it is you hunting or me hunting?” Dean shouted.

“I have experience; I was raised into this life! After my parents died from a hunt, my uncle Bobby taught me everything! He didn’t want me in the life but he knew that I need to know what was out there. Which is what you are going to do, you are going to learn everything but you are not and I repeat NOT going to hunt.” He only shook his head.

“Y/N, you don’t get it, if I don’t get to hunt neither do you, if you are going out then I am going with you to at least watch your back.” Dean glared at you, he was so stubborn.

You stood up, pacing the floor. You didn’t know what to tell him. You stopped right in front of him and watched him waiting.

“Alright but no hunts until you are trained, and when I think you are completely ready. We’ll go the gun range tomorrow.”

Study Buddy

Based on this imagine:



A loud sigh from your left drew your attention from the textbook in front of you. “Dean, you really don’t have to be here.”

The man snapped out of his apparent-fog. “No, Y/N, I’m good. I want to support you in this. College is very important and I’m going to see you through it, every step of the way.”

You smiled to yourself. You had met Dean a year ago when he claimed to be an FBI agent investigating the death of a girl in your dorm. The two of you had hit it off surprisingly well and he’d given you his number, promising that he’d be through this way again. Sure enough, he’d kept that promise, and the two of you had been going ‘steady’ ever since.

And now here you were, studying for your final semester’s finals in your gloomy little apartment. His brother, Sam, had offered to help you study, but Dean had become slightly territorial over you, insisting that he could help you just as well as his brother could. But an hour into it, you could feel the boredom radiating off of Dean.

You flipped through a few more pages of your book. Strange clicking and hissing noises began coming from Dean, who was trying to entertain himself. Then an idea came to you.

“Dean,” you said, turning towards him.

“What?” he said, snapping out of whatever daydream he’d been in.

“I need you to help me study this section.”

“Y/N, I’d love to, but I don’t know anything about–”

You pushed your textbook over to him. “Use these review questions at the back of the chapter,” you said, leaning closer to him. “And every time I get a question right, you can reward me with a kiss.”

Dean’s eyes brightened at the prospect of physical intimacy. “Well, now, let’s see what we’ve got,” he said, reaching for the textbook. He asked you a question, which you quickly answered, having gone over this chapter just last week. He leaned forward and gave you a kiss.

Dean looked at the chapter and asked you another question, which you answered correctly, earning you another kiss. Question, answer, kiss. The pattern continued with each kiss lasting longer.

Finally the textbook was abandoned.

an-everlasting-summer-rain asked:

TIDTUES: reader has lived with girls her entire life (boarding school,all sisters, etc) and shes a little too nonchalant about certain things like walking around in just a bra and underwear, and tfw is all slightly turned on and embarassed

Back home, it’d never been an issue. With five girls and their mother trying to share one bathroom, there was bound to be partial nudity, and no one had said anything about it. Bras were left where they were taken off (and there was a 30% chance that said bra made it into the clothes hamper), clothes were constantly being swapped or argued over, and no one had ever complained.

Okay. Maybe that was a lie.

There was definitely complaining, but nothing had ever changed, and no one had felt the need to avert their eyes in shock, or stutter in embarrassment.
You honestly kept forgetting that you lived in the bunker with men who, quite often, stuttered, averted their eyes or pointed out the blatantly obvious.

“Didn’t want to match today?” Dean teases, ignoring Sam’s scathing glare from across the library table.

“Har de har, Dean. Have either of you seen my black sweater?” Dean answers in the negative, while Sam only shakes his head, eyes boring a hole into the book in front of him. “Flippin’ impossible, I swear I left it in here,” you grumble, striding past the brothers and heading into what Dean had dubbed ‘the war room’.

You can feel their eyes on you, and it’s tempting to whip your head around and guilt Sam (though Dean will just grin), but you don’t have it in you today. The door on the upper landing creaks open with a metallic groan and Cas walks in, making it half way down the stairs before he notices your partial nudity.

Oh,” he says, eyebrows drawing together as he levels a serious stare into the library. You’ve seen the look before, that ’Dean, this is somehow your fault’ kind of expression, but it never fails to make you smile.

“Christ, man, don’t look at me. I didn’t do anything!” Dean objects, though you can hear the smile in his voice, like he’s proud of himself anyway. To be fair, Dean was the one who had invited you to stay with them.

“Looking for my black sweater. Apologies for offending delicate angel sensibilities.” You poke Cas when he ducks his head, shame coloring the curl of his lips.

“I’m not- You have every right. You live here too,” he tacks on the last like an afterthought and then hurriedly moves past you in the library. Dean makes some kind of hmmm noise right after, followed by a grunt and a “Hey!”

They are all ridiculous, overgrown children. You shouldn’t have been surprised.

Title: Home is Where You’re Not Alone

Summary: Samxreader, the reader learns she is pregnant

Words: 1,222

Warning: Swearing


You were screwed, that’s all there was to it. But how could it have happened? The two of you had been so careful. You almost always used a condom and you took the pill religiously. Pondering the possibilities your mind flashed a memory, at least part of one anyway. It had to have been that night, you thought. The night you Dean and Sam drank a bit too much. You recalled the hang over from the next morning. The taste of cheap alcohol lingered in your mouth. You must have forgotten to take the pill. Sam usually reminded you if you forgot. But both of you were so hung over, neither of you left your bed that day. 

So you’d leave. You couldn’t bring yourself to say goodbye to Sam. You wouldn’t be able to handle his reaction, the look on his face, the desperation in his eyes. It was already breaking your heart, but you had to. For the baby’s safety. There was no way to raise a child while being a hunter. After seeing what it did to Sam and Dean, you wouldn’t do that to someone else, let alone you own child. 

You scribbled the note quickly setting the positive pregnancy test on top. In a way you didn’t think you should even tell him, but it was his baby too, and he should at least get some explanation. Maybe down the road things would change and you could be together again. You let your mind wander. You imagined Sam holding you tight when he found out he’d be a dad. You smiled at the thought of him feeling the baby kick for the first time. Thinking of him holding your little bundle of joy, promising no harm would ever come to it. Reality slapped you in the face, reminding you of your mission. 

You looked pack into the bunker one last time before turning out the lights. You struggled to lock the door with too many travel bags in your arms. Warm tears slid down your cheek. The Winchesters were the only real family you’d known since you ran away. They took you in, cared for you, taught you and kept you safe. 


Sam and Dean arrived at the bunker late that night. 

“Y/N! We’re home!” Sam called out. 

Exhausted, he set his bags near the kitchen table, the scrap of paper catching his eyes. Stepping closer Sam’s eyes widened at the sight of the pregnancy test. He snatched it up, reading the letter, his mind in a downward spiral. 


Yes. It is what you think it is. I’m pregnant. At least two months I think. I found out and that’s why I’m gone. I can’t be a hunter anymore. As you know this life is too dangerous for a child. So I left for our safety. Maybe one day we can be together again, but for now I’m miles away. I’m so sorry. I still and will always love you. Tell Dean goodbye for me and that if he helps you try to find me, I’ll kick his ass. I love you Sam 


“Want a sandwich?” Dean offered. 

Sam stood silently, clutching the note in his fist. 

“Hey! Do you want some food or not?” Dean asked again. 

Sam slowly turned, holding the letter out in his hand. He could barely speak. 

“Y/N. She’s gone.” 

Dean dropped the slices of bread, walking over to Sam. 

