Vaxholm, capitale de l’archipel de Stockholm, se dévoile après 1h20 de bateau du centre (le trajet peut se faire en bus). Fraîchement débarquées, on découvre un endroit empli de charme avec des maisons de toutes les couleurs et de jolies ruelles étroites. Une pause s’impose au Vaxholms Hembygdsgårds Café pour déguster de délicieux gâteaux dans un jardin luxurieux avec vue sur mer.

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Here’s another shot of @emmavonpavlov’s #tonguesplit that I performed at @calmbodymodification a while ago. She’s also sporting a rose gold princess clicker from @venusbymariatash. Looking fabulous! Please use #calmbodymod and tag me in your pics if you have healed work by me. ❤️☀️ #tonguesplits #tonguesplitting #tonguebifurcation #jewelryforgrownups #itsnotexpensiveifitsworthit

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Creating 3-D Characters From Paper and Scalpel with @fidelisundqvist

For more behind-the-scenes photos of Fideli’s paper art, follow @fidelisundqvist on Instagram.

“My favorite things to build are characters, like a parrot for example,” says image-maker and paper artist Fideli Sundqvist (@fidelisundqvist) of Uppsala, Sweden, who creates three-dimensional objects and environments for images and props.

During her degree studies, Fideli found a way to work with 3-D paper to build characters and environments like a puppet theater. “It made it possible for me to feel the characters, and to make images and tales more intuitive. It’s a playful way to work, and opens up various opportunities and ideas.” She likes to post the behind-the-scenes process of her art, which is used for everything from digital and print campaigns to city projects in Sweden.

To create a parrot, Fideli searches the Internet for images for a collage, then draws onto card stock before cutting using a scalpel, shaving small strips for the feathers, and mounting these onto the base using double-sided tape. Then she adds details like claws, eyes and wings. “I often build only half-models, so one side is always flat. This is time efficient and works well for shooting,” Fideli says.

“I want to wake the child inside us regularly, so we do not forget that they exist in us. I think life can be a little more exciting and fun that way,” she says. “I hope people feel inspired, and for a while can go into their own fantasy worlds.”