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cinnamontoastedbutter asked:

Do you think it's possible that Mituna created the LE-summoning ~ATH code? It would make sense knowing that Kurloz was present, it burned out his powers, and the other Heirs have spread their influence through reality through their aspect.

Huh, I’ll be damned. It’s possible! I mean, Sollux was a programmer, so why not Mituna? That’d tie up a loose end, explain his mysterious action, even bring up a dangling implication of most ancestors sharing traits (like Zahhak robotics) that wasn’t applied to Mituna yet with the programming.

Specifically, it was possibly the act of transferring it to the furthest ring and binding it to- or hell, creating the server in itself, or sending it out there when he physically had it in his hands, that easily could’ve done it.

My only problem is, Kurloz or not, the kid claimed he was saving everyone. Creating Lord English’s summoning code is quite the opposite. You’ve got me pretty convinced he did it now, whether he wrote the code or sent the server out there or whatever part he had in it, but I can’t help but wonder if his sacrifice was something else on top of this.


New animation!

League of Legends: Summoner’s Code Animated

Based on this post from Summoner’s Code.

Comprehensive Season 5 Nami FREELO Guide for Support Players

Multi-Season High Elo (Plat-Diamond) Nami Main Experience-Based Guide on How to Gain Freelo with Nami Support

Nami - Basic Kit includes Movement Speed Steroids on her passive and that trigger on any of her abilities including offensive abilities coming in contact with allies that can add up over the course of the game and boost map and teamfight mobility. Q is an AoE damaging stun with a constant projectile speed at any of its middle-to-large cast range, W is a bouncing Damage/Heal ability that gains mild potency as it bounces, can be used for lane sustain, snipes and to KS on accident. E is an auto attack steroid that causes the next 3 basic attacks to trigger bonus damage and a potent slow, can be used by the support on herself to assist in kiting, harass in lane, or be given to other teammates to assist in chasing, kiting or killing. Ult is a frontally traveling long range knock-up and slow that deals decent damage and also applies Nami’s passive to teammates. Extremely good at disrupting enemy backlines, stoping recalls, peeling for ADCs and initiating lane-based ganks or jungle-based teamfights. due to its mildly rapid travel speed and extremely long range. 

Why Pick Nami?

Nami is an extemely versatile champion that a lot of people under-estimate and are uncomfortable playing against. Her kit, when used correctly, affords the player high power levels throughout the entire game, and she synergizes extremely well with most champions, as well as being strong for both team play and Solo Queue. 

Pros: Strong Lane Phase, Strong Midgame, Strong Late Game, Good CC, Good Peel, Good Dive, Good Sustain, Impactful Damage.

Cons: Difficult to Use, Difficult to Master, Easily Misplayed, Very Vulnerable to Positioning mistakes, Very easy to be preyed upon, Very Long Cooldowns without CDR, Ally ADCs can be Uncomfortable Playing with a Nami. 


Spellthief’s Edge is the optimal start for Nami, because of the aggressive playstyle it promotes and the power that Nami holds in taking this position in lane. It should be accompanied by 3 Health Biscuts, 1 Mana Potion and a Warding Totem (Yellow). 

The Buildpath is very simple. Upon backing I prefer to spend my gold on the upgraded Edge, Frostfang, if the lane is going evenly but I am able to get off a lot of aggressive attacks onto a support like Janna or Blitzcrank who cannot retaliate in a reliable way. Mobility Boots are good if your lane is winning and you can afford to run mid and get kills or summoner spells for your mid laner, which is a valuable skill to work on while carrying as Nami. Sightstone is good if you are facing a heavy damage lane like Leona, Braum or Alistar or are facing heavy jungle pressure from a gank-oriented Jungler like Lee-Sin, Vi or Pantheon, and allows you to swap over to Scanner and facilitate ganks of your own. Chalice of Harmony is my personal favorite early-game item, as it lets you keep up your harass as well as sustain your ADC with your W heals as well as increasing your MR for trading with the enemy support, and it pairs well with Frostfang because of the aggression it permits and the high early-game cost it carries, so Frostfang’s improved income alleviates some of that pain. 