“What do you mean?” 

He took the paper from Sam’s hand, scanning the page quickly. 

“Oh my god.” he paused. 

Sam leaned on the table, his mind still in utter disbelief. 

“Get in the car.” Dean demanded, heading for the door. 

Sam stayed put. 

“Come on, let’s go. Grab your bag.”


It’d been nearly a week without the Winchesters. You’d managed to remain isolated so far. Sam and Dean called nearly a hundred times the first few days. You didn’t answer, not once. Eventually your voicemail box filled up and your phone died. This way the never ending annoyance of it vibrating every five minutes had ceased and you could finally get some rest. The loneliness you felt was almost unbearable, but you had to do this. You had to. You laid in bed and nearly asleep when there was a knock on the door.  Your eyes popped open, your hand automatically snatching your pistol. Slowly rising from bed you tip-toed to the door, quickly glaring through the peep hole. 

You couldn’t believe it. You didn’t answer.

Sam knocked again. “Am I going to break this door down?”

You knew he could too. You’d seen him rip dozens of doors from their hinges. And you couldn’t afford to replace the door when the land lord came knocking. Sam entered. Knowing you were safe, he pulled you into his arms. Although you made it three states over the winchers had managed to find you. They’d checked every motel along the highway, even posing as cops, giving the locals your description as you if you were an actual missing person. When the brothers had expensed all their resources Cas came to them, telling Sam and Dean your exact coordinates.  

You couldn’t bring yourself wrap you arms around Sam. You knew you were heading towards a very stressful night. Sam eventually let you go, revealing Dean sitting in the Impala watching the drama all unfold. You eyed him, giving him a “I’ll beat your ass later” look. 

You sat on the bed crossing your legs waiting for Sam to speak. He remained standing, his tall figure towering above you. He paced trying to fin the words. You got more nervous the longer the silence dragged on. Finally he sat himself next to you. 

“You know I’m not mad right?”

You didn’t speak.

“Why did you leave?”

You were flustered. “I explained it in the letter.” 

Sam sighed. “It wasn’t a good enough explanation to me.”

“And whys that? Sam I’m pregnant and the hunting life is not so forgiving to kids.” 

It felt so strange saying it out loud. 

Sam turned to face you. “Y/N, I can keep us safe. I can keep our baby safe. Me and Dean. The bunker is our home and that’s where you’re supposed to be safe. That’s where you belong.” 

Tears began to escape your eyes. 

“I’m just so scared Sam. I don’t know what to do.” You admitted, wrapping yourself around Sam’s torso. 

“Shh. Hey. We’ll figure this out ok? Everything’s going to be ok.” he whispered, rubbing your back. 

“But what about what happened to you? What about all the demons and monster? It’s never going to end. It’s always going to be there.” you continued. 

“Don’t worry about that now. Me and Dean will take care of them. Take them out one monster, one ghost at a time. Can you try not to think about them? Can you do that?” 

You weakly nodded, trying to catch your breath. 

Sam let you go, holding your head in his hands. 

“It’s going to be alright; I promise.” he kissed your forehead, standing you up. “Come on, I’ll help you pack.”

Having collected all your things, you and Sam slid into the back seat of the Impala. Dean was relieved to see you again. 

“Time to get you back home.” he said with a half smile. 

With the turn of a key, you, Sam and Dean were journeying home. Exhausted,  you instantly fell asleep on Sam’s shoulder. 

It’d take three days to get back to the bunker. A warm feeling filled you when you finally saw the bunker again, the place you called home. 

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Relationship Advice

Request: Will you write a casxreader fic where they both have feelings for each other, but they keep it hidden. And then Cas asks the brothers what he should do and he does what they say but reader is still oblivious. At the end they wind up together maybe. Or maybe you have an ending in mind. Please, I hope it’s not to much.

Author: Sadie

Word Count: 556

Warnings: none that I can think of

A/N: Sorry that it took so long I am going to try and plow through the requests that I have within the next little while but I hope you guys like it none the less

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Title: Serendipity

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Words: 2,657

Summary-ish: Everyone has a tattoo, and only their soulmate matches it. 

Warning: description of being hurt while hunting, stitching the wound

Song: Fooled Around and Fell In Love, by: Elvin Bishop 


Death himself may be the only being without one. Even that, no one knew for sure. Whether it be on someones wrist or painted across their backs, it was there. And only one other persons matched it.

In grade school, you remember your friend Sarah’s - a circle with beautiful swirls inside, right there on her shoulder. Then there was Matt, who matched hers. Ever since high school they’ve been inseparable. Now sitting in the library cleaning Sam and Dean’s guns, you wondered how their wedding went.

“Thanks” Sam passed you a glass of water, and got to work on wiping down dirty machetes. You looked at the back of Sam’s hand where from his wrist to his finger knuckles ran what looked like tree branches. It was beautiful.

“I think this ones jammed” you muttered, clicking the safety on and off. Sam squinted his eyes, “That’s an old one, just toss it if it’s broke” he said and you nodded, putting it aside. The metal on its handle was scratched with some dried blood on the bottom; you wondered which monster it belonged to.

You’d been hunting with the brothers for almost two years, finding home in the bunker, which you’ve grown to call “ours”. Hunting with them made everything easier, but somehow harder at the same time. While the three of you could take down twenty vamps in a matter of minutes, dealing with the King of Hell or all of Heaven’s armies didn’t come at a small price.

Quiet days like these were rare, and you let your mind wander. Sam looked up to catch your eyes on his tattoo, completely spaced out and daydreaming.

“What’s yours?” he asked and you retreated from your thoughts.


“Your tattoo, what is it?” he asked, shaking the dusty rag.

“It doesn’t matter, I can’t have a soulmate in this life” you said quietly, still not meeting his eyes. “It’s practically impossible. Let’s say I find my mystery mate” you began, this time more enthusiastically, “They’ll get killed by a shapeshifter or something. I stopped trying for that life a while back, Sam” you said and he nodded.

“In college I tried” he said, moments later.

“Did you find her?”

“I found someone, and I thought maybe I could break the rules. We were together for so long” he said, and you wondered if he was talking about Jess, “but fate doesn’t won’t have that”.

“I’m sorry” you said and he nodded, wiping down the last blade.


The diner smelled of burgers and beer, your two favorite things. While Sam found a table, you and Dean played a game you made up months back, where you’d point to someone and the other person makes up a job for them. Dean elbowed you in the ribs and pointed to a man with a completely red striped suit and you wondered how in the hell he ended up in Kansas.

“Maybe there’s a circus in town and he needed a drink?” you asked and Dean laughed.

“Yeah, so he’ll forget that hat” Dean added and you laughed, staring at the polka dotted hat.

“It would be a cute hat if he wore it with a different outfit” you said once you slid into the booth. Dean sat across from you and nodded his head no.

“I’m serious!” you exclaimed, “I think you could pull it off”.

“No thanks” he said smiling, holding the small specials paper between his fingers. He was practically drooling over the damn menu.

Sam ordered himself a salad, and you ordered a double burger with fries.

“I’ll have that too, but add bacon” Dean said and the waitress nodded, throwing him a wink. You scrunched your nose and looked at her neck. A tiny tattoo adorned it.

Once the food came you dug in, finishing it in record time.

“Slow down, it’s not healthy to eat that quickly” Sam said and both you and Dean stared at him.

