all-0n-sy asked:

My big's birthday is next month. Any gift ideas???

YES!! I have a Master List of big/little gift ideas to craft or buy that you can check out: 

Ultimate Big/Little Giftie Guide

I also have a new program on my blog called FAB FINDS where I spotlight sorority gift ideas that I discover and especially love! These are some of my latest FAVE PICKS which would make fabulous BIG birthday gifts and graduation gifts………… XOXO

Personalized BIG socks from SOCKPRINTS

Personalized BIG throw pillow from SORORITEE

Customized BIG tee shirt or tank top from THE GREEK SUPPLY

Customized SORORITY throw pillow from DECOR-2-UR-DOOR

NEW sorority bangles and trinket trays rom SASSY SORORITY

✥ Please ALSO SHOP the very special VIP sorority sugar Sweet on Greek Sponsors for lots more individual BIG gift treasures!! 

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new cage set came in today! we put it in tonight after we were done bonding with the babies. they were checking everything out and enjoying it all before we got it all setup! I’m so happy for them. the last few pics are of the babies snuggling in a new pouch, to get the feel for it. I think they like it 😉