Natural History

Malachite is copper carbonate hydroxide, a very common form of opaque copper carbonate with distinctive swirls of lighter and darker green and black. It is found in Russia, the Middle East, Romania, and Zambia. The name Malachite comes from the Greek meaning mahle ”green mallow plant” or possibly from the Greek word malakos meaning “soft” alluding to the fact that this is a soft mineral, easy to carve and to break.

History and Folklore

Historically, malachite has been used as the pigment in green paints and cosmetics and as the basis for carving various decorative items such as vases. It was mined as far back as 4000 BC by the ancient Egyptians. Malachite may have been one of the earliest ores from which copper was derived.

The ancient Greeks used malachite to create amulets to protect children and during the Middle Ages malachite was used in amulets to defend against black magic.

Malachite Correspondences

Angel: Ausiel; Gods/Goddesses: Venus, Freyja; Chakra: heart; Element: earth, Water; Astrological Sign: Scorpio; Planet: Venus, Neptune.


Malachite is a traditional gemstone gift for the 13th wedding anniversary.

Considered a salesperson’s stone, placing malachite in the corners of a business or in the cash register is said to attract business.

Healing and Magickal Uses of Malachite

Body: Malachite increases physical energy, encourages cell regeneration and clears and activates the chakras. It is worn to reduce swelling in joints, aids sleep, enhance the immune system, reduce acid levels in the body, combat dyslexia and aid the circulatory system. It can also be used to ease migraines and protect against pollution, noise and electro-magnetic emissions. Malachite should not be used to make elixirs because of its high copper content.

Mind: Malachite induces feelings of sympathy, empathy and compassion for others, cleanses the aura, helps remove spiritual blocks. Gazing into a malachite stone is said to calm emotions and encourage harmony and patience. It also opens up the mind to receive knowledge.

Magick: Malachite is a protective stone said to warn the wearer of impeding danger by breaking. It can be used in all sorts of protection magick especially while traveling. A malachite amulet engraved with a rayed sun is said to increase the powers of the magus using it. Malachite may also be used in prosperity magic and to ward against nightmares. Malachite can be attached to a child’s bed or cradle to ward off illness and other dangers or hung in a nursery window to prevent negative energies from entering the room.

Care and Cleansing

Malachite is a soft stone and susceptible to damage if handled roughly. Protect it from getting crushed or scratched and keep it from extremes of temperature, especially avoid sudden temperature changes.

Use Earth cleansing to cleanse and recharge. Cleanse and recharge often as it has a tendency to absorb negativity, especially when used in healing work. It will fade and begin to crack if not completely cleansed often. You can also cleanse and recharge malachite by laying it on a clear quartz cluster in the sun. Do not use salt as it will mar the surface of the stone. Avoid breathing the dust of raw malachite. Handle with care and wash hands after handling.

★ Physical Healing Crystals A-Z

Agate: upset stomach
Amethyst: headaches, blood, breathing/asthma,burns, prevents miscarriage, migraine, sleep disorder
Amazonite: stamina, childbirth/pregnancy, eczema, heart, teeth/gums
Amber: stomach, spleen, kidney, arthritis, headaches,brain, hearing
Aquamarine: liver, throat, stomach, nerves, acid reflux
Aventurine: nearsighted, adrenal glands, allergies, blood sugar (low), sinusitis

Black Tourmaline: intestines
Bloodstone: blood, energy circulation, acid reflux, anemia, colds, flu
Blue Lace Agate: stress, joints/bones, eczema, shingles, skin disorder,

Carnelian: energy, appetite, adrenal glands, allergies, colds
Citrine: digestive issues, diabetes, 
Chrysocolla: burns, throat infection, cramps, blood pressure (high&low)
Chrysoprase: healing wounds, burns, fertility
Clear Quartz: brain, fibromyalgia
Copper: arthritis

Diopside: bodily aches, crohn’s disease, fevers, trauma

Emerald: eye,heart, back issues, adrenal glands, body temperature
Eye Agate: sexual energy & stamina

Fire Opal: energy, sexual, adrenal glands, eyesight
respiratory, ulcers, joint issues, back, cancer, cold sores

Garnet: thyroid, spleen, allergies, anemia, down’s syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis
Golden quartz: 
respiratory, energy

Jade: kidneys, nervous system, adrendal glands, epilepsy/seizures
liver,  kidney cleansing, migraine, menstrual cramps

Kunzite: stress, tight muscles, acid reflux, schizophrenia

Lapis Lazuli: purifies and cleanses, arthritis/bones, cancer, herpes

Lodestone: cramps, asthma, acupuncture, bronchitis

Moonstone: pineal gland, hormone cycles,cancer, menopause
Moss Agate: eyes, stomach, bladder, skin disorder

Peridot: gall bladder, liver, fevers, insomnia, ulcers

Rainbox Obsidian: pain, tension
Rose Quartz: youthful skin, sexual issues, burns, vertigo, wrinkles

Serpentine: stomach, kidney, cramps, blood sugar (low)
Smokey Quartz:
pain, cramps, back, adrenal glands, fertility
Snowflake Obsidian:
muscle cramps, detox
Sodalite: tyroid, throat, blood pressure, diabetes, insomnia

Tiger’s eye: pain, nerves, adrenal gland, asthma, pancreas
Turquoise: stomach, viral infections, anti-inflammatory, acid reflux

Watermelon Tourmaline: calming

Last updated: Sept. 30th, 2014

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★ Abilities/Spiritual Crystal Healing A-Z

Amazonite: fixes the alignment of your astral body and your physical body. Empathy
Ametrine: aura cleansing,astral projection, clairvoyance, 
Amber: cleansing, past life, shields you
Amethyst: dream recall/dream work, meditation, nightmares, past life, development, contact spirit guides, telepathy, 
communication/angels, meditation, intuition

Black Obsidian: dispel negative energy, protection (negative energy), protection (general), protection against psychic attacks,
Black Tourmaline: 
dispel negative energy, protection (negative energy , turns to positive), protection (general), shields you
Blue Calcite:
Blue Lace Agate:

Carnelian: concentration, psychic protection, clairvoyance, clairaudient, psychometry
Citrine: positive energy, protection (negative energy), protection (general), development

Fire Opal: clairaudiance,
 astral projection, balance, meditation, protection (general), enhances spiritual connection, aura cleansing

Howlite: communication, psychic protection

Jade: dream recall/dream work, protection (general), 

Lapis Lazuli: concentration, dream recall/dream work, meditation, protection (general), protection against psychic attacks, intuition, contact spirit guide/angels,

Moonstone: divination, protection (general), intuition, contact spirit guides, development, balance

Quartz: strengthen aura, communication, brings good karma, dispel negative energy, protection (negative energy), protection (general), development

Red Jasper: protection during astral travels
Rose Quartz: Empathy, protection (pregnancy)

Selenite: contact spirit guides, meditation, past life, stone cleansing
balance, communication

Tiger’s eye: cleansing, divination

Last Updated: Sept. 30th, 2014