“Alright, give yourselves stomach problems, ask me if I care” he said and you let out a laugh. Sam rolled his eyes and kicked you under the table. You raised a brow and kicked your best friend back, eventually leading him into a full on leg wrestling match.

“Anyways” Dean said before licking his thumb, “I found a hunt”.

You groaned in annoyance and Dean raised a brow at you.

“Save it for the bedroom” he said, and you rolled your eyes kicking his shin under the table. He faked pain and continued on about the case. Apparently a state over there is a pack of werewolves, a whole family of them who already killed four innocents.

“Then why are we sitting here?” you drank down the rest of the soda and wiped your hands. Dean shrugged and looked at Sam who agreed by nodding.

“Then let’s hit the road” Dean said and dropped a wad of cash on the table. You stopped back at the bunker and grabbed all three duffels, meeting the boys back at the Impala. You tossed the bags into trunk before stretching out in the backseat.

Dean looked at you through the rearview mirror, giving you a nod of assurance. You weren’t sure what it was, but he’d do it before the ride to each hunt. There was a sort of comfort in it. With a small smile on your lips, the music lulled you to sleep.

Sam and Dean continued speaking, occasionally teasing each other. The music dwindled to a light hum once Dean realized you were asleep. Sam looked at his brother, then back at the road. He’d never figure him out.

Dean hardly ever thought about the tattoo, or at least he liked to believe that. Some nights he’d stay awake with one hand fisted under the pillow, the other holding the end of the blanket. He’d been around with women who thought that maybe they shared the same tattoo, but none of them ever did. Dean didn’t care if those girls matched his tattoo, even if they did, he’d lie to keep them out of danger. After time he stopped looking for the tattoo on people and instead began ignoring it. Maybe he thought, just maybe, it would hurt less that way.


The ride was bumpy, no matter how many potholes Dean tried to avoid. The last one woke you up with a jolt, and you rubbed your head where you hit it off the handle.

“Damnit” you muttered, “How much longer is the ride?”

“Morning sunshine” Dean said and you rolled your eyes, “Another hour”

You whispered some profanity before asking for a bathroom stop.

“There should be one around this corner” Sam pointed and Dean swerved the car left. Quickly you and Sam walked into the mini mart while Dean filled up the tank.

“You got the silver bullets right?” you asked before swinging open the door.

“Double checked” Sam said and you continued to grab some chips and snacks.

“Look, your favorite” Sam tossed a bag of gummy bears at you and you shoved them into the basket.

Dean was leaning against the Impala when you tossed him a bag of chips and he opened it immediately. Laughing you grabbed your duffel, taking it into the backseat with you.

Once Dean began driving you took out an old tape you had and passed it up to Dean.

“Please? Just for this hour?” you pleaded and after some hesitation Dean popped it in.

The music filled the car and you leaned back, sprawling your legs across the backseat.

I must have been through about a million girls. I’d love ‘em and I’d leave them alone” you sang quietly to yourself, which didn’t go unnoticed by the brothers.

I didn’t care how much they cried, no sir. Their tears left me cold as a stone”

“You guys have to sing with me!” you exclaimed and saw Dean begin the next line.

“But then I fooled around and fell in love!” the three of you shouted with the music, even Sam couldn’t help but laugh.  

Dean continued singing along, drumming on the steering wheel. You doubted he’d give the tape back.


The Impala finally rode into a secluded area, mostly trees and the remnants of old settlements. Dean parked behind a large tree, and met you by the trunk while loading in the bullets.

“We’ll go around the house” he pointed to a shabby old shack, the wood looked burnt and sad. As if it knew what rested inside of it. “And go through the back door” he finished, and both you and Sam followed him inside.

Sam curled his fingers around his gun, and it still fascinated you just how beautiful his tattoo was, and you remembered how odd yours was. One could only see the top third of it if your jeans rode too low on your hips. It was as if a vine curled in on itself, wanting to form a loop but wasn’t long enough. You never understood it. When you were younger you imagined as the years passed by the vine would grow and encompass your thigh, creating a beautiful design. It never did though; the ink couldn’t grow. It was just a silly childhood desire.

“Focus, Y/N” Dean said in a low voice.

“What?” you whispered.

“Just be careful” he said, and a noise sounded from upstairs. Dean ran in front of you. As if you couldn’t handle yourself.

You ran after him, signaling to Sam to check the room on the right.

“Don’t move” he told you and you grit your teeth.

“I’ve been hunting just as long as you, I think I can protect myself” you said, stepping before him and walking towards one of the larger bedrooms.

“Y/N, I didn’t me-” Dean began but a loud growling silenced him.

“Shit” you whispered, “Shit shit shit” you continued, as if it were a spell that’d kill all the wolves.

“Please! Don’t hurt me!” a woman, no older than thirty, stepped out from the shadows. But something about her threw you off.

“Where’s the rest of your pack?” you spat.

“I’m not part of them! Please!” she pleaded and you glanced at Dean who snuck into the next room.

“Then sit down and don’t talk” you said and she listened. Once you turned around, you knew you should’ve followed your instincts when a claw ripped down your arm.

“You bitch!” you shouted, turning around and firing three bullets into her chest.

“Y/N! Move!” Sam shouted and you looked to your side to see two werewolves jumping towards you. You ducked the first, rolling him over and firing another bullet into his chest.

The second one tackled Sam and you shot it too.

“Dean!” you shouted, looking for him. You followed where you thought he went, over the ripped carpet and past the dusty blinds, to find him pinned against the floor. You lunged towards the werewolf, who threw you to the ground.

“Oh you little-” you began, but the monster jumped on you, tearing it’s claws down your side.

You screamed from pain, feeling the blood pump out of you. The gun was too far from your reach and each kick came out weaker and weaker as the puddle of blood beneath you grew larger.

“Son of a bitch” Dean shouted and shot the monster from behind. He tossed it off you and looked at the gash in your side. The tears wouldn’t blink away.

“Just don’t move” Dean took his shirt and pressed it to your side, bringing the bleeding to a minimum.

“Sammy! Get in here!” Dean shouted, and both boys carried you to the Impala.

Sam drove, and Dean laid you down in the backseat, resting your head on his legs.

“Don’t move” he said, pressing his shirt tighter on your side. “Sammy, find a motel” he said and his little brother nodded, making a sharp left. You hissed from pain and shut your eyes.

“You shouldn’t have done that” Dean said, and you hadn’t noticed he’d been squeezing your hand.

“Saved you?” you spat. “Alright, I’ll try not to next time” your voice came out raspy. Dean clenched his jaw and brought you into the motel through the back door while Sam bought a room.

“Drink this” he shoved a bottle of whiskey in your direction and you gladly gulped half of it down.

“I got the first aid kit” Sam brought it near you, but Dean just took it from his hands.

“I got it” he told his brother and Sam tilted his head but shrugged.

“I’ll be in the shower” Sam tossed his dirty shirt onto the floor, and moments later you heard the water running.

Dean worked quietly, his face deep in concentration as he threaded the needle in and out of your skin.

You winced at the next stitch and he looked at you apologetically. He poured some more alcohol onto the wound, and began unbuttoning your jeans.

“Woah there, cowboy” you said, and he finally let out a smile.

“It goes down into your hip” he said and while he began threading the needle once more, you carefully maneuvered yourself out of the bloody denim.

He turned back to you and passed you the bottle again. You tipped it towards him and took a swig of it.

Dean looked down at your hip, almost dropping his needle.