After finish the standard setup of Edge/Frostfang, Mobi’s, Chalice, Sightstone and Scanner, I prefer to finish out Chalice into Crucible for the cleanse active, CDR and mana regen to sustain your casting for the rest of the game. After that, finishing Frostfang/Edge into Frost Queen’s Claim can help you land bubbles for picks easier, but if another item is needed more there’s no harm in holding off on finishing the Claim until later in the game. Keep in mind that there is no shame in asking your teammates to build some of these items like FH or Locket to free up your inventory for other more useful items, and I would actually STRONGLY recommend you engage in doing so, however you cannot always rely on them to agree to do so. Some items to consider for your remaining two item slots are:

Locket of the Iron Solari provides the CDR that Nami desperately needs, and in my opinion every team that is facing a team comp with at least one magic damage dealer needs a Locket. The Active is amazing for diving and saving desperate teammates, and it strongly counters a lot of popular champions like Rumble, Katarina and Lissandra by neutralizing a lot of their damage on your squishy carries. 

Frozen Heart is the Armor alternative to Locket of the Iron Solari. Helping to shut down a lot of the enemy team’s physical damage dealers, it has a ton of CDR and maximum mana that allows Crucible’s %MP regen to run even faster, and is honestly one of my favorite items to build on Nami. 

Zeke’s Herald is an extremely underrated item. Not only will this allow your ADC much more passive tankyness with its Lifesteal, but the AD will also improve their damage by a slight amount. If you have another champion on your team who is AD-oriented, this item just gains gold efficiency, and if they benefit from the Lifesteal as well, such as Yasuo, Riven or Lee-Sin, there’s no reason NOT to have this item, especially given it makes you tankier and carries with it the necessary CDR. 

Twin Shadows is also very efficient in that it allows you to make more productive use of your close-quarters kit, and snag picks more frequently as well as avoiding face-checking brushes if you cannot afford a ward to do so. 

Sleeper Items (When Nothing Else is suitable to the situation or viable.)

Liandry’s Torment can be extremely powerful on Nami Support, her Kit utilizes the CC aspect of this item very well and all of her abilities are AoE so she will be putting out very consistent damage with it. The only Cons are you are deprived of some utility and its lacking in CDR so Lucidity boots may need to be afforded, however if no other items are available this item can prove to be extremely powerful. 

Iceborn Gauntlet allows Nami to have a pseudo-E on herself more frequently, allowing for more consistent peels as well as strong damage, especially with Zeke’s Herald, and provides a good bit of Max Mana for sustain, damage, tankyness and CDR. 

Don’t Discount the power a well-played Morellonomicon can hold in a team where no other champions can viablly purchase it, and you are facing a heal-heavy team, I.E. Akali Soraka Vlad Tristana Mundo (An extreme case, but you ge the idea.) If you are stuck with a mid-lane Zed, top-lane Gnar and Jungle Amumu who all cannot afford to purchase this item but can spare you a Frozen Heart or Locket, this item can in fact turn the tides against a team reliant on healing, but should NOT be built outside of this specific scenario!


This item is the prime example of a trap item! It provides the same damage output usefulness as Zeke’s, but none of the survivability and none of the team survivability from the lifesteal! The AP is almost null and the build path is irritating at best, this item should be AVOIDED at ALL COSTS. 

Again, this item provides meagre damage output improvements while Mikael’s Crucible allows you to literally save a teammate’s life, whether it be from the heal or the cleanse. That item’s active alone is reason enough to pass up on this trap.

Again, this item provides the enemy team an opportunity to simply breach your front lines and kill you before you can make use of your kit, no reason to build it outside troll games.

Gameplay Tips:

In lane, I like to start E to trade with enemy laners early and rack up pressure as well as Spellthief’s stacks. I then take Q if I want to pressure for a kill if we hit level 2 first, or W if the enemy duo hits level 2 first and you need heals to rebound or maintain pressure. However, all 3 abilities should be taken by level 3 and the max order is R > W > E > Q. Being map aware of when and where the enemy jungler shows in order to place your wards is key. Your ADC should focus on farming the same way you focus on the map, while you both focus on trading damage with the enemy laners. You should also be keeping track of friendly and enemy Summoner Spells, so you can gauge the way an engagement will go. I.E., if you have flash and ignite, and your ADC has heal, but the enemy laners have no summoner spells, and you’ve even on gold roughly, you should be looking for engages, whereas if you are equal in gold, but have no summoner spells and the enemy support still has exhaust and the enemy ADC has flash, you might want to rethink shooting for picks without a gank. For Solo Q, you should also be looking to pressure the enemy Mid and Jungle as much as possible. SAFELY warding the enemy jungle is extremely powerful, getting a pick on the enemy jungler or mid laner, or having a friendly Mid/Jungle/ADC escort to walk you in and out of their territory can allow you vision of their jungle and relieve all lanes of that threat and allow map-wide FREE aggression. Ganking the mid lane by walking BEHIND, not towards but BEHIND the enemy mid laner via the river hallway closest to their turret and slowing them with your E into a bubble can allow for free flashes or free kills. BE CAREFUL not to do this if you are LOW HEALTH, if your mid laner is LOW HEALTH OR MANA, or if the enemy mid laner is already significantly ahead in gold that they can 2v1 you, or even 3v1 with a jungler present. 

