Había una vez en un reino lejano, un príncipe triste, extraño y solitario, solia pasar la noche en la ventana llorando distante de todas las luces, oyendo el murmullo de risas lejanas, creeyendo que así su dolor se reduce.
El principe esta muy enfermo por dentro, el siente desdicha quebranto y tormento. No obstante tamaña amargura y nostalgia, a el sólo le inquieta su cara deforme, la cubre hábilmente su máscara blanca conforme se oculta el miedo se hace enorme.
El teme encontrarse algun día sin ella, jamás lo visitan aún que el siempre espera, no habria destino más cruel y terrible que ser descubierto a rostro descubierto, seria brutal para su alma sensible, seria la historia de un príncipe muerto…
No obstante una noche estando en su ventana, sintió que de pronto a la puerta llamaban, sus lágrimas negras y ansiosas brillaron, sus manos temblaron, su pecho se hinchó, buscó en la penumbra su mascara en vano, sintió gran angustia y “ya voy” el gritó, entonces golpearon denuevo su puerta y el príncipe dijo “ya voy” con más fuerzas, en tanto la máscara no aparecía, buscaba con prisa temió que se fueran.
Sufrir la vergüenza o tener compañía se supo cobarde al tener tal dilema, asi el entendió que estaba forzado tomar decisiones no era de su agrado, en ese momento golpearon denuevo grito “si ya voy” para darse más tiempo, más el bien sabia que debía acudir luego creyó no poder se rindió y tomo asiento pasaron las horas y ya o oyó nada se fue sigiloso a la puerta de entrada estaba seguro que ya se habian ido entonces despacio la puerta el abrió… Miro a todos lados lucía arrepentido y cuando entendió todo palideció, pues bajo sus pies su fiel máscara estaba y vio junto a ella una nota doblada “mi can lazarillo esta máscaras halló viene a devolverla mas nadie salió así que la dejo el sueño me vencio” al príncipe un débil ya voy se le ahogó…
—  Cevladé “la breve historia del príncipe cara de mounstruo”
You say you remember everything, but do you? Do you really? Do you remember where we were the first time you admitted to being in love with me? Do you remember how happy I made you that some days you couldn’t bare letting me go home, away from your pleading arms? Do you remember the way we’d lay in your bed all day watching movies under the blanket as it poured rain outside? Do you remember telling me that I was everything you needed? No. You don’t. Because if you did remember, you’d still be here.
—  I still remember, I’m still here

Gilinsky walked down the street. He had a sweater on and his hood was up. He held his arms close to his body, it was really cold outside but today was Friday. He promised Johnson that he would go hangout with him every Friday. It was a promise he never planned on breaking. The closer he got to Johnson, the bigger the smile on his face got. “Hey man” Gilinsky grinned, patting Johnson. He took a seat next to him on the ground and leaned against a rock. “Sorry I was late, there was a little bit of traffic.” There was a pause before he spoke again “It’s kind of chilly today isn’t it?” Gilinsky placed his hands into his pockets to keep them warm. “Oh! I met up with Sam earlier, he says he will stop by soon and hangout. I keep forgetting that Saturdays are your’s and Sammy’s days. We should all hangout together sometime” he smiled. Gilinsky looked around at the tree’s swaying side to side. He licked his lips before he let a chuckle escape them. “Do you still remember how we first met Jack?” He looked over at Johnson before continuing “It was our first day at kindergarten and we had the same shirt, same teacher Mrs.Dolphins and the same name and we knew we were destined to be bestfriends” he laughed to himself, he could see Johnson smiling also. He started to play around with the string on his sweater. He raised an eyebrow and glanced over at his best friend. “I heard you met Matt, how is he? Does he still believe he’s a dinosaur?” He smirked. Gilinsky pulled a photo out of his pocket, it was a picture of him and Jack on stage with their arms around each others shoulders and a mic in one of their hands along with their fans in the background, they looked so happy. He tilted the picture a bit so that Johnson could see it too. “Damn, it felt like only yesterday that we went on our first tour together and got to meet all of our beautiful fans, man those we’re good times” he sighed. Jack smiled as he thought about their countless memories together touring. “I played a couple of our songs yesterday, but even to this day I still cant rap your parts correctly” he laughed. He got quiet and looked down at the grass underneath him, “I miss hanging out with you, bud.” he frowned. He looked up at the sky and blinked several times, as if to push the tears back into his eyes. His voice cracking a bit, “I miss having my best friends around. You were like a brother to me, no fuck that, you were a brother to me. You still are and always will be my brother.” Gilinsky looked down at his hands and bit his lip. “They say I should let you go now, but they don’t get it. You were my best friend. We basically saw each other grow up. We did everything together, we even worked together. There wasn’t a place we went without each other. Then before I could even blink, I had to do everything alone. I don’t think I’ll ever get use to you not answering your phone. I’ll miss having you next to me on plane rides. I’ll also miss listening to your sarcastic jokes” he laughed then grew silent again. “They just don’t understand.” he whispered, more to himself than to Johnson. He felt a breeze hit him and he liked to believe it was Johnson right there with him. He smiled and then looked up at the sun slowly disappearing “it’s getting late” He stood up and looked down at the rock that know represented Johnson, “see you next Friday, Jack.”he patted the tombstone and wiped a tear from his eye with the back of his hand. “I hope you’re in paradise” he said barely above a whisper before placing the photo at the foot of Johnson’s tombstone and walking back in the direction that he came from. “And I will try to drag Sam along too!” He shouted back. He kept his promise, he hangout with Jack Friday. But not like his old visits. This one was different. he finally got to be next to his best friend again. I’m sorry.

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