“Well?” you asked, trying to see what he was looking at. His eyes landed on your tattoo and you sighed. “Strange, right?” you asked, and he stood up, still not meeting your eyes.

“Dean?” you asked, but he looked as scared as a child. Gingerly he placed the needle on the nightstand and unbuttoned his jeans enough to pull them down a bit.

You swallowed hard looking at the ink on his hip. The vine that just wouldn’t grow.

Instantly the whiskey bottle met your lips again, and you chugged down the golden liquid, feeling it burn your throat. Dean sat back by your side, and without another word began sewing up the gash. He wasn’t as careful as before, his hand was shaking slightly, but you didn’t tell him.

He wiped the dried blood away, tossing the napkins into the trash. He ran his thumb along the thick red line, each stitch prominent under his thumb.

“Dean” you said quietly and his eyes met yours.

“This- we’re- I didn’t-”

“Dean” you repeated. “I’m scared too” you said, and suddenly felt tears fall down your cheeks. Whether they were from joy or fear, you couldn’t tell. Dean’s brain began working overtime, trying to think of ways to get you out of it - to burn that damn tattoo off if he needed to.

“I can’t let you get hurt just because your tattoo matches mine” he said, “If you die, it’s on me”.

You looked at him, really looked at him.

“Or your tattoo matches mine. So if you die, it’s on me too” you said, “That’s how the tattoo works. We share it” you said, trying to reach for Dean’s. You swallowed down the pain and sat up, running your thumb over the loop on his hip. “Our souls are connected, Dean” you smiled up at him and wiped your tears with your palms.

“I guess so” Dean said, taking your hand from his skin and into his own.

“Sam will freak” you laughed with Dean and he helped you pull on a shirt.

Dean couldn’t help but smile as you struggled with the sleeves. 

“Y/N” he said and you looked at him. He wrapped a strong hand around you, and held your cheek with the other. You smiled and leaned into him. His lips fit perfectly with yours, moving as if you really were one. Now Dean knew, he didn’t need a tattoo to tell him you were soulmates.

Request: Finally

Request: can you do an imagine where sam and the reader are in the back of the car while cas and dean are in the front driving to their next case, and the reader is asleep on his shoulder or laid down on his lap and its all fluffy and cute?? thanks :-)

Word Count: 572

Woo, fluff! I hope you like it, thank you!:)

Sleep. It’s all you can think about. Hunting this thing took you three straight days. You haven’t slept in three days.

You managed to get it, sure, but now you’re going to investigate something else in another city in another state in another part of the country. You can rarely sleep in the car.

Letting out a yawn, you lean back on the chair and gaze out of the dark window. You’ve been on the highway for hours and all you’ve seen is dark things, trees, and headlights.

“You tired?” Sam asks, leaning over. He’s in the back with you, while Dean’s driving and Cas took shotgun. You nod slowly, trying to hold back another yawn.

“A little.” You lie. You’re totally exhausted. He chuckles quietly.

“Lie on me. I know it’s hard to sleep like this.”

“You sure?” You ask. He nods, and you smile gratefully. You lie down, your head resting on his lap. You close your eyes.

Definitely comfortable, you decide. After a few minutes, you feel a hand move over and brush hair from your face. It doesn’t stop there, though, instead, his hands run through your hair soothingly until you drop off.

“She asleep?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

“You in little Sammy heaven?”

“Shut up.”

“Just saying.”

“Well don’t.”





You wake a couple of hours later, far from rested but at least, refreshed. You slowly open your eyes- it’s still dark, but you can see Sam’s eyes on you.

“Morning, sunshine.” He smiles, and you laugh.

“Morning. You have a dead leg or anything?” You ask, and he shakes his head.

“Nah, I’m good. Feel free to stay there.” He says, and you grin.

“If you’re offering. You’re really quite comfortable.” You tell him, and he laughs.

“So’s your head. Your hair is so soft! Is that a girl thing?” He asks. You giggle quietly.

“No, it’s a conditioner thing.” You say, “Use some of mine next time. We all know Dean does.”

There’s a dismissive grunt from the passenger seat and Sam chuckles.

“Good to know.” Sam says, and you laugh.

“Your hair’s nice.” You reach up, twirling a lock of it around your finger. “Maybe it’s a guy thing.”

He smiles, a pink smudge covering his cheeks, “Thanks. I think.”

You laugh, sitting up slowly. He sighs.

“Noo, your head’s warm. Stay there?” He asks, and you laugh.

“Is that okay? I don’t want to bother-” You start, but he shakes his head and pushes you back down gently. You laugh.

“You’re not bothering me. It’s nice.” He says, “I like having you close.”

You hear a scoff from the front seat, and Sam kicks the chair. You laugh, moving your hand down his cheek gently.

You’re always touching each other like this- just gentle, little things. You both know you want to take it further, sure, but neither of you have the balls to come out with it.

He grins and you laugh.

“Will you two just kiss already?” Dean groans, and you laugh.

“I don’t know, Y/N. What do you say?” Sam almost teases, and you smile.

“Sometimes your brother has good ideas.” You concur, and he leans down and touches his lips to yours. You hear a half-hearted applause from the front seat, thanks to Cas.

You both laugh as you pull away.

“You should sleep on me more often.” Sam says, and you giggle.

“I prefer, ‘with’.”


- shadowhunter600 request

“What’re we watching?” Dean asked with a grin, landing heavily on the worn sofa where you and Sam were watching Game of Thrones on the old TV you’d found hidden away in the basement of the bunker.

Awkwardly, you shuffled away from his arm- which had slung itself around your neck- and mumbled something about being tired and needing to go to bed.

“Oh, come on, Y/N,” he moaned, grabbing hold of your wrist. “Spend some time with me, please.”

You stared him down but, with a sigh, relented and plopped down next to him. In truth, just being this close to him make tingles of delight shiver down your spine and your heart skipped frantically.

But that wasn’t something you could feel.

Not towards Dean.

Because in what universe would he ever reciprocate?

Sighing miserably, you stopped listening to your mind being depressing and tried to focus on the TV screen, but that soon proved impossible when Dean stretched out on the cramped loveseat and rested an absent hand on your thigh.

Drawing a sharp intake of breath, you eyed the hand and bit your lip hard, trying to not focus on the wonderful feelings that it shot down your leg and straight…to…nope! Not even going to think about that in such close proximity.

All down your left side, Dean was pressed -oh so deliciously- and he was so warm it made you want to just melt into him. Not that you would! Obviously.

Half way through the programme, Dean leant forwards to retrieve the food he’d brought with him from the kitchen and Sam caught your eye over his back. Sam knew, of course, about your feelings for Dean, and he was constantly trying to get you to woman up and tell him already. The irritated look in his eye told you as much, right now.

With a shrug, you ignored him and turned back to watch a dragon shoot flames at someone or other. To be honest, you didn’t follow Game of Thrones that much: too much blood and gore for a decent programme- after all, you saw all the blood and gore you needed on a daily basis.

Finally -finally- the show ended and you shot off the couch and straight to your room, where you collapsed against the door in a pool of smitten mush.

Sam watched his older brother watch you go, with a huff.

“What’s up?” he asked, though he already knew the answer- god, they were so oblivious of each other.

“Nuffin’,” was the grumbled reply.

