Summer Splash


Hey, future fish!

I had such a great time this week at Shikacon in Bristol! I got to debut my very first crossplay and it felt so great. I love the versatility of cosplay. Thanks to everyone who made this convention as fun as it looks in pictures. More/nicer photos to come after some editing. Eep!

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
Makoto: myself
Haru: pinkodak
Rin: imsosrsly
(Also check out their cosplay blog! systirmo)
Photographer: melancholymiracles


summer splash 2013
↳ featuring ranbir kapoor

I am an actor, I am not a model. I am not here to be desirable. If I am desirable it is a good thing but it doesn’t matter if I lose on that front. For instance, Mr Amitabh Bachchan may not figure in that hottest desired list today, but the kind of respect that he gets, and the kind of person that he is, the kind of work he has done, I want to be like him rather than somebody who is just desired.”. - Ranbir Kapoor


[Duet Nov 2010] Best scene in Kokuritsu

1) Matsumoto’s choice: It’s “Summer Splash”, initially the 5 of us were supposed to move close to each other, but our positions sort of hindered us from doing so, so during the last 2 days we tried to stick to the original plan. In the end, we did it but something doesn’t seem quite right, it’s rather Arashi-like anyway (laugh). And, that specific moment was amusing. On the last day I started forming a circle out of the blue, that was fun too.

2) Ninomiya’s choice: Indeed, it’s the encore, not just any encore but the second encore where we came out and sang the ever-popular “Love Rainbow” after gratefully receiving much chants from the crowd. We didn’t plan anything beforehand, but our bodies just moved the way it did, it was great. This is a good photo, I have to admit. Although we really didn’t plan anything beforehand, moving towards each other like this left an impression on me. I guess it was fun. Rather, we were really having fun at this time.

3) Aiba’s choice: I quite like the photo where the 5 of us held our hands up high in the end. And, the photo where Sho-chan, Nino and I did that pose during the encore is good too. We’re like Perfume… with that said, I might get scolded by Perfume (laugh). (regarding the chosen photo) Wow, this is beautiful. It feels like fireflies. The green penlights are really pretty too. All the photos of the 5 of us that you showed me, they’re all good~ it’s so hard to choose!

4) Sakurai’s choice: This is the opening of “Summer Splash”. (Getting high while forming a circle during the intro) we suddenly started to do this during the last day at Kokuritsu, I laughed too much and couldn’t rap at all, I really regret that. Although I didn’t manage to sing properly… I had so much fun I laughed too much.

5) Ohno’s choice: Although I’m not in the photo, this one looks fun so I picked it. Even while I was singing, I kept looking at them. Actually the 5 of us were supposed to gather together at this point, but it turned to be a situation where I just watch over the 3 of them who are having fun by themselves. That’s quite some expression you got there, Aiba-chan (laugh)


By Front H. Page

BALTIMARE BEACH – Equestria almost lost its favorite banana salespony to a watery grave when Banana Pie was found weighted with cement shoes to the bottom of the sea off the coast. He was discovered and dragged ashore by visiting surfer Aqua Marine. “I was hotdogging on the waves for the Balti-mares when suddenly, I was underwater and saw what I thought was a Sea Pony,” says Aqua, “It’s a good thing I had a nasty wipeout when I did!” Summer Splash, an off-duty lifeguard who happened to be present, resuscitated Pie and smashed his cement shoes with her thighs. “Judging from his pruney hooves, Pie must’ve been submerged for hours,” says Summer, “I can’t believe he held his breath for so long; he must be a freak of nature!” When questioned about his ordeal, a banana was produced and offered by its namesake who simply stated, “I give you banan [sic].”

Police were more baffled by the motivation than the misdemeanor itself, wondering why would anypony perpetrate such a peccadillo on Banana Pie. According to a “reliable source”–the self-appointed “world’s greatest detective” dressed up as a bat–the attempt on the life of Pie was committed by a hoofful of thugs who are as petty as the reasons for their actions. They call themselves “the Wit Hit,” a trio of old-time gangsters who resemble–but are not related to–a certain Baltimare local. Though this up-and-coming gang is probably nothing to sneeze at, the credibility of the “bat-pony” remains to be seen.


summer splash 2013
↳ featuring deepika padukone

In the (film) industry, body size doesn’t matter. What matters is how much an actor contributes through his performance and not his body size. It is important that every person should wear clothes that go with their body: the cut, the fabric make a lot of difference. - Deepika Padukone