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Trevor Powers (aka Youth Lagoon) is coming to The Social in March. Have a look at his latest music video, then get details on the show at the SITE.

Chris Carrabba Discusses Stepping Away From Dashboard Confessional


Chris Carrabba recently discussed his stepping away from Dashboard Confessional in order to make a new Further Seems Forever record and what that means for Dashboard in the future. Check out the full interview here and a snippet of it below by clicking “Read More.”

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Suburban Apologist's 3 year anniversary
party went down last night at New World.
hometown heroes Alexander and the Grapes
and Gainesville’s Sunshine State brought it,
and Tampa’s favorite weirdest/awesomest
(and Mrs. Idiot’s most beloved) band
Wolf-Face did what Wolf-Face does so well.

now that’s how you do a birthday party.

- Holla
Drank: too many yuenglings, etc.

Playlist 2/1

Artist /Track/Album

LCD Soundsystem/Daft Punk Is Playing At My House/LCD Soundsystem    
Daft Punk/Doin’ It Right (w/Panda Bear)/Random Access Memories    
The Chain Gang of 1974/Sleepwalking/Daydream Forever    
Chromeo/Come Alive (w/ Toro Y Moi)/White Women    
Broken Bells/Holding On For Life/After the Disco    
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks/The Janitor Revealed/Wig Out At Jag Bags    Beachwood Sparks/Make It Together/Desert Skies    
Hospitality/I Miss Your Bones/Trouble    
The Both/Milwaukee/MP3    
Alexander & The Grapes/Falling Apart/Falling Apart 7”    
+/- (Plus Minus)/Toe The Line/Jumping The Tracks    
Midlake/The Old and the Young/Antiphon    
X Priest X/Samuri/MP3    
Deaf Poets/Degenerate Mind/MP3    
Wolf Face/I Wanna Be A Homo (sapien)/Still A Son Of A Bitch    
King Krule/Boarder Line/Six Feet Beneath The Moon    
Warpaint/Love Is To Die/Warpaint    
Painted Palms/Hypnotic/Forever    
Sky Ferreira/Heavy Metal Heart/Night Time, My Time    
Cloud Nothings/I’m Not Part Of Me/Here and Nowhere Else    
Mogwai/Simon Ferocious/Rave Tapes    



Happy Birfhday, SubAp!

I truly believe I have one of the most committed, connected, respectful, intelligent, and generous audiences of any musician working today

- K. Devine in his Kickstarter pitch

Good things happen to people who treat fans, media, and blogs well.  Congrats to Kevin Devine who crushed his Kickstarter campaign today by raising almost $60,000 in less than 12 hours.

From the first time I saw Devine open for (I think it was) Steel Train at the old Orpheum, I felt a connection.  The earnest was undeniable, and listening to his 2006 Capitol Records debut Put Your Ghosts To Rest made me dig further back into his catalog where I found an equally impassioned Devine working kinks out of sonic ideas and putting philosophies and ideas that would change my view on the world to tape.

It has been a delight to follow him throughout his career thus far (two more solo LPs, more than a handful of singles/EPs, and two LPs with another band Bad Books).

All along the way his PR and management always treated me with so much respect.  At one point, when a line from his one-take cover of The Smith’s “Half A Person” resonated deep enough with me to get me to write an email, Devine responded personally with the quickness.

I hope that I can return than kind of honest, sincere, and thoughtful treatment to every artist and contributor that I ever correspond with.  If I haven’t, then I am truly sorry.  

Reax Music is a Tampa Bay based website covering music, arts, culture and local hotspots. Our websites is the most comprehensive source of bands, artists and local venues in the Tampa Bay area. We cover Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Ybor City.

In honor of the third year anniversary of local blog, suburbanapologist, I felt obliged to share the first article I ever had ‘published’ in one of our local zines. 

An admitted Pavement apologist, I felt the urge to call out of work/take a few days off of school and drive to Atlanta in order to see Stephen Malkmus perform at the Variety Playhouse. 