Rolling his eyes, Sam sighed. Dean was always making gooey eyes over you, he had no idea how you hadn’t noticed yet, for God’s sake Dean actually put his hand on your thigh for the majority of the duration of the show! Sam thought bitterly. And then Dean would get jealous over how much time you spent in your room, while you were actually there because you thought Dean didn’t reciprocate your feelings!

Urgh, Sam thought, tossing his empty beer bottle to one side and twisting to face Dean properly. Right, we’re gonna do this and we’re gonna do it now.

“Dean,” he addressed his brother, seriously.

The elder man turned to him miserably, “Yeah?”

“We need to talk about Y/N.”

Instead of slumping off like he usually did, Dean held his ground and his expression steeled- curious, Sam thought vaguely, but ignored it.

“Yeah, I think we do,” Dean replied sourly. “Why’s she spending so much time with you lately?”

Well, that wasn’t expected.

What?” Sam frowned, raising an eyebrow. “The hell are talking about, Dean?”

“You thought I hadn’t noticed, but she’s spending loads of time with you, Sam,” he accused, a tenor of -what was that? Sadness?- in his voice. “Sam, I think I’m in love with her but, I just can’t. It’s like she’s trying to avoid me or something?”

“Are you- jealous of me?” Sam scoffed, stifling a laugh.

Dean shot him a dark look, falling back into the sofa cushions. “No,” he mumbled, unconvincingly.

“Oh my god,” Sam laughed, grabbing his brother’s shoulder and turning him, forcefully, to face him. “Dude, Y/N is so in love with you, you great idiot. That’s why she’s been avoiding you! She freaking loves you, dude, and she thought you didn’t feel the same way! She’s spending time with me because I know and I’ve been trying to help her tell you already!”

The freckled man turned his green eyes on his little -and apparently, much wiser- brother. “She-she does?”

Sam threw his hands up and collapsed back onto the couch, declaring, “Yes! Of course she does!”

“Oh-oh my god,” Dean gasped. “Well, I-I gotta tell her! I gotta tell her I feel the same way!”

“Well, duh,” the younger man called after his brother’s figure as he raced towards your room, crying your name insanely. All he could do was laugh as he settled back down into the cushions, ready to watch another episode or two before he turned in.

“Y/N?” Dean shouted, beating his fist on your door. “Y/N, are you in there? I need to tell you something! Desperately!”

There was no reply from inside your bedroom.

The hunter sighed and took a shaky breath. “Okay, I guess I’ll just tell you from out here, then,” he muttered, awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck as he braced himself. “Y/N, I-umm, well, you see the thing is…” he tried, muttering, “Fuck,” under his breath. “Well, I kinda love you…? I, umm, it’s like, sometimes I just can’t get you out of my head, I just want to be with you, to spend time with you. It’s like I can’t get enough of you sometimes and if I don’t see you right then, then I’ll, I’ll just explode, or something.”

He took a deep, shaking breath before he continued. “And then, when I see you, it’s like my whole world is right there and I just never want to look at anything else again because- perfection, its right there,” he laughed a little at himself, “You’re the only person I’ve ever felt this way about and it kills me sometimes. It hurts more than dying when you shut me out. When you just lock yourself away in your bedroom. Y/N, I need you. More than I’ve ever needed anything.” He drew a trembling sigh.

“I just, I don’t think I can do this without you, Y/N,” he whispered. “You’re everything to me and…I do, I love you.”

His eyes flickered up to your door and he stood there for a good minute before sniffing and running a sorrowful hand through his hair and giving up. About to turn back and head to his own room, he stopped.

There, frozen by the door from the kitchen, you stood.

“Y/N,” he breathed, his hands falling down from where they had been gripping his tousled hair.

“Dean,” you whispered.

Clearing his throat awkwardly, he asked you, “Umm, did you hear much of that? ‘Cause I’m seriously not saying it agai-”

You cut him off, a grin spreading across your face as you leapt at him, throwing your arms around his neck and capturing his lips in a passionate kiss.

Breaking apart, he mumbled, “Huh, I guess you did.”

Request: At Home

Request: Hi! I’m not sure if im allowed to request or not, but if i am, can you do one where the reader, Sam and Dean are in the Impala, and the reader fells asleep in the back seat,= and rolls over and starts cuddling Sam. and Dean starts teasing him. (mabey Sam starts cuddling back just to spite Dean)

Word Count: 684

Here it is, I hope you like this abundance of fluff! Thank you!<33

This hunting business is exhausting. You’ve been awake since six in the morning yesterday and it’s late evening already – thirty-nine hours, you’ve been awake. Factoring the lack of sleep you’ve been getting all week anyway and the fact that you spent three hours running around an old warehouse last night, you’re all but knocked out.

You’d have loved to have spent the night in the motel but news broke about the warehouse full of decapitated bodies being found and you had to get the hell out of there. Last night, you hadn’t had the means or willpower to clean up your mess, so you just left. You’d been on the road for about an hour when your caffeine high left you, leaving you totally exhausted.

“You okay, Y/N?” Sam asks, prodding your ribs. You look over at him sharply, pulled out of your reverie. Nodding your head rapidly, you try to force yourself to wake up a little.

“I’m good.” You say, but it comes out a whole load quieter than you’d attempted. Sam raises an eyebrow.

“Try to get some sleep, we’ve got a while to go.” He assures you. You nod, kicking off your shoes and pulling your feet up onto the edge of the seat. You draw your knees up to your chest before lying your head on them, closing your eyes. It’s not the most comfortable of positions, but it’ll do when you’re as tired as this. In fact, you’re asleep in minutes.


“She has a nice sleeping face.” Sam remarks, watching you as you sigh, shifting slightly. Dean grins in the mirror – of course he knows his brother’s fallen for you harder than he’s ever seen anything before.

“Why are you looking?”

“It’s dark. There’s nothing else outside.” Sam says hurriedly, “But… the worry is gone. I think she’s dreaming.”

“About you?”

“Shut up.”

“I bet you wish she’s dreaming about you.” Dean teases. Sam glares at the back of his brother’s head, folding his arms irritably.

“I said shut up.” He snaps, “She’s not dreaming about me, okay? Period.”

Dean quietens, but in his mind, he’s convinced you like him too. You’d be so good for Sam and he knows it – your light and love and positivity always seems to brighten Sam when he’s in the worst of moods. You just have this… this way of making people feel good about everything – themselves, the world, even the damn weather. Of course Dean feels it too, but it’s different. You’re like his little sister.


You mumble in your sleep, and for a moment, Sam is convinced that you’ve heard his words. Instead, however, you just lean slightly and in your unconscious state, you lean on Sam. He stares at you as you shift slightly and upon realising that you’re leaning on something, you loop an arm around Sam’s torso.

“Aw,” Dean coos, glancing back at you both. Sam tries to glare at him, but he’s too mesmerised by how amazing you feel all cuddled into him, “See, Sammy? She’s just gravitated towards you.”

“She’s asleep. She has no idea.”

“I don’t know, she looks pretty comfortable there.” Dean raises an eyebrow, eyes returning to the darkened road, “Don’t you think?”

“She’s sleeping.”

“On you.”

“Dean, just quit it.”

“I’m just saying, you should make your move now, while you can.”

“Fine.” Sam scowls at his brother, wrapping his arms around you. Seemingly automatically, you settle into his embrace, mumbling contentedly. He can’t help but smile – it’s like you’re molded to fit perfectly into him. You’re warm and comfortable; your familiar smell soothing. Your breathing remains slow and rhythmic, chest moving up and down with each breath. There’s something infinitely homey about the Impala – though you’re speeding down a deserted highway at ten at night and it’s cold outside and dark, you have a roof over your heads. The radio streams its rock and you’re in his arms. This could be his heaven.

