トイレの紙様 わたる 〜 おきゃむら

God of the toilet わたる 〜 おきゃむら

Motivation for Students

It’s hard to stay motivated for school when you have to juggle 10 subjects and when they all seem so, honestly speaking, boring. But with exams and the future to worry about, most of us have to be motivated if we like it or not. So how do you stay motivated if you’re one of those un-motivated?

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The best place to take a pulse is the femoral artery, especially in emergencies. Unfortunately, if you’re in a public place and you start ripping someones pants off, you’ll probably run into some issues- so just use the carotid.

"Why do we need to learn math if I don’t plan on using it later in life?"

Because high school math is, at its core, an intro to logic, and it helps create new pathways which will help you process information better in other disciplines and solve problems more easily. You’ll be thankful for it once you get to problem solving courses in college. Plus, y’know, banking, taxes and stuff are calculus-based.

"I’m not learning about _______ in school!"

That’s because, as noted above, schools teach subjects that stimulate neural development. Independent research is what you’re looking for there.

"I don’t have enough time to socialize with all of this homework!"

Time management.

"My backpack is heavy and hurts my shoulders and back!"

Stop using that fucking Jansport then, they’re awful for weight distribution. If you can afford to, grab a Columbia or a Patagonia. These bags are designed to carry heavy loads and will last longer than you do. Buy once, cry once; no need to buy a new bag every year and you’ll save money in the long run.

"I hate high school"

So did most of us. But we did it, and you can too. Harden up.

Bill Would Allow Texas Teachers to Kill Students

People who are concerned about the use of excessive force by law enforcement may have to deal with another fatal can of worms. If Texas state Rep. Dan Flynn (R) gets his way, teachers will have the right to use deadly force against students in Texas classrooms, in the near future…

Since students of color and students with disabilities are disproportionally targeted + face harsher disciplinary actions this is terrifying.