Late Game, you should be looking to lock down enemy carries as well as peel for your own. Mastering this dual art is key to mastering Nami, as her range and versatility allow you to do both successfully at once. Getting picks by applying your E to yourself and then slowing them into a bubble allows for easy picks, and your Ult and Q are effective at zoning enemy team members from important objectives like Baron, Dragon and Towers. Don’t be afraid to ult, you should usually be the follow up to a tank-based engage like Shyvana, Amumu or Sejuani, but if you see an opportunity there’s nothing wrong with engaging using the wave. 

Synergizes Well With:

Twitch’s Ult applies Nami’s E stacks to every target it hits, as well as his surprise-attack QW combo with her E applied to him makes him all the more dangerous. Nami can also be very successful at locking enemies down in one spot for long periods of time for Twitch to fire freely into the enemy team, and her W healing allows him to survive laning phase well enough to scale if not win. 

Again, Nami’s E allows Kalista to slow enemy targets and hop towards them freely without having to waste her Rend charges, making for an even more deadly rip when she finally decides to shred them out. Nami’s speed-boosting passive makes Kalista even more slippery, and the ability to be thrown by Kalista alleviate’s Nami’s immobility problems and allows her ult to be more accurate and makes Nami’s wave more disruptive, because it’s more difficult to avoid. Also, Nami’s E-based auto harass in lane works well with Kalista’s W passive, making poking down enemies a breeze. 

Once Again, Jinx’s rapid fire and AoE style autoattacks make Nami’s E truly a force to be reckoned with. The 1-2 Punch Combo of E-Based Rockets into Zap! into Bubble into Traps make holding the enemy target still for extended periods of time and from a long range disturbingly easy, as well as the fact that both Jinx and Nami are able to have a significant effect on a teamfight from a very long way away. 

Graves is okay too. His smoke screen slow makes their partnership okay, and he has good lane pressure to match hers. 

Nami Struggles Against: 

Alistar can make lane a rough place for Nami. She can build an edge at level 1, but after that she becomes very vulnerable to his flash combos for free early game gank kills, and he can mirror both her sustain, peel and damage fairly easily. Nami has the outplay advantage, though, and her late-game can certainly be more impactful given her range and more extensive kit. 

Nami can certainly struggle against Lulu, given Lulu has a permanent auto-attack based damage steroid to counter Nami’s less permanent one. A well-played Lulu can shield well enough to block Nami’s E/W harass, and counter her bubble with a well timed polymorph. Again, the edge goes to Nami, as Lulu is forced to play reactively and Nami proactively, but this lane can be a doozy. 

Janna is only rough because she denies Nami the ability to really do much killing of the enemy lane, which can be difficult to deal with in Solo Queue. Nami can and usually will win this matchup, but Janna will provide few opportunities for successful engagements and ganks, which can make games more difficult and lengthy than they would be otherwise. 

Caitlyn is simply irritating to play against in that her long basic attack range allows her to return damage to Nami’s Bush-based E harassment, which makes early pressure extremely difficult to output without the occasional Ezreal Q, Graves Q, Kalista Q or some other damage element from your friendly ADC. However, Nami can Bubble and Ult Caitlyn out of the air from her net, which affords her the skill advantage in that manner. 

Summoner Spells:


When the enemy team has a Burst-Oriented assassin, I.E. Zed, Katarina, Akali, Yasuo, Riven, Ezreal, Syndra, LeBlanc, ect. 

Every other time, used to counter enemy ADC’s heal, facilitate deadlier Mid/Jungle ganks from the support and allow better lane pressure. 




I personally enjoy a page that includes:

 3 FLAT ARMOR QUINTS (+4.26 Armor x 3) 




6 FLAT MR BLUES (1.34MR x 6)

Friendly Reminder

Hello Summoners!

     Please remember to ward when you can! The support is, but one person, they cannot ward the entire map by themselves! Also bear in mind, that wards grant you vision, but that does not mean you’ll always see the enemy coming! You have to constantly look at your minimap and be aware of where your teammates and enemies are, and which way they’re heading.

   I can vouch from experience, that I’ve had a handful of teammates who I had to herd like cattle with my pings, because they did not see that the enemy was en route to a location they were passing through.

   If you have any questions or roleplay please head to the ask box! No need to be shy, I’ll give you all the information I humanly possibly can!

                                                                      -Summoner Baihe Qipian