Reader X TFW

Request: One where the reader and the boys get stuck in the middle of traffic for like 9 hours

Request: Can you do a fic where the reader can read minds and she spends the whole day listening in on Cas Sam and Dean and either making fun of them yelling at them or laughing at them. Thanks

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*** “Some Like It Hot”-A Supernatural Oneshot (DeanXreader)***

>>This oneshot is based off of the IMAGINE above.
>>(Y/N) = Your Name
>>WARNINGS: MAX FLUFF, heated make-out session. *wink, wink* (I don’t do smut… sorry…)


“Ugh,” you moaned as you got out of the Impala and stretched yourself out.

You were tired of driving around for hours, and Dean had finally given into your pleading for him to make a stop at a motel for the night. Sam had stayed back at the bunker because he was sick with a really bad cold. So, it was up to you and Dean to take care of the case by yourselves. It was a quick case that you had finished in less than an hour, but a long drive back to the bunker.

You hauled your backpack over your shoulder and followed a very cranky Dean into the motel lobby. A old grey haired woman stood at the desk with a friendly smile.

“How can I help you?” she asked sweetly.

Dean threw a card down on the counter, “We need a room with two beds.”

The old woman frowned, “Oh, sorry dear, but we only have rooms with one bed left. If it’s any consolation, they are king sized beds.”

Dean rolled his eyes, and sighed deeply, “That’s fine. We’ll take it.”

The lady ran the card, and then handed Dean the key to your room. Turning back to face you he noticed your raised eyebrows.

“What, (Y/N)?” he snapped.

You followed him down the hall to your room, “We’re gonna share a bed?”

“Yeah,” he responded while unlocking the door, “is that going to be a problem?”

You shook your head and shuffled into the room. The room was pretty nice compared to other motels you were used to staying in with the boys, but it did still have its quirkiness. It had a beach theme to it with a pretty mural painted above the bed. Dean looked at it, and frowned. You thought it was nice.

“I’m going to take a shower,” Dean said as he headed to the bathroom.

“Ok,” you called as he shut the door, “I’ll just take one in the morning.”

While Dean was in the shower you got dressed and combed the dirt and knots out of your head. When you were done, you peeled back the sheets and got under the covers. Not long after Dean walked out of the bathroom in a white t-shirt stretched across his chest, and his boxers. He looked so sexy with water still coating his hair, and his wet skin made his shirt cling closer to his chest emphasizing each muscle. You had the biggest crush on Dean, and you had kept it a secret for years. When you first met him it was really hard to hide your blush when he teased you or just looked gorgeous, but now you had perfected the art of hiding your blush.

Dean slipped into bed right next to you, and turned over so he wasn’t looking at you. The whole case had made him super grouchy and for some reason he kept taking it out on you. It was really starting to get on your nerves.

Dean reached up and clicked the light off, mumbling, “G'night.”

You turned to face the opposite wall of Dean, and tried to go to sleep.

An hour later, you were still awake. It was too damn hot in the room, and you were staring to sweat. You started to fidget so you could possibly find a better, cooler sleeping position, but you couldn’t. Giving up, you threw the covers off your body. The movement apparently disturbed Dean because he shot up and glared at you through the darkness. Turning on the light you finally saw the irritation that clouded his green eyes.

“What the Hell, (Y/N)?” he yelled.

You kicked your legs like a little kid, making the mattress shake below you, “It’s too hot Deeeeaaan!”

His eyes widened, “Are you serious? You woke me up because you were hot?”

You nodded with complete seriousness.

He flipped back over again, and turned off the light, “Go to sleep (Y/N),”

You pouted and crossed your arms over your chest. Not long after you could hear Dean’s labored breathing that signaled that he was asleep. You were pissed that he kept snapping at you, so you decided to get back at him.

“Deeeeeaaannn,” you whined, “It’s so hoooooot!”

His eyes popped open, “GO. TO. SLEEP. (Y/N).”

You started flailing on the bed, making as much movement as possible, “I can’t! It’s too hot Dea-”

You were cut off as Dean rolled his weight on top of you. The room was dark, but you could sense that his face was just inches from yours. His hands gripped your hips, keeping your legs steady beneath his body.

“If you don’t stop going on about how hot it is, I’m going to give you a reason to feel hot,” he whispered into your ear.

A shiver ran down your back, and a sly smile crossed your lips, “It’s very, very hot in here Dean.”

Next thing you knew Dean had his full lips pressed against yours. Your eyes closed as his tongue ran down your bottom lip, causing you to open your mouth slightly. You moaned into the kiss, and wrapped your arms around his neck. Hiw short hair was soft between your fingers, and you pulled on it slightly as he began you run his calloused hands just under the hem of your black tank top. His lips left yours so you could catch your breath, and he slowly kissed and bit down your jaw and neck.

“Mmm, Dean,” you moaned as he smiled against the crook of your neck.

He gave your hips a gentle squeeze, and kissed you once more before he rolled over to his side. At first, you were upset that he left you, but then he wrapped an arm around your waist, and pulled you right up to him.

He kissed the top of your head, “I’ve been wanting to go that for a while now.”

You giggled, and leaned up to his ear, “What took so long, Winchester?”

Words: 5,745
Dean x Reader
Warnings: none! fluffy Dean fluff!
Requested by queen-dean-of-erebor: Dean x Reader based on episode where Dean LARPs with Charlie. Dean sees Y/N in outfit and gets flustered. Fluff while they LARP!
and anonymous: “Can you do a Dean x Artist! Reader?? I love your fanfics and this would be amazing! Please and thank you!”
A/N: Charlie is frickin’ fun as hell to write. I need to write more of her! Hope you guys enjoy this. I’m sort of in love with this one shot.

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”Did Charlie say why she needed us to come up? I mean, how did she sound?”

”I don’t know, Sam, she sounded like Charlie,” Dean said with a trace of annoyance in his voice, in reality because he was worrying. He adjusted his hands on the steering wheel, grasping it far tighter than need be. “And I already told you she wouldn’t say. I tried to squeeze it out of her but she wasn’t having it!”

Sam sighed and creased appeared between his eyebrows. “I just hope everything is alright. She’s been through enough to last a lifetime,” he finished.

”Yeah,” Dean agreed gruffly. “Well, whatever it is we’re there for her. She knows that.”

The boys continued the rest of the drive in silence, except for the noise of the road and the same old rock tapes Dean had blaring on repeat. Each of them was mulling over what could possibly cause Charlie to call them and urge them to head up and meet her.

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Easy, Tiger

Dean broke his leg so the reader has to drive him back from the hospital and care for him? Just lots of fluff please :)

*not my images*


The afternoon was a blur of screaming and panic, adrenaline pumping as Dean crashed to the floor. The werewolf was twice the normal size, tossing Dean into a broken piano, which his body made unfixable.

“Dean!” you had shouted, running over while Sam shot the monster, chest heaving. 

Dean was grabbing at his leg, wincing - something you’ve never seen the oldest Winchester do. 

“Dean” you said to no one in specific as you picked up his jeans. “Oh…my” you looked at the bloody gash and twisted ankle. “That just isn’t right” you said and he shot you a death stare.