At this point in time, I never thought I would be privy to catching my Rosebud (Pavement) perform live, and felt that it was absolutely imperative that I drive 7 hours to Atlanta to at least catch my hero perform live solo.

It was an incredible trip, (and it was an even more incredible trip two years later when I caught Pavement’s first American reunion show at Coachella), but nonetheless, I got published for the first time since briefly writing for the USF Oracle as an undergrad.

It’s impossible to express the thrill of seeing your words in print, and I thank Reax for providing me with this brief opportunity.

I love this town. I love what it stands for. I love the hard working people that contribute bringing music to the masses of this area. I wish we caught more shows from a national eye, but meh, it is what it is with Tampa! I suppose it is a ‘detriment’ to living in paradise!

Cheers to rayroa for all the work he has put into making suburbanapologistwhat it is today. I look forward to toasting in his success later this evening, as I currently reminisce on the good ole Reax days!

-Idiot, drinking Lacroix sparkling water

For those of you out of the loop, Tinariwen is an old-school world music outfit made up of some musically inclined members of the nomadic Tuareg people of Northern Mali.  The album was recorded in the Algerian desert and features contributions from TV On The Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe and Kyp Malone, Nels Cline of Wilco, and horn parts courtesy of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band. The whole of Tassili is streaming at the SITE

The moment you express something that makes you uncomfortable with your words, vocally, it always makes me feel a lot better
—  Sean Bonnette of Andrew Jackson Jihad.  The quote is pulled from an interview that Zac. T conducted for SubAp! I think it’s my favorite interview that SubAp! has published to date.  It goes lives in a day or two, and the band hits Crowbar on Friday.

Good for Merchandise! These Tampa natives deserve it. They are really good.

If you’re unfamiliar with the band visit their audio page and download the album Children of Desire. Such a good record. 

Thanks to Suburban Apologist for posting this article. If you aren’t reading SubAp…get on it.


Drinking: Green Tea

Dear Lena Dunham,

My name is Gina Moccio. You haven’t heard of me because I don’t live in New York. I live in Tampa. A place that you have deemed unworthy of artistic talent.

How dare you? How dare you throw a stone at Tampa to further your motives? Whether they’re good motives or not, do you have any idea how insulting and uncalled for that was? I’m sorry. I forgot for a moment. I don’t live in New York, so my work of building a community speaker series doesn’t matter. Well, it matters to people here that are working every day to make the city they love a brighter place. Tampa has always had a thriving music scene, but our art scene has grown in the last several years with the additions of many art galleries and creative spaces in downtown St. Petersburg across the bay, the updating of the Tampa Museum of Art and Curtis Hixon Park, and with additions such as the gallery, Tempus Projects in a neighborhood called Seminole Heights. Maybe you’ve heard of Seminole Heights. It was recently named ‘Next Great Neighborhood’ by Southern Living Magazine. We have restaurants with James Beard nominations. We have individuals across the board that are working together to make Tampa and its neighborhoods better. It’s easy to slam someone’s life work when they’re not standing directly in front of you.

We are supposed to stand together for art, music, and creativity. Not tear each other down based on who is worthy and who is not. There are many great places to live in this world— and none of them need any negativity or a slap in the face for what they aren’t.


Gina Moccio

A little gratitude amongst all the things to be thankful for.


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Every week* Newspaper give me some room on their print and web pages to write about some of the music going on throughout the week. For that I’m super grateful, but I’m even more appreciative of the fact that I get to spend a chunk of my time listening to music I like, didn’t know I liked, and feel kind of meh about it the hopes of presenting ways anyone can participate in #tampamusic.

There’s a lot going on this week, but there’s always something awesome to do each and every week (almost every damn day IMO), you just have to want to find it and be enthusiastic about it.

Thanks to Tampa Bay Times for having me on and especially for mentioning Suburban Apologist where we try and give you even more reason to be obsessed with the creative people in your community. I don’t always get it right at SubAp!, and it’s probably a pain to see me write about stuff sometimes, but the time I spend online and in real life taking in the music and art you are all making is very rewarding, so thanks for that.

That said, here’s the rundown for this week. What are you all most excited about?