Anuncio de los mil males (?)

;;ooc: Gente, tengo un importante anuncio qué hacer. Creo que algunos saben cómo me pongo cuando tengo clases, bueno, mañana empiezo con esa travesía de nuevo (?) Seré honesta: no tendré vida ni tiempo(?) so, es probable que mi estadía aquí sea lenta y dolorosa, por eso de que moriré de feels y no podré saciarlas tanto como quiero. 

Ni mi cuerpo ni mi alma podrán estar mucho tiempo por aquí, y no por ser negativa, por algo me desaparecí estos cuatro meses, es ley de vida (?) Sin embargo, la buena noticia es que no dejaré que todo esto me consuma.

A diferencia del pasado, si tengo la oportunidad de venir a pokearlos un rato y rolear, lo haré. Si tengo la oportunidad de responder drafts asi no esté como ‘online’ lo haré. Porque también es cierto que NECESITO desahogar con feels todos mis problemas universitarios y el estrés y blah blah(?)

Asi que, el progreso será lento, pero espero de corazón poder seguir compartiendo este espacio con ustedes y que ustedes tampoco se cansen de mi en el intento.

Recuerden, mi masterlist está a sus servicios indecorosos (???)

Ah! y hablando de ML y ya que tengo su atención(?) añadí un nuevo muse: Kanon de Geminis, algo que quise hacer desde que inicié esta cuenta pero tenía que repasarme toda sus sagas y ya lo hice uvu

Por otro lado, tengo unos OCs pendientes por hacer, pero sigo trabajando en ello, pronto noticias, o tal vez no tan pronto (?) idk soy tan impredecible hasta conmigo misma (????)

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who wants to hear about my su fake ah crew au?…


thats one person good enOUGH FOR ME ( i have to give credit to icoffeecake​ bc theyre like my main insp. for this and really my au is just an au of theirs just slightly different circumstances)

in this au there’s green diamond, who’s part of the diamond authority (with blue, white, and yellow). she’s about the size of the canon-rose. michael is raw jasper, a warrior that was assigned to be her bodyguard/knight. jack is pink rhodinite and geoff is black lace onyx, her second in command/loyal to green diamond/etc.

until one day something happens (THAT I h aVNET FIGURED OUT YET,) and green diamond is destroyed. her gem is cracked, pieces of it split off, she’s gone. jack and geoff immediately try to heal the biggest piece of her gem, and she starts to cycle through her regenerations, but something is missing and it errors. she goes from the 8ft tall giant women to all of a sudden someone who’s like, amethyst or pearl size, and this kid pops out, aka gavin. he has no memories from green diamond or knowledge about gems or anything, he has like amnesia

at first jack and geoff are all loyal and shit, believing green diamond is still in there, but he’s just a goofy kid who likes pulling pranks and asking dumb questions. they basically adopt him as their weird kid. michael ends up being this new “prince’s” best friend (not by his choice, gav jsut decided they were bst friends and now they are) before, gd treated him as more of an object/shield, and while he feels like it’s his fault for her being gone, he feels guilty when he catches himself thinking he actually likes gav more then her (while gavs a piece of shit he is like, actually nice underneath all his assholeness)

and now that gav has to learn about gem culture all over again (just like steven) when he finds out what the diamonds and specifically his “mom” was doing to the planet earth and kindergarden hes like NAH THATS CRAP WE SHOULD STOP DOING THAT and jack and geoff are like wait what

all in all it ends up with them going to earth and being the “crystal gems” (except they live in los santos and not beach city) and meeting ryan (jet), the fully formed badass kindergarden gem and ray (something gray idk), the overcooked kindergarden gem

but on homeworld the story is totally warped bc even tho gavin is the one who first started caring about humans, they were told that rebels jack geoff and michael stole the diamond child and they took him to earth where they’ve kidnapped him