“You think?” he shouted, “Sorry” he placed a hand on your arm and you felt his warmth and care. Slowly he tried standing but he quickly fell back down.

“I’ll drive” Sam grabbed the keys from Dean, and the hospital routine was back in action. This time it wasn’t you who was bleeding, so you took Dean into the backseat.

After minutes of fighting he finally let you hold him up to walk to the car. He was trying to hide the pain, but his arm and back were tense and his eyes were pleading for help.

Carefully you laid him down in the backseat, and slid in so his head was on your lap, afraid to mess up his leg even more. 

His knuckles were as white as the road markers you watched as Sam sped towards the hospital, driving faster than he ever had before. 

You didn’t even realize that Dean Winchesters head rested in your lap as you were too focused on worrying about him.

“Shh” you placed a hand on the crook of his neck, rubbing your thumb absentmindedly across. 

“I’m fine” he clenched his jaw.

“Dean, I think I see your bone” you said and his eyes went wide. 

“No- don’t worry, never mind” you weren’t as quick and smooth with words as Dean was. He gave a small chuckle from amusement.

He stared up at you while you stared out the window. Dean watched your eyes search the sky for something intangible, temporarily forgetting about the pain. Your thumb was still rubbing circles into his neck, and he could tell you forgot you were even doing that. Smiling he turned his head away, wondering just how pink his cheeks were.

“Let’s go” Sam stopped the car and helped you pull Dean out. 

“This looks super shady” you sang as you walked through the front doors, Sam shot you a look but you swore you saw him crack a smile.

“Holy shit” a nurse swore under her breath as you walked in, “Emergency room!” she shouted to another nurse who helped Dean up onto a gurney. 

“Don’t! Stop- what, what is that - no don’t” Dean was struggling against the nurses trying to belt him down. 

You knew they’d tranquilize him in second, “Dean! Shutup!” you hissed but he tried sitting up in the gurney. 

A doctor came immediately to assist and stabbed the needle into Dean’s arm. 

Sam was by the check in desk, side-eyeing the happening, slightly amused at your adoration for his older brother.

“He’ll be fine” Sam said once you walked over, arms crossed. 

“I know, just- I don’t…” you trailed off.

“You don’t like when he’s hurting. I know, you’d rather make out with him” Sam said and your eyes went wide.

“What? Sam don’t joke right now” you were amazed at his humor, usually he was the serious one in the Winchester duo. 

“I see the way you look at him” Sam said once you were seated in the waiting room. 

You tried getting comfortable on the chair, but images of Dean screaming as they re-set the bone terrified you, but it was all for his better.

“How will he hunt now?”

“He won’t for a while, but everything heals with time” Sam tried comforting you, but his mind was somewhere else. Mostly on the nurse facing her back to you with curly blonde hair. His eyes searched her up and down as if he were missing something.

“Sam” you placed a hand on his arm, worried. “What’s wrong?” you asked and he snapped out of it. 

“Nothing” he said, clenching his jaw. 

You decided to get some sleep, this week would be long. You slipped off your jacket and bundled it up between your head and Sam’s shoulder. He moved slightly so you could get more comfortable. Having a giant moose for a best friend was amazing, he made a damn good pillow.

Within seconds you were passed out, near drooling.

“Y/N, wake up” Sam was shaking you slightly. 

“What? What time is it?” you asked and Sam said “It’s almost midnight”

“What?!” you shouted and then settled down when an old lady shot you a glance. 

“They said Dean’s awake now but he’s seriously loopy” Sam said and you smiled before following him to Dean’s room.

Walking in you found a nurse filling in some forms on her clipboard, and she was very pretty, with her eyes all over Dean. 

Jealousy swelled up inside you, “Can I talk to him alone please?” you snapped and Sam cocked his head at you. 

“What the hell was that?” he asked once she was out of the room.

Shrugging you walked over to Dean and shook his shoulder.

“Hey” you smiled and immediately he smiled back, reaching up with his hand. 

“They gave me so much medicine, it’s like being drunk without the drinking” he said and you laughed. 

“Oh, Dean” you messed with his sheets until you uncovered his cast.

“Woah! We haven’t even kissed yet” he said and Sam burst out laughing. Blushing you saw the cast covered up to his mid-thigh, and was bare. 

“How about I sign it later?” you suggested and Dean nodded happily. He was so happy, as if he didn’t know he was a hunter. Moments later Sam and Dean were in deep conversation about pancakes, the doctor knocked.

“Hello” he greeted, “Here is his pain medication, two tablets twice a day” he said and you nodded, passing it to Sam who pocketed it. 

“He loves the both of you very much” the doctor said before leaving.

“Excuse me?” you asked.

“Oh” he chuckled, “Initially when he woke up, he was under so much morphine that he started babbling about how he only broke his leg to save you-“ he pointed at you, “if your name is Y/N, and you hunt werewolves!” he laughed before shutting the door. You turned on your heels to stare at Sam.

“What the hell?”

“At least he didn’t say anything else…” Sam looked at his brother who was sleeping again, drooling all over the pillow. 

“But what does he mean by he saved my life?” you asked, and no answer came. Silently you took a seat by Dean’s bed, and fell asleep. Your arm was hanging off the bar on the bedside, and your head was situated on the bed near Dean’s side. Sam was wandering the hospital halls for hours, researching and reading on his phone.

The next morning Dean was let out, and you passed him his crutches. 

“Here ya go” you said, and helped him out of bed. He slipped on yesterdays clothing, struggling to get the jeans over his cast. Quickly you cut them open as he groaned about how these were brand new. 

“I’m not using those” he said and tried standing up, quickly falling back onto you.

“Easy tiger” you stuck them out again and he took them. 

“Sam’s driving us back to the bunker, how’s the pain?” you asked.

“A strong five” he said and you nodded. 

“Let’s get you home- wait, I actually have a question” you asked as you made your way to the parking lot. 

“Yeah?” he turned to you, eyes sparkling in the summer’s sun. The shadows played off his face so his freckles were detailed perfectly. 

You didn’t realize how long you didn’t speak for until a car honked.

“Yeah, yeah” you waved it off and continued. “The doctor said while you were all loopy, you said that you broke your leg to save my life” and Dean stopped in his tracks.

“Must’ve misheard me” he said and began moving a bit faster.

“Dean!” you shouted behind him but he knew how to move those crutches quickly.

You decided to leave him be, he was tired and in pain. You slid into the backseat with him, leaning your head on the window.

Days had passed slowly. The mornings started with Dean unable to go down the library’s three steps while Sam rolled his eyes. The afternoons involved shouting and yelling about how Dean could hunt while you and Sam shouted back, telling him to stay at home. Nighttime was your only solace. 

“How about a movie?” Dean spoke up after a silent dinner. He gave you a small smile as he propped up his crutches.

“I’d love it” you smiled back and cleaned up his plate. 

“Y/N” he called behind you, and you spun around with both plates in your hands.

“You don’t have to clean up after me, I can handle myself” he said, trying to keep his “I don’t need help” act up. 

“I don’t have to, I want to” you said and turned on your heel. Dean pursed his lips in thought before getting up and setting up a movie.

“How about the Avengers? I know you love that one” he smiled at you like an idiot as he held up the case. Giggling you nodded and plopped yourself down on the couch. 

Dean slid the disc in and then took the seat next to you. He struggled to grab the blanket, unable to move his heavy casted leg. 

“I got it” you said and he mumbled a string of curses under his breath. 

“Dean. You have to stop it now, I’m helping you and I like helping you and it’s nothing to be upset about” you snapped.

“Sorry, I’m sorry” he said immediately, quite out of character for him.

“Did- did you just apologize?” you asked and he looked up at you through his blonde eyelashes.

He gave a small smirk and you pulled the blanket up over the both of you. He moved to reach the remote, brushing his bare arm against yours and you felt your skin tingle at the contact. 

Halfway into the movie you turned to Dean who was intently watching, face silhouetted by the screens dim lighting. You never really noticed just how pretty his jaw was, or how comforting it was to watch his chest as he breathed.

“What?” he asked without looking away from the screen. Turning your head quickly you blushed.

Dean turned to you and you met his eyes, they were sparkling thousands of different shades of green. “I’m sorry I’ve been a douche, I just- I didn’t want anyone to feel like they have to help me. I’m already pretty useless now” he said and your jaw went slack.

“Useless? Dean I don’t know what I’d do without you” you said without realizing it.

“What do you mean?”

Sighing you said, “Don’t you know? Sam see’s it. He always teases me about it, can’t you see I like you Dean?”

“I like you too”

“No, Dean! I mean I really like you” you said and he began laughing. 

“I really like you too” he copied your tone and you beamed back at him.

Quickly he leaned towards you, pressing his lips to yours. You pulled at his hair feverishly, pressing your chest against his. 

“Damnit” he muttered and you pulled away.

“Am I that bad?” you asked, cheeks crimson.

“I wanted to turn but my leg was stuck on the table” he pointed to where he leg was propped up. Smiling deviously you said, “How about I move instead? you said and climbed onto him, straddling his hips.

Dean’s breath hitched in his throat for a second before he snapped out of it, “I like this idea a lot more” he smiled and you laughed, pulling him up towards you. 

You brushed your lips over his and jumped off.

“Tease!” he shouted and you tossed a pillow at him laughing. Dean tried reaching for one but couldn’t.

“Damnit!” he shouted, making you laugh even harder. 

“I know what’ll make you feel better” you ran to the kitchen to find a marker while Dean sat perplexed. 

“Better not be a dick” he joked and you slapped him. You picked the spot right above his knee and began writing. 

“This isn’t a dick” you wrote and Dean burst out laughing. 

“No seriously, wait let me write something” you then moved to the other side of his leg. 

This cast is really ugly, but you aren’t” you signed, cracking up. 

“What’s so funny?” he asked, trying to see the area you signed.

“Nothing” you said and capped the marker. He rolled his eyes before you jumped onto the couch, dropping your head onto his stomach. 

“Ow!” he groaned and you fixed your position. He placed a hand on your shoulder as he wrapped you into a hug, playing with your hair in his other hand. 

“Thank you for helping me with everything” he said and you smiled.

Quietly you watched the movie, encapsulated in Dean’s warmth. You placed a hand on his cast, running your fingers up and down the rough material, listening to the bumping noises it made against your nail. Slowly you fell asleep, Dean also not too long after. 


Request: Complain

Request: Bodyswap fic with one of the boys? Uvu

Word Count: 736

I have a Sam bodyswap fic that you can find here, too! Thanks, I hope you like it!<33

“For God’s sake, Dean, stop grabbing my boobs!”

“Sorry.” He retracts his hands quickly, “They’re just so… soft.”

“Grow your own if you want some to grope.” You snap, throwing the book to the side, “I’m sick of this.”

“Boobs help.”

Dean!” You hiss, glaring at him… well, yourself.

It wasn’t strictly supposed to go like this. In fact, it couldn’t have gone much worse. You and Dean went in, intending to get the witch killed before lunch. It was going great until you shot at her head, but she deflected it just enough that it hit her neck. Rather than killing her instantly, she had enough time to mutter some inaudible Latin. Before you could figure out what it meant, you were taller and broader and… in Dean’s body.

It was funny at first, this whole body swap thing. You were both clumsy and useless – you kept hitting your head while he couldn’t reach anything. He didn’t have a clue how to get a bra on, for a change. But at this point, you just want your body back and for crying out loud, he won’t leave your boobs alone!

“Dean!” You snap, “Focus!”

“You can’t stop me.” He grins mischievously. It’s so strange watching yourself do that, and you make a mental note never ever to pull that face.

“Honey, I’m in your body,” You flash him a shit-eating grin, “I can do whatever I want to this meatsack.”

He regards you with a mixture of fear and awe, before nodding.


He removes his hands from your chest and goes back to reading up on curses. Sam, on the other hand, is too busy laughing. You glare at him.

“Shut up.” You hiss, and he holds his hands up in mock surrender.

“Sorry. It’s just funny watching Dean throw a tantrum. I mean… his body.”

“It won’t be a tantrum he’s throwing in a minute,” You mutter, looking at the case of throwing knifes resting against a wall.

You don’t mean to be so grumpy. You just… you want your body back. You even find yourself longing for all of the little things that annoyed you in the past – that piece of hair that never lies right and the stretch marks on your skin.

Dean feels the same, though. He can’t be bothered with your body – mostly because he just doesn’t understand it. How do you keep your hands so soft when you handle as many weapons as you do, and how do you smell so nice, even when you’re constantly running around killing things. He just doesn’t get it.

It’s nearly an hour later when Sam finds something – but it’s hardly the news you were looking for.

“It says it should only last about 24 hours.” The younger Winchester explains, and you groan, before realising…

It was about this time yesterday you killed the witch.

You could get your body back any minute now!

You laugh, “Finally!” Standing up, you push the chair away from the table, stretching yours… well, Dean’s legs. Dean grins, standing up too.

“I’ll miss your body. Kinda.”

“You’ll miss my boobs.”

He pauses, before shrugging, “Pretty much. But they’re so annoying when I’m trying to sleep, it’s like…” He groans, “Hey, let’s lie – no, wait, there’s a boob in my face! And don’t get me started on that bra, I bet yours is just really hard to do.”

You listen to him complain good-naturedly – all things you’ve thought in the past. In fact, you’re in such an improved mood that you barely notice when the complaints are suddenly coming from…

“Dean!” You yell over him, rejoicing at hearing your own voice, “It’s me! It’s you!”

There’s a gasp from Dean and he grins, overjoyed to be back in his roughened but familiar body. You, on the other hand, are so happy that you fling your arms around his neck and kiss his cheek, before sauntering off down the hall yelling something about taking a shower because you feel weird. Dean, meanwhile, just stares after you, transfixed.

“Dean?” Sam asks after a solid minute of Dean staring down the now empty corridor. The elder Winchester turns to him slowly.


“Are you okay?”



“I think I’m in love.”

Dean X Reader

Request: Hey! Your stories are AMAZING! no, Super AWESOME!! What about one, where Dean is friendzoned? :D but in the end he finds a way to date reader:D hope you write it:)

Request: Hey you, got another. Reader is talking to Dean, and they (somehow) get to the topic of his eyes, so from that point on you call him Greeny Deany. Thanks! <3

Request: Can you write a oneshot of dean and the reader play wrestling and he wins? Feel free to add stuff to it! Thank you ❤️

Request: Can you do one where the boys all fall in love with the reader? -Bree Ps I loooooooove your work

Request: Can you do a imagine thing where the reader is a gamer girl along with a hunter and plays online on black ops a lot in her spare time and dean walks in her room while she’s in her underwear and bra and secretly he likes it cuz dean loves the